The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1805 - Meet the Parents

Chapter 1805: Meet the Parents

She clutched his shirt tightly with both hands. Her face was thoroughly reddened, and she stuttered, “From… from your kisses.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He also finally noticed that Shi Xiaoya’s lips were really ridiculously swollen. Blood veins were now visible on the surface, as if they would pop out any moment.

It was evident how hard he had kissed her.

As long as he saw her beautiful lips, he just could not help but kiss them.

In the end, he did not manage to control it.

Han Zhuoling’s Adam’s apple rumbled; he felt an indescribable heat in his body.

He pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms, hugging her tightly, making her chest pressed tightly against his.

If he did not look, he would be able to restrain the urge to kiss her temporarily.

She had originally already washed up nicely. Her hair was tied up in a bun, which had long been messed up by his hands.

Her hair fell out in a completely disheveled state, leaving only a small bun dangling at the back of her head.

Han Zhuoling decided to just let her hair loose and move her hair to one side, revealing her ear, which he then leaned in to kiss.

He wanted to kiss her everywhere. If he could not kiss this part, he would look for other places where he could, not wanting to miss out a single part.

Shi Xiaoya felt so nervous that she just buried her face on his shoulders, feeling too embarrassed to look at him.

Han Zhuoling’s low laughter drifted into her ears. His low, hoarse voice drummed against her ears, making Shi Xiaoya turn weak.

Han Zhuoling also never imagined that there would be a day when he would like a woman so much, so much that even when he hugged her, he did not want to let go.

He could not bear to let her leave his sight even for a moment.

Hugging her, no matter how much he caressed or kissed her, it was not enough.

She just lay softly in his arms, making him feel extremely secure.

“After going back from the filming, bring me to your house to visit your parents,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya had been kissed dizzy by him when she heard these words.

She had just told Han Zhuoling to make him mentally prepared, prepared that her family members might be more strict.

But she was not thinking of immediately bringing him to see her parents.

After all, the two of them had just gotten together. Actually, there were many things and interactions which they were still not very familiar with about each other.

For two people to be together, there were many things to adapt to each other about.

They needed to understand each other and give in to each other.

They also needed to adapt to each other’s personalities.

If this wasn’t the case, there would not be so many couples who broke up because their personalities did not match.

They had many differences when it comes to their thinking, such that they were not able to walk to the end with each other.

She and Han Zhuoling were only at the initial phase when they had just confirmed their relationship. It was still unconfirmed if they could keep walking together.

There were still many things they had to understand about each other.

They just got together. If they went to meet each other’s parents now, what if they broke up not long after because of some differences?

But she heard Han Zhuoling say this now.

Out of her trust for him, as long as he said it, she would subconsciously feel like agreeing.

So Shi Xiaoya nodded without even thinking. “Okay.”

Han Zhuoling gave a chuckle and immediately switched to a serious tone and said, “Don’t think about the other messy things. I am someone who doesn’t make decisions on a whim. Once I do it, I won’t change my mind. So, my decisions have always been prudent.”

“From the moment I realized I liked you, I already thought a lot about it. You are much younger than me—would you be disdainful of my age, or my past marriage? Compared to you, I have too many shortcomings, and many areas where I am not worthy of you,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya was shocked. “Why would you think so?”

She thought that she was the one with many shortcomings and was not worthy of him at first, yet she did not expect that he actually felt he himself was not worthy of her.

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