The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 218 - You Still Have A Chance Next Year

Chapter 218: You Still Have A Chance Next Year

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“Thank you, Brother Zhang, thank you, Sister Li,” Chen Shimian was grinning from ear to ear and he could not manage to close his mouth, “Having the opportunity to go to the actual ceremony already satisfies me a lot. There are so many people who are more outstanding than me, so as to whether I get the award I really don’t have much hope.”

Even if he did not get the award, being just nominated was already excellent for his portfolio.

“Don’t say it like that, you are a part of our Public Relations Department. Anyone from our department can do well out there on their own. In here, our competition is quite a lot, but outside, you are already considered extremely good,” Wu Lize smiled and encouraged him.

“Then what about the Newcomer Award?” Xia Mengxuan hurriedly asked.

Just as she asked that, she stared coldly at Lu Man.

This time, it could not be given to Lu Man right!

If it was like that, she had to ask the CEO about it!

Even if Wu Lize liked Lu Man, he could not do this, right?

Furthermore, she had just a month before completing one year in the industry.

That meant this year was her only chance.

If she could not be nominated this year, then she could only wait to be nominated for the Gold Finger Award.

But the Gold Finger Award was the main award and the competition for it was too much. So Xia Mengxuan had relatively more confidence in winning the Best Newcomer Award.

When Wu Lize took a look at Lu Man, Xia Mengxuan’s heart skipped a beat.

“This year, for the Best Newcomer Award, the company has nominated Xia Mengxuan,” Wu Lize announced.

Xia Mengxuan was so happy that she started yelling.

Right now, she was glad that Ye Xiaoxing had been fired, otherwise, the nomination for the Best Newcomer Award would have been a competition between them.

With Ye Xiaoxing, they would not know who the nomination would go to in the end.

“Whether you can get the award, it’s not something we can decide, so the two of you should have a relaxed mindset and act as usual. This Friday night, go for the award ceremony.” As Wu Lize finished saying that, he returned to his office.

Chen Shimian attitude was quite good, he was satisfied with being nominated. So once his excitement died down, he instantly returned to his work mode.

Whereas Xia Mengxuan gloatingly looked at Lu Man, “Some people get special treatment as soon as they join the company, but what’s use of that? At the vital moment, this kind of important nomination cannot be chosen based on relations, it seems like the company is still fair and just. The leaders take notice of each person’s individual performance.”

Seeing Xia Mengxuan expression like that of a small man achieving great success, Sister Li could not stand it anymore.

She walked over and comforted Lu Man. “Lu Man, don’t be too concerned about it. As for your performance, we all know how excellent it is. Most probably it’s just that the company knows that after this year Xia Mengxuan won’t have any opportunity and hence they nominated her this year. Otherwise, whether its ability or experience of working on a case, nothing can compare to yours. You don’t need to be worried, you will still have a chance next year.”

“Yes, I know.” Lu Man was hesitating as to whether she should tell Sister Li that she was actually nominated too.

Yet how could she say that?

The CEO gave it to her?

It seemed a bit inappropriate to say it out.

While Lu Man kept hesitating, Sister Li had already walked off, and she did not have the opportunity to tell her anymore.

At that moment, upon hearing Sister Li, Xia Mengxuan who was still gloating felt offended. “Sister Li, the fact that you think Lu Man is good, that’s your personal opinion. As for the company nominating me, it must be because I have the ability, and my profile is better than Lu Man. Could it be that the leaders of the company have worse judgment than you? You can just comfort her, but there’s no need to insult me.

Furious, Sister Li just made hmph sound, she really displeased upon seeing Xia Mengxuan’s gloating face.

“Lu Man, however, there’s a sentence that Sister Li said correctly, you still have an opportunity next year.” Xia Mengxuan smiled, proud of herself. “You can continue working hard.”

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