The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 1468 - Dragon Demon

Chapter 1468: Dragon Demon

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Zhao Fu nodded earnestly and said, “Leave with me then!”

Mo Wulin nodded. By staying with Zhao Fu, she would be able to quickly grasp that kind of terrifying power and she felt quite delighted to obtain this kind of power.

She had also wanted to go out and learn through experience, as her strength had not broken through in a long time, so she wanted to go out and find some opportunities.

Following this, the three of them secretly left the Demon Saint Sect.

News of Mo Wulin disappearing quickly spread, and the Demon Saint Sect hurriedly sent people to investigate. How could a disciple who was doing fine just disappear? Moreover, Mo Wulin was one of the most famous people in the Demon Saint Sect and was naturally paid attention to by countless people.

However, they were unable to find anything and Mo Wulin seemed to have just vanished. After hearing about this, Mo Zizhi wondered if it had to do with Zhao Fu.

Indeed, it was Zhao Fu who had taken Mo Wulin away!

After leaving the Demon Saint Sect, Zhao Fu took out the five Evil Flower Demons and had them continue to attack Cities and eat millions of people. Zhao Fu then fused the Demon Dragon Pearl and created a sixth Evil Flower Demon.

This Evil Flower Demon was naturally a dragon-shaped demon that was three meters long and was covered with black scales. It had an enormous dragon eye and had a savage mouth filled with sharp teeth. It had six claws and gave off a powerful aura.

The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower also reached its sixth stage, and Zhao Fu could now control the Evil Flower Demons within 10,000 kilometers.

More importantly, Zhao Fu grasped a terrifying ability, which was Evil Flower Puppets. Zhao Fu could now use the six Evil Flower Demons to control 600,000 people.

These 600,000 people were the Evil Flower Puppets; once they were controlled, they would not be able to break free and would be controlled for the rest of their lives until they died. Moreover, those who were controlled would not suffer any changes to their power, cultivation, or memories.

There was no need for Zhao Fu to control so many people so he did not use this ability for now because bringing about so many people was quite troublesome.

Right now, the most important thing was to continue to find powerful demonic creatures and demon women to continue increasing the strength of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower and gather demonic qi for the Demon Star. Zhao Fu guessed that when the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower reached its final stage, that would be when the Demon Star awoke.

“Do you two know of any good places to go to? I still need many powerful demonic creatures, items, and women,” Zhao Fu asked the two women.

Mo Wulin thought about it and excitedly smiled as she said, “Husband, how about we gather the rest of the Ten Demon Beauties? After gathering the twelve Evil Flower Emissaries and forming 12 Evil Flower Demons, that should be enough to have the Evil Flower bloom across the entire Demon Domain.

“Not only will we be able to obtain great power, but we can also fuse with you and obtain undying bodies. As long as you are fine, we can unlimitedly revive.

“When that time comes, we can give out Evil Flower Demon Seeds and create a terrifying Evil Flower demon army for husband to help husband conquer the Demon Domain in the future.”

Zhao Fu felt quite tempted but also felt quite wary. Even though the Multitude Demon Region was quite chaotic, all of the Ten Demon Beauties were extremely talented and beautiful as goddesses, and they had terrifying factions behind them.

If he captured all of them, he would attract too much attention and shake the entire Multitude Demon Region, causing countless factions to madly hunt him down.

Zhao Fu did not want to do this, but if he wanted the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower to reach its final stage, he had to gather the twelve Evil Flower Emissaries. That way, he would also be able to awaken the Demon Star.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu still decided to capture these Ten Demon Beauties. He had already offended many people in the Multitude Demon Region and he did not mind offending a few more. As long as he could achieve his goal and obtain great gains, that would be enough.

However, Zhao Fu felt that he was becoming more and more perverted, but he had to do this.

You Qianyue hugged Zhao Fu and said worriedly, “Husband, make sure you don’t forget about us because of them!”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, “I’m not that kind of person, don’t worry.”

Within the Ten Demon Beauties, You Qianyue was ranked sixth and Mo Wulin was ranked fifth, and Zhao Fu decided to start from number ten and work his way up.

The tenth-ranked person was called Zi Lingye and was the Princess of a Royal Kingdom. Zhao Fu and the two others came to the Royal Kingdom and saw that they were conducting a martial gathering in which people made exchanges using their martial prowess. The Royal Kingdom’s various talents were gathered and Zi Lingye was also participating.

Zhao Fu registered and had the two women wait in a neighboring Royal Kingdom. After Zhao Fu captured Zi Lingye, he would immediately run.

This was a Royal Kingdom of the Heaven Domain and was ten or so times more powerful than an inner Domain Royal Kingdom, and Zhao Fu could not afford to offend such an existence. As such, after capturing Zi Lingye, he had to immediately leave.

When the martial gathering started, it was filled with people and the scene was quite lively. Not only were there countless talents gathered, but there were many spectators as well. Zhao Fu hid in a corner and waited for his opportunity.

“Princess Lingye has arrived!” a cry sounded out and everyone became quiet as they looked towards the direction that the voice had come from. A graceful young woman dressed in a violet palace dress with an elegant and dignified demeanor walked in with a group of female attendants.

She was Zi Lingye, and she was extremely beautiful. As soon as she appeared, the scene quieted down, and even though she was only ranked tenth, she was definitely the number one beauty of the Royal Kingdom and countless nobles were infatuated with her.

Many people had come not only to watching the martial gathering but also to see the Royal Kingdom’s number one beauty.

Apart from Zi Lingye, there were also seven or eight people with extraordinary and noble bearings. There were men and women and they were handsome and beautiful. They were most likely important figures within the Royal Kingdom and had prestigious statuses.

Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to these people and focused on Zi Lingye. He found that she did not have experts by her side protecting her, making him feel quite delighted. Perhaps it was because they felt that no one would make a move against her within the Royal Kingdom.

The martial gathering began and Zi Lingye and some people went to a viewing platform. There were many stages below where people were fighting. There were one on one battles as well as battle royales, and the rewards were all quite good.

The scene was quite raucous and the battles on the stages were all quite intense. The spectators were having a great time watching and excitedly cheered, and Zhao Fu felt that the time had come.

Boom! Boom! Boom..

Massive waves of demonic qi spread out like a flood as six 100 meter tall monsters suddenly appeared, madly attacking the people around them and devouring them.

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