The Lust System

Chapter 196: Break Through

Chapter 196: Break Through

Although Max did not classify White Eye as a threat doesn’t mean he is harmless.

With his Blood-sucking Bats, every other Awakeneds would still have to tread carefully if they were the ones dealing with White Eye.

One should not ignore the unpredictable actions of the Bats and their disregard for their lives. Combining those, it could still pose a challenge for most Rank 1’s, much less ordinary people.

Unlike Max, other Awakeneds only have one Skill, and having a Skill doesn’t automatically turn them into an expert in battles.

It was especially for those who don’t have any talent and experience when dealing with disposable opponents such as the Blood-sucking Bats.

Now that they have been strengthened from the consumption of blood, one should even be more careful as a tiny mistake could cost a life.

Even though the White-eyed Bats only amounted to a small number with less than a hundred, their coordinated attacks would still bring other Awakeneds enormous pressure.

This was the case for Chief Li and the three Awakeneds. Now that they had found themselves the target of the aggressive Bats, they couldn’t help but feel tense under the situation.

When stared at the approaching Bats, they had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the same as their simple clash earlier.

Earlier, the three of them were up against hundreds of bats, and it ended with them slowly being pushed back in exhaustion from the never-ending assault of Bats throwing themselves at them.

However, now, although they were only a few remaining, most of the Bats left had upgraded their strength. Until now, they were still unsure about how powerful these Bats are since they had not expected things to reach this point.

Everything that happens from here on out will only depend on their skills and decisions. Nothing was planned, and nothing can be predicted. For everyone, the outcome was still a mystery.

Just as the White-eyed Bats, along with the ordinary Bats, reach them, a thin barrier magically formed, blocking the Bats’ further approach. The barrier covered all four of them, shielding them from the nearing attacks of several tens of Bats.

Even knowing that this would only prolong their battle, the Barrier Master still decided to cover all of them. This was not to hope for some people arriving to save them as although Chief Li had indeed asked for reinforcements, it was doubtful that anyone would appear in the next minute.

All the Barrier Master wanted was to gauge the power level of the White-eyed Bats. If they could not break through the barrier, then they would at least determine the difference between the White-eyed ones and ordinary ones.

Not to mention, it would also give them time to rest. Right after they had exhausted themselves risking their lives against the Bats earlier, Chief Li immediately took them to follow after White Eye’s trail.

They had been running and fighting all day long, never getting any spare time to rest. Now was a good time for them to recuperate and prepare themselves for the upcoming clash.

Countless people, including Max, were also waiting to see how it would go, curious about the recent changes of the Bloodsucking Bats.

The spectators thought it was interesting to see who would come out on top in this match. It was also fun to see if these Awakeneds could defend themselves against the Bats created by one Awakened. At the same time, they wanted to learn more about the Bats and its abilities.

With everyone’s eyes focused on them, the Bats acted like mindless undead beings, flying directly to the barrier even at the expense of hurting themselves.

Their aggressiveness even surprised White Eye, who was controlling an ordinary Bat up in the air while commanding the rest of the Bats to attack.

As there was no other way, the Bats continued their siege, aiming to destroy the thin film that was blocking them from their prey.

Looking at their aggressive actions, anyone who would find themselves trapped inside the barrier would gradually grow fearful about the thoughts of those terrifying Bats breaking in.

Chief Li and the others were in that situation. Although they were not hopeless about surviving, a hint of wariness sprouting in their hearts could not be prevented. Surrounded by White-eyed Bats with sharp fangs and glowing eyes hitting the barrier with loud booming noises, would certainly create a mental challenge.

For Max, he was slightly surprised by the still calm Chief Li. This man was the last one to appear, and at first, Max thought he was only the leader that commands those Awakeneds.

However, watching closer, Max figured that this guy might have some ability as well. If not, he should be panicking right now as the three Awakeneds were in for a difficult time, and no one would be able to protect him.

On the other side of the sky, White Eye patiently eyed the situation as if it doesn’t concern him.

Unknown to others with the exception of some with keen eyes, White Eye didn’t send out all his Bats towards his targets. Some of them went the other direction, splitting up in different areas.

A few went back to the forest as they went their separate ways, and a few turned towards the opposite direction.

This was his protection plan. White Eye considered the possibility of his Bats being slain, and if all of them dies, he would also lose his life along with them.

As time passed, the runaway Bats had now reached the maximum distance that they could reach, and more than that, they would lose their lives.

It was the weakness of his skill; the Bats can only split up to a certain distance before dying off. Being aware of that, White Eye left the Bats to stay in their safe position, waiting for further commands.

If things were to go wrong, White Eye could then move his consciousness to his chosen Bat on standby far away and escape. As for the rest of the Bats waiting in other areas, nothing more can be done, and they could only die to remove the restrictions of his skill.

While most observers thought that this battle would take a long time and expected that they would be watching the same scene for a few hours, a small change suddenly occurred, which gave everyone a surprise.


Even White Eye was slightly surprised that it only took a short moment before the Bloodsucking Bats destroyed the barrier.

This time, he really did overestimate the strength behind the barrier. It was also possible that it was because of how the Bats were attacking the barrier.

What they did was all of them targeted one spot and continuously exchanged turns hitting the specific area, and with their enhanced strength, this amplified the damage they would normally deal. No one, including White Eye, has a definite explanation for concluding whether that’s how it usually works; however, now it didn’t matter.

The Bats broke through, and there was nothing more to be said. Almost instantly, they all, with their chilling cries, swarmed down towards their four targets.

Reacting quickly, Chief Li and the other three coordinatedly turned to different directions, with each one alertly watching their sides for support and to cover their weak points and blind spots.

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