The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1817 - Sowing Discord

Chapter 1817: Sowing Discord

“Haha.” Duan Pingxian laughed dryly. “I am done eating too. Enjoy your meal.”

After Duan Pingxian left as well, only Liu Enxiao and Ling Xiaoen were left at the table.

Liu Enxiao said aggrievedly, “Brother Ling, do you think I’m bad too? I was just telling you guys what I know. I treat you all as friends. I don’t want you guys to be kept in the dark, that’s why I said it out of goodwill. Who would have expected that in their eyes, I’d actually be seen as the bad person?”

Ling Xiaoen gave her a patronizing smile. He knew exactly what kind of thoughts she harbored in her mind.

As Shi Feng had said, no one was a fool.

They had been out and about working for so long, so they had seen their fair share of all kinds of people.

No one would be tricked by Liu Enxiao just like that.

Even Hong Qiaoxian, who did not have much experience, knew who she should side with.

Of course, they’d left immediately also because Shi Xiaoya was indeed very famous within the industry.

No matter what kind of relationship she had with Han Zhuoling, the two of them just seemed to be on good terms right now.

And she had a friend like Qin Zigou.

They were not sure exactly what kind of background Qin Zigou had, but they knew it was definitely not a humble one.

Or else, how was it possible that ever since he’d made his debut, his opponents who had higher statuses than him in the industry and who wanted to ruin him all failed and ended up in terrible misfortune?

No one would believe that there was no catch in this.

Given Shi Xiaoya’s own capabilities, as well as her connections, was it not obvious which side they should stand with?

Even if they only looked at the pros and cons without looking at who was right or wrong, of course they would still choose Shi Xiaoya.

They really did not know what Liu Enxiao was thinking.

With such a pea brain, she still dared to sow discord?

Ling Xiaoen stood up as he smiled and said, “I’m fine with it, even if they’d already internally arranged for the guest to be Shi Xiaoya to begin with. But at least the production team’s method allowed us to show our faces. Given the popularity and viewership ratings of Survivor, it will definitely help to boost our own popularity, which will be much better than before.”

“You asked just now why the production team had to pull this stunt to play with us since they already set their eyes on Shi Xiaoya? I don’t actually think they are playing with us. It’s like what you said, besides the point about creating the variety effect, the production team can really just let Shi Xiaoya join in without having the drawing of lots. But in this way, we wouldn’t even have had a chance to be on camera.”

“The production team was already being considerate with us, so what is there to complain about? If they don’t show our faces, how many people would know that I am actually the one doing the makeup behind the scenes?” Ling Xiaoen minced his lips before saying, “I really am not as capable or as famous as Shi Xiaoya. When I reach that level of capability and fame and the production team still doesn’t choose me, then I will complain that it’s unfair.”

After saying that, Ling Xiaoen left as well.

Hence, in the end, the only person left on this huge table was Liu Enxiao.

Liu Enxiao was pent up with anger and frustration.

Didn’t Ling Xiaoen’s words mean that she was not at that level and did not have the right to feel that it was unfair?

She threw a resentful look at Shi Xiaoya. She wondered how she did it too, to be able to seduce Han Zhuoling.

It was fine if it was the production team who thought of looking for Shi Xiaoya.

But it was Han Zhuoling who’d suggested it of his own accord to let Shi Xiaoya join in.

Han Zhuoling usually did not care about other people, yet he actually took the initiative to recommend Shi Xiaoya.

The night before, Jiang Yuhan went all the way to his door, but Han Zhuoling still asked Lu Dongliu to chase her away.

Yet when it came to Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling took the initiative so actively.

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