The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 204 - Send Me A Copy Of The Voice Recording

Chapter 204: Send Me A Copy Of The Voice Recording

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“How long have you both been together?” Wu Lize did not want to believe that Lu Man already had a boyfriend.

Before this, he had not seen any hints at all.

Right now, he was quite demanding, asking her so forcefully that it stunned Lu Man.

Realizing that he was being rude, Wu Lize quickly explained, “It is that I was rude, don’t be angry. I just want to know if it was before my mom said those words or after.”

Lu Man was quiet for a while before replying, “What kind of meaning does that have? Even if it is after, it is not because of what Auntie Chai said. I did not find a boyfriend because I was angry. I really like him and that was why I got together with him, it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

“If it was after, it was also because of what my mom said that you distanced yourself from me. Otherwise, I would still have the opportunity to fight on a fairground, right?” Wu Lize said bitterly.

Lu Man said apologetically, “Whether it was before or after, I only like him. Actually, before I even met him, I did not even think of dating again, I felt that being alone was quite good, I already have a mother who loves me and I love myself. Everybody already knows about my family issues, so I am not trying to hide them either. You know about the situation with my dad and my ex-boyfriend, it’s because of them that I became very timid in the emotional field. If it was not for my boyfriend’s appearance, it could be possible that I would have never dated anyone again.”

Wu Lize clearly understood the meaning behind Lu Man’s words; even if he had confessed to her before she met her boyfriend, she would not have been able to accept and date him.

Moreover, it had nothing to do with the timing and was only related to people.

Even if they did not mention Auntie Chai’s thing, he was also not that kind of person.

“I get it now.” Wu Lize sighed sadly, Lu Man’s words made even the tiniest bit of hope in his heart completely disappear. “He… what kind of person is he?”

Lu Man pursed her lips, not really wanting to tell him.

It was not like Han Zhuoli was embarrassing, it was just that this was her private matter. Also, she knew how good Han Zhouli was to her and knowing that was enough for her rather than telling everyone how good her boyfriend was.

Moreover, she was not that familiar with Wu Lize. Outside of her workplace, she only met him once at the hospital and the rest of the time, their interactions were solely due to work.

In her heart, Wu Lize was just a superior and could not even be considered as a friend.

Lu Man really did not have the habit of exposing the matters of her heart in front of others.

“I’m sorry, I asked too much.” Wu Lize gave her a crestfallen smile. “Don’t be uncomfortable, don’t worry, I will sort out my own emotions.”

It was just that they had no affinity and ever since Auntie Chai said those words, it seemed like there was no chance of them being together ever.

And every time he tried to chase someone, it seemed like he was always slow by a bit.

Affinity was not right, or the timing was not right, or the person was not right.

“Thank you.” Lu Man was really grateful that Wu Lize was this upfront.

If she did not like him, then he was not going to harp on it, and also he did not make use of his position to do things that would make people uncomfortable.

“Oh right, why did you come to find me?” No matter how long Wu Lize actually needed to get over Lu Man, he quickly changed back to his work mode and was very professional.

Lu Man let out a breath of relief and played the recording of the conversation Ye Xiaoxing had on her phone just now.

“I think, that this is the source of the rumors bruiting about the company,” Lu Man said in a low voice.

“I see.” Wu Lize’s face darkened. “Send me a copy of the voice recording.”

After receiving the recording from Lu Man, Wu Lize said, “Wait in the office now.”

After he finished saying it, Wu Lize’s face was dark as he left the office with large steps.

All this time, Ye Xiaoxing had been constantly hiding behind her computer screen and staring at every single movement in Wu Lize’s office, not able to concentrate on her work.

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