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Chapter 669 - Chapter 669: Xiangxiang is Missing

Chapter 669: Xiangxiang is Missing

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Qin Mucheng took the soup and tasted it carefully. After he felt that it was not too hot, he passed it to Ji Yuanyuan.

Ji Zi’ang stood at the side of the door frame and watched the two of them interact. If this were in the past, he would definitely tease them.

But now, he didn’t have any mood to. He just calmly looked away.

“Mother, why don’t you come back to B City with me? Now that Li Xiang and Li Nian have grown up, you can come back with me and help me take care of Mumu.” Li Miao supported Liu Guihua and slowly walked into the house.

Li Zhiming was no longer around, but his huge photo hung in the middle of the living room.

Liu Guihua looked at the photo on the wall and shook her head, “No, I have to stay home and accompany your father. If I’m not here, how lonely will he be?” These words made Li Miao, who had finally calmed down, want to cry again. She didn’t say anything else, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold it in if she did.

Instead, Gong Wenbai advised, “Mother, let’s bring Father along. Now that Big Brother and Second Brother are no longer living in the countryside, we are worried about you living here alone. Besides, with you helping us take care of Mumu, we can work more at ease.”

Everyone knew what Li Miao and Gong Wenbai said about letting Liu Guihua take care of Mumu just to let her relax.

Liu Guihua still shook her head, “Even if I leave, I have to follow your brother. How can I take care of Xiangxiang then?”

Halfway through her sentence, Liu Guihua was stunned.

She looked around and asked in a panic, “Xiangxiang? Did any of you seen Xiangxiang?”

When she said this, everyone came back to their senses.

Everyone searched the courtyard, the cemetery, and even the entire village, but they still could not find her.

Liu Guihua was so anxious that she almost fainted. She was supported by Li Xu and Li Miao and instructed anxiously, “Quick, call the police.”

Ji Yuanyuan recalled Li Xiang’s stubborn face that day and suddenly said, “Perhaps I know where to go.”

Liu Guihua looked at Ji Yuanyuan and quickly asked, “Where? Where did she go?”

“She should be looking for…” Ji Yuanyuan whispered. “She wanted to go that day, but I stopped her.”

Ji Yuanyuan hesitated when she mentioned Meng Xiaoning.

Now that she and Eldest Uncle were divorced, it seemed inappropriate to call her Eldest Aunt.

Therefore, after a moment of hesitation, Ji Yuanyuan changed the way he addressed her to the current address.

Are you sure?” Li Xu asked subconsciously.

“I’m sure!” Ji Yuanyuan nodded.

That day, Li Xiang wanted to go, but she said that she should send Grandpa away first, so she stayed.

Now that Grandfather had been buried, Li Xiang probably had no more worries. When Liu Guihua heard this, she immediately said, “Quick, all of you go and bring Xiangxiang back for me.”

The old man was already gone. If anything happened to her granddaughter, how would she live?

Ji Yuanyuan looked at Li Lei, “Uncle, give Xiangxiang’s mother a call. Tell her to make her stay if she sees Xiangxiang.”

Li Lei, who was in a panic, came back to his senses. He quickly took out his phone and called Meng Xiaoning.

Although the two of them were divorced, they still had two children.

Therefore, it was not that they did not interact with each other.

Not long after Li Lei’s call, Meng Xiaoning picked up.

“Xiangxiang? Have you seen her?” Li Lei asked.

He was probably too anxious to think about it. She probably had only gone for ten minutes.

How could she go to the city in ten minutes?

“Where are you now? If she go look for you, you must keep her and don’t let her run around.” Li Lei paused for a moment and said anxiously.

After hanging up the phone, he looked around and finally fixed his gaze on Li

Xu, “She said she didn’t see Xiangxiang.”

No matter how old he was, Li Lei still subconsciously wanted to rely on his sister no matter what happened.

After all, their eldest sister had been the backbone of the siblings since they were young.

Li Xu thought for a moment and instructed, “Your brother-in-law and I will stay behind to accompany Mother. As for the rest of you, go out and look for her. Pay attention to the bus, bus stations, and taxis. We had to find such a young child as soon as possible.”

How many cases of missing girls on the news had tragic endings?

Thinking about a little girl wandering outside alone, she might attract the attention of bad people at any time.

Therefore, they had to find her as soon as possible.

Other than Liu Guihua, Li Xu, Zhang Kun, and Li Nian, who stayed at home, the rest of the people drove to look for her.

Ji Yuanyuan and Qin Mucheng teamed up to visit Meng Xiaoning’s maiden family.

Ji Zi ang and Li Lei would go to the county station together.

Ji Zixuan and Huang Weiwei teamed up to look for and ask around at the places where taxis gathered.

Li Miao and Gong Wenbai teamed up to contact the buses along the way. There would be buses entering the city in front of such villages and passing buses from other places. They had to contact the drivers to confirm if Li Xiang had boarded the bus.

Li Yong and Qin Xiaomin teamed up and went to Meng Xiaoning’s place in the city to take a look. If Li Xiang’s destination was where Meng Xiaoning lived, then they could wait for her.

Ji Yuanyuan and Qin Mucheng’s job was the easiest. Meng Xiaoning’s family was not far from here, so they drove there very quickly.

The person who opened the door was Meng Qingxin. In the early years, Meng Qingxin followed Li Xu and Li Yong to deliver vegetables to the store.

However, after Li Lei and Meng Xiaoning split up, Meng Qingxin was too ashamed to continue working, so he naturally retired.

Now that his daughter had divorced Li Lei, Meng Qingxin felt even more sorry for the Li family.

Therefore, when he saw Ji Yuanyuan, Meng Qingxin’s expression was extremely awkward, “Isn’t this Yuanyuan? Why are you free to come over today?”

Although Ji Yuanyuan had grown prettier, the contours of her face did not change much.

Therefore, Meng Qingxin recognized Ji Yuanyuan at first sight.

At this moment, Ji Yuanyuan was not in the mood to chat with Meng Qingxin.

He only asked bluntly, “Grandpa Meng, have you seen Xiangxiang?”

Meng Qingxin shook his head and immediately became nervous, “What’s wrong with Xiangxiang?”

“My grandfather was buried today. We didn’t have time to see her. When we found out, she was already gone.” Ji Yuanyuan said truthfully.

“Gone?” When Meng Qingxin heard this, he staggered and quickly held onto the door frame to stabilize himself, “Why is it gone? Where did she go?”

Ji Yuanyuan shook her head, “We don’t know where she went either. Everyone is looking for her now. Since she hasn’t been here, we’ll leave now. We’ll revisit you when we’re free.”

“Wait here,” Meng Qingxin said hurriedly, “I’ll get a key and go with you.”

In the county town, Ji Zi ‘ang and Li Lei stood in the middle of the traffic at the station and kept looking at the passing cars..

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