The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 42 – Spearwielder

Chapter 42 – Spearwielder

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After coming near the Kobold Village, Zhao Fu first told everyone to get ready. Everyone covered their noses and mouths with pieces of cloth to prevent themselves from being affected.

In order to convince them to submit, Zhao Fu ordered his people to catch a Kobold. After forcing him to submit, he obtained the Kobold’s language skills.

Following this, the soldiers got into formation and marched towards the Kobold Village.

Before they had even revealed themselves, the entire Kobold Village became alert because the Kobolds had already detected many enemies through their noses.

A while later, Zhao Fu and his 900 soldiers reached the front of the Kobold Village, while all of the Kobolds were standing at the entrance with their weapons. The two sides faced off against each other.

Zhao Fu did not do anything, and the Kobolds were too scared to make the first move. Zhao Fu had 900 soldiers while they barely had 1,000 Kobolds in total, so if Zhao Fu did attack, the Kobold Village would suffer countless casualties.

“I don’t want to kill any of you. It is in your best interest to surrender; I will treat you as I treat my own people!” Zhao Fu shouted while on top of Little Black.

After shouting, Zhao Fu gestured for the Kobold by his side to translate.

“jicha owolo gulo…”

The Kobold loudly translated, after which what seemed to be the leader of the Kobolds stepped out and spoke for a long time. Zhao Fu could not understand him, so he looked at the Kobold beside him.

The Kobold immediately translated, “He says, ‘Humans, go back. We will not easily submit to anyone.’”

Zhao Fu’s expression remained calm because he had expected this. He did not hold back anymore and gave the order to use the secret weapons as the Shieldbearers raised their shields and the Archers nocked their arrows.

There was a small cloth pouch tied to each arrow. Of course, they were filled with chili powder, and the friction against the air would cause the chili powder to spill out.

Swish, swish, swish…

Arrows flew through the air and left behind red trails behind them as they flew towards the Kobolds. The arrows did not hit any Kobolds, and they instead flew high above their heads, causing the red powder to descend on them.

The leader of the Kobolds was about to order the Kobold Spearwielders to attack, but in the next second, he breathed in some chili powder, causing a fiery pain to erupt in his nose. All of the Kobolds desperately coughed as tears began to flow out of their eyes.

Even normal people would have been completely overwhelmed if they had breathed in so much chili powder, so Zhao Fu had ordered all of his soldiers to cover their noses and mouths. In fact, Zhao Fu did not even bring Little Grey this time. One could only imagine how much pain the Kobolds were feeling.

Zhao Fu did not stop, and he once again gave the order for the chili powder arrows to be fired towards the Kobold Village. The chili powder once again descended from the air, making it seem as if there was a red mist around the Kobolds.

Within the Kobold Village, no one could remain standing. They all covered their noses and howled on the ground, tears streaming down their faces as if they had been affected by a biological weapon. Then again, chili powder was like a biological weapon to the Kobolds.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face as he gave the order to capture the Kobolds, who couldn’t resist him at all now.

In the end, Bai Qi and Zhang Dahu brought the Kobold leader to Zhao Fu. After pouring a few buckets of cold water on his head, he was able to somewhat recover, and he hatefully glared at Zhao Fu as he rapidly barked in his language.

Zhao Fu was currently riding on Little Black and was looking down at the Kobold leader. He couldn’t understand what the Kobold leader was saying, so he looked at the Kobold beside him.

The Kobold translated somewhat fearfully, “Lord! The leader says that you’re too despicable and that you don’t dare to fight with them directly, which was why you used such a shameless tactic. He feels embarrassed for you.”

Zhao Fu couldn’t help but smile.

Even though no one else could understand what the Kobold leader was saying, everyone could tell that it was cursing at Zhao Fu. Liu Mei, who enjoyed abusing others, rode her horse over and said to Zhao Fu, “Your Majesty! I’ll teach him a lesson for you.”

In response, Zhao Fu nodded before riding Little Black towards the Kobold Village.

Liu Mei grinned and slowly took out her whip as she looked at the Kobold leader.

[Kobold Warrior]: F grade Military. Description: Warriors among the Kobolds. Effect: Receives [Kobold Saber Technique].

[Kobold Spearwielder]: F+ grade Military. Description: Spearwielders among the Kobolds. Effect: Receives [Spear Throw].

What surprised Zhao Fu was that the Spearwielder profession wasn’t a special military profession, and there was no limit to how many people who could have this profession.

After looking at the Barracks, Zhao Fu went to have a look at the other places and did not find much. However, the Kobold leader could not take Liu Mei’s abuse anymore and chose to surrender to Zhao Fu.

“System announcement! Doke Village has surrendered to you. Would you like to accept?”

Zhao Fu chose to accept before walking to the Village Hall. He chose to conquer the village and received 100 Achievement Points. Now, Zhao Fu had risen from Citizen to Esquire. He needed 1,000 Achievement Points to go from Esquire to Third-Ranked Baron.

Zhao Fu then looked at the Kobold Village’s stats:

Village Name: Doke Village (Blue)

Level: Intermediate (400/30,000)

Village Area: 3 square kilometers.

Village Territory: 15 square kilometers.

Residents: 1002/2040

Military: 618/618

Popular Support: 78

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +8%, Territory Crop Growing Time -8%, Population Limit +2%, Military Limit +2%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 2

In terms of stats, it was much better than a Normal Village’s, but it could not compare to the Great Qin Village. Zhao Fu decided to [Relocate] it and received 540 EXP (Because it took 5,000 EXP to level up from Primary to Intermediate level village, Zhao Fu received 540 EXP as opposed to 40 EXP).

This time, he obtained more than 1,000 pieces of Normal equipment and 8,000 or so copper coins. The most important thing, however, was the 1,000 or so villagers that he had gained.

Now that these 1,000 Kobolds had joined him, the Great Qin Village had the strength to start protecting itself against the 5,000 Orcs – that was the key thing. Out of the 1,000 Kobolds, Zhao Fu picked 500 Kobolds for his army: 300 Kobold Warriors and 200 Kobold Spearwielders.

Now, the Great Qin Village’s military numbered 1,400, and it had once again become much more powerful. This was Zhao Fu’s new strategy. Even if it took more time, he wanted to gain as many villagers as possible. What every power always lacked was people.

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