The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1965 - I Can Find You Wherever You Are

Chapter 1965: I Can Find You Wherever You Are

His lips trailed all the way from the corner of her eye to her soft lips.

Shi Xiaoya heated up all over from his kisses. She turned and asked him, “How did you know where I was at that time? Your eyes had also been blindfolded then.”

Han Zhuoling lingered for a while longer on her lips before he answered, “Perhaps it’s because I really like you a lot, so I had a gut feeling. Wherever you are, even if my eyes are blindfolded, I can still find you.”

Shi Xiaoya recalled that, at that time, they had not been together yet.

Although on that night, Han Zhuoling already confessed.

But their relationship at that point in time was still different nevertheless.

Yet he could still think about her under that kind of circumstance and find her so precisely.

Shi Xiaoya just felt, how could he be so sweet?

Shi Xiaoya was feeling unbelievably sweet deep down.

But the netizens were exploding.

Because of Survivor‘s high quality and high viewership ratings, many netizens could not stand waiting for the online video site to upload after 12 am.

So they chose to keep watch in front of the television to be right on time.

They would go online using their phones while watching the show being aired on television.

They would participate in the discussions on Weibo or chat with their friends in their chat groups.

When they saw Shi Xiaoya being scared, some people felt that it was quite normal.

But some people said, “This is too fake. She’s even scared of this? How fake!”

“Some keyboard warriors really need to stop. They just keep blabbering non-stop with their mouths and jamming away on their keyboards. If you were the one going out there, you’d be nothing.”

“Shi Xiaoya is not a celebrity to begin with. She is a guest who became a replacement at the last minute. This is her first time running into such a situation, so she will inevitably feel nervous. The others are nervous too, so why do you all just keep harping on Shi Xiaoya? Are you bullying women?”

“Sigh. Why should women make things hard for other women?”

“And if you can’t see anything, won’t you panic?”

“Although Shi Xiaoya appears to panic, she didn’t scream or shout and just held it in. You call this acting? Then what about those who just scream and shout whenever something happens? And there’s also someone, a female celebrity, who could be scared out of her wits just from a situational role play on a show. Why don’t you guys talk about that?”

“You should all stop making a fuss. Actually, Shi Xiaoya just got pulled in at the last minute to make up for the numbers. She doesn’t have the intention to be a celebrity at all.”

“How so? The person above you have inside info?”

“My information is confirmed true. I don’t dare say the name, lest I get into trouble. But anyway, there was this female celebrity J who was supposed to be the only female guest on this episode. However, when she saw Han Zhuoling was around too, she thought that she could seduce him just because of her good looks, so she went to knock on Han Zhuoling’s door in the middle of the night.”

“Han Zhuoling did not bother about her, so she just shouted through the door at Han Zhuoling. She even said something like she wanted to ask about something regarding the filming for the next day. Han Zhuoling just called the chief director of the show, Lu Dongliu, over and together with the assistant director, they both dragged female celebrity J away.”

“Han Zhuoling was very angry. How could the guest list still have female celebrity J’s name on it? But they could not find anyone else at the last minute, so they decided to pick from the production team. Shi Xiaoya then drew the lot.”

“Oh my, this is big news! Female celebrity J is clearly Jiang Yuhan, because Jiang Yuhan revealed it before herself that she was going to film for Survivor. But until now, she hasn’t appeared.”

“Perhaps she is in the later episodes. This is only the third episode, what are you guys being anxious for?”

The person who first revealed the information said, “Those who don’t believe can wait and see. Female celebrity J will not appear this whole season. And it’s not just for Survivor, she won’t appear on other shows as well. Even her parts in the films and television dramas she had already filmed were canceled out completely.”

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