The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 216 - Take Brutal Revenge

Chapter 216: Take Brutal Revenge

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“What else can I do? I got to find a job quickly, but I just don’t know if I can find a good job anymore.” When Ye Xiaoxing talked about it, she started bawling her eyes out. “It’s all because of Lu Man, why did she have a bone to pick with me? She’s so evil.”

“You, you’re really too dumb! Why do you think she gets such special treatment in the company?” Ye Xuanxuan shook her head, “When I came out of the office today, I saw Lu Man bring a lunch box for Zheng Tianming with my own eyes.”

“What a shameless b*tch, how can she seduce everyone! Zheng Tianming is just an assistant, she’s really so not picky!” Ye Xiaoxing said angrily.

“You should not look down on Zheng Tianming. He’s the CEO’s special assistant, even the General Manager is very polite to him. He is always by the CEO’s side every single day, and if there’s even a small request, as long as it’s not too much, the CEO won’t bother about it and would even raise his hand to help a bit. So now, do you see why Lu Man is able to live so well?” Ye Xuanxuan stopped talking and took the menu from the waiter and ordered some dishes.

“Anyway, it is already like that now, no matter what you say it is useless. Don’t go on spreading what I told you just now. After suffering a loss once, you should remember it, don’t be too impulsive and gossip. Zheng Tianming follows the CEO and has a lot of connections, so if you ever provoke Lu Man again and anger Zheng Tianming, he can make it such that you can’t continue in the Public relations industry anymore, do you believe it or not?” Ye Xuanxuan warned her.

She was much smarter than Ye Xiaoxing, after receiving two warning letter, she had stopped scheming and moved on.

Even she had once thought of harming Lu Man before through Dai Yiran.

Yet no way was she like Ye Xiaoxing, offering herself on a silver platter, isn’t that just being st*pid?

Idi*ts deserve to be dismissed.

Ye Xiaoxing had already suffered losses, how could she dare to do it again?

Thinking about the possibilities that Ye Xuanxuan had talked about, Ye Xiaoxing was petrified, “I definitely won’t talk! But I can’t get over it whenever I see Lu Man living so well, while I’m in such a horrible state!”

“What else can you do?” Ye Xuanxuan was a bit impatient. “What else can you do? You can’t do anything, so just diligently find a job rather than thinking about anything else. Being fired by the Han Corporation, whether you can even find a job in a slightly bigger company is not yet confirmed.”

As for small companies, how could there be a day she succeeds.

Ye Xuanxuan sighed. “I know you aren’t resigned to your fate and neither am I, but what else can we do? We can only wait patiently. Don’t worry, Lu Man has also harmed me before once and I’ve suffered grievances, so do you really think that I want to see her having a better life in the company? I’ll wait patiently, eventually I’ll be an opportunity will open up for me to take brutal revenge!”

Listening to Ye Xuanxuan, Ye Xiaoxing felt that Ye Xuanxuan was much smarter than her.

At least, Ye Xuanxuan was still in the Han Corporation while she had been fired already.

“Older sister, then I have to rely on you. You can watch out in the company, if there’s anything you need help with, feel free to tell me.” At that moment, Ye Xiaoxing had a common enemy with Ye Xuanxuan, making her feel felt that she was very close to Ye Xuanxuan at that moment, “Older sister, it was my mistake before, please don’t continue to be angry at me.”

“Alright, it’s time to eat,” Ye Xuanxuan said.


After her afternoon break was almost over, Lu Man returned to her office, still pondering about the Gold Finger’s Best Newcomer Award.

Actually, she did not know about her chances of winning it and could only do her best.

Currently, Du Lin’s publicity was already on the right track just like she had expected, step by step, following her rhythm.

The online comments on Du Lin online were getting more and more positive, and Du Lin’s exposure was also increasing, often trending these days.

As Du Lin followed what she had said and changed his Weibo to post self-insulting posts.

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