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Chapter 747 - Chapter 747= Denouncement

Chapter 747= Denouncement

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“This is the contract signed by Ji Zi’ang and Lin Zhi.” When Li Xu heard this, she reached out and threw a contract onto the coffee table.

She called Ji Zi’ang by his full name, which showed that she was outraged.

Ji Zixuan and his wife and Ji Yuanyuan looked at Ji Zi’ang in surprise.

Qin Mucheng hesitated for a moment before reaching out to take the contract.

He didn’t say a word and started to read them one by one.


After reading it, he heaved a sigh of relief.

In his opinion, there was nothing excessive about this contract.

In fact, some of the terms were even biased towards Ji Zi’ang.

“I’ve read it once. There shouldn’t be any problems. I’ll send it to the company’s legal department now and let them take a look.” Qin Mucheng said softly. Seeing that no one objected, Qin Mucheng immediately took a photo of the contract and sent it to the legal department manager.

“Did Shao Xiuqi mention this to you?” Ji Yuanyuan tugged at Qin Mucheng’s sleeve and asked in a low voice.

She knew why her parents called them over. She trusted Qin Mucheng.

If Qin Mucheng had known about this earlier, he would definitely have told her.

If she did not know, it meant Qin Mucheng did not know.

However, her parents, her big brother, and her second brother were not like her. They might not trust Qin Mucheng as much as she did.

She just wanted Qin Mucheng to clarify himself.

“No, I’ll call Shao Xiuqi now and ask about the situation.” Qin Mucheng stood

up and spoke calmly.

He took his phone and went to the guest bedroom.

Shao Xiuqi had always been a night owl. To him, it was time for his nightlife to begin.

Therefore, Shao Xiuqi answered the call very quickly.

“Hello, what’s the matter?” Shao Xiuqi was surrounded by music. He was probably dancing in the bar again.

“Find a quiet place. I have something to ask you.” Qin Mucheng frowned.

“Wait a moment.” After Shao Xiuqi finished speaking, a rustling sound came from the receiver.

He probably covered the microphone with his hand.

A moment later, the noisy music gradually became softer until it could no longer be heard.

Shao Xiuqi’s voice came from the phone again, “Mucheng, what’s wrong?”

“What happened with Lin Zhi?” Qin Mucheng asked straightforwardly.

When Shao Xiuqi heard this, he laughed awkwardly, “Uh… You know?

“How long are you planning to hide this from me?” Qin Mucheng sounded displeased.

“This… Don’t be angry. Let me explain.” Shao Xiuqi hurriedly said.

“Okay, explain yourself. You were the one who said that my second brother is your second brother. Is this how you treat your second brother?” Qin Mucheng’s voice was calm.

However, Shao Xiuqi knew that the calmer Qin Mucheng was, the angrier he


“Have you seen the contract?” Shao Xiuqi asked carefully, not daring to continue Qin Mucheng’s words.

“Yes, I have. The people from the legal department are also looking at it.

Shao Xiuqi finally heaved a sigh of relief, “Since you have seen the contract, you’ll know I didn’t plot our Second Brother.”

Qin Mucheng sneered when he heard Shao Xiuqi address him so intimately.

This cold laugh made Shao Xiuqi’s hair stand on end.

“Since you didn’t plot him, why didn’t you dare to tell me?

Shao Xiuqi was at a loss for words. Qin Mucheng’s logic was still so good.

“Let me explain.”

“Explain yourself.”

Shao Xiuqi looked up at the sky and sighed, “This conversation, how come it sounds like lovers’ spat?”

“Cut the crap!” Qin Mucheng could not help but roll his eyes.

A lovers’ spat? If Shao Xiuqi were a woman, he wouldn’t have taken a fancy to her.

“First of all, this matter might not be a bad thing for Second Brother, right? Look at him in the past. He was listless and looked like a depressed youth. But look at him now, how normal he has become? Finding him something to do and making him feel that he was valuable was very beneficial to his physical and mental recovery.”

Shao Xiuqi had said so much, but Qin Mucheng only replied with a faint ‘hmm’.

“Also, you’ve seen the contract. Lin Zhi gave him shares.”

“Eight percent of the shares?” Qin Mucheng asked.

“Although it’s a little, Second Brother didn’t give much either. He doesn’t have to care about everything. Lin Zhi had even lent him three million. Most importantly, Second Brother didn’t have to take any risks. Even if the club couldn’t do it and suffered losses, Second Brother didn’t have to pay. All the losses would be borne by Lin Zhi. In the future, if Second Brother wanted to quit, he would not have to pay the penalty.”

“What does Lin Zhi want to do? Don’t tell me he’s a good person.”

“Yes, he is a businessman. But you also know that he loves racing. In fact, he had been paying attention to Second Brother in the past. He had the idea of starting a club last year. At that time, he wanted to poach Second Brother over and even tried to contact Second Brother through the two of us. However, he was delayed by some private matters at home. He did not expect something to happen to Second Brother. Now that he’s signed a contract with Second Brother, he has the intention of taking advantage of the situation, but Second Brother’s current situation…”

Shao Xiuqi awkwardly shut his mouth.

If Second Brother’s legs were still healthy, a mere three million yuan plus eight percent of the shares would definitely not attract him.

But now, it was still unknown whether his leg could recover.

Lin Zhi’s actions were not considered righteous, but it was not too much for Ji Zi’ang.

Both of them could get what they wanted. Shao Xiuqi felt that this matter was not as serious as Qin Mucheng thought.

“Mucheng, it’s really not that I’m speaking up for Brother Zhi…

At this moment, the manager of the legal department called. He must have finished reading the contract.

“Alright, I got it.” Qin Mucheng hung up the phone without hesitation. He picked up the call from the manager of the legal department. The other party’s tone was respectful, “Little President Qin, we’ve all read this contract and there’s no problem.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Qin Mucheng said softly.

After hanging up, Qin Mucheng came out of the bedroom.

“How is it?” Ji Yuanyuan turned back to look at him and asked in a low voice.

Qin Mucheng put the phone in his pocket and nodded, “The legal department has seen it. There’s no problem with the contract. Shao Xiuqi is only taking the lead. As for Lin Zhi…”

Qin Mucheng paused slightly when he mentioned this name.

“How is this Lin Zhi?” Li Xu asked anxiously.

“It’s hard to say if he’s good or bad in the business world, but he didn’t set up a trap for Second Brother in the contract. All the benefits he had taken were clearly written in the contract.” Qin Mucheng looked at Ji Zi’ang after he finished speaking.

Lin Zhi’s actions this time could not be considered open and aboveboard, but the contract was apparent.

The conditions were clearly stated on the paper, and there was no concealment at all.

“Dad, Mom, I’ve seen the contract. I don’t think it matters. It’s fine if I have fewer shares. After all, he has to take risks too. If my leg can’t recover…” He rubbed his knees and said helplessly..

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