The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1802 - Be My Girlfriend, Please?

Chapter 1802: Be My Girlfriend, Please?

“And then, there’s still one more question that you haven’t given me an answer to until now,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya had long since become dazed by all that he’d said.

Her heart was racing especially fast.

Although she was somewhat sure of it, thinking about it on her own was one thing. Hearing him say it personally still made her feel unbelievably nervous and excited.

Her heart felt as if it was about to jump out of her chest. As she needed to breathe, her chest also heaved up and down heavily. By accident, she accidentally bumped into Han Zhuoling’s chest.

Shi Xiaoya got a shock and immediately held her breath in alarm.

Han Zhuoling’s gaze turned dark and he lowered his eyelids slightly, blatantly glancing at Shi Xiaoya’s chest.

She was clearly wearing thick pajamas, but that one glance seemed to have seen through her.

Shi Xiaoya’s first reaction was to want to lift up her elbows to hide it, but Han Zhuoling was too close to her, so there was no space for her to lift her arms at all.

Han Zhuoling’s gaze turned to her face again and he said, “Last night, I asked you—if you saw another woman, not just Jiang Yuhan but other women, going into my room, what would you do?”

What would she do?

Shi Xiaoya thought about it. She would be very angry, very sad, and then hide in her bed and cry to death.

Afterward, unless necessary, she would not contact Han Zhuoling again.

Under those imaginary circumstances, she had nothing to do with him, so she had no right to blame him for his betrayal. She could only feel sad for herself that he went to find another woman.

But all these, she could not say.

She was about to lower her head when she heard Han Zhuoling sigh.

“I’m the foolish one. I actually asked you about a scenario that will never happen.” Han Zhuoling lowered his head and met Shi Xiaoya’s eyes with his gaze.

His gaze was fixed on her intensely. “I won’t have any kind of relationship with other women, and I won’t even give them the chance. I have never been such a casual person. Even if I don’t have a girlfriend, I also won’t fool around. I never liked those kinds of casual relationships.”

“If you get together with me, you won’t ever have to worry about this kind of problem. The scenarios that I talked about won’t exist at all.” Han Zhuoling placed his palm on the door and lowered his head as he leaned in closer to Shi Xiaoya. “I can make you feel secure, so you won’t be disturbed by those kinds of messy and ridiculous things.”

“I have never been interested in those messed-up people and affairs. If I am willing, there would be countless women who would have come to me, but I find them dirty. Be it in a relationship or marriage, I won’t betray either. Please believe me.”

Being stared at so intensely by him made Shi Xiaoya subconsciously nod her head.

However, this was not out of pressure.

She truly believed that Han Zhuoling was not a person who would casually get involved with someone of the opposite sex.

And in his previous marriage, even if he did not love her, he still did not betray that marriage.

As for Han Zhuoling’s character, he was definitely trustworthy.

“So—” Han Zhuoling looked at her carefully, not letting even a hint of detail on her face be missed, as he said, “Be my girlfriend, please?”

Shi Xiaoya was completely dumbstruck.

After Han Zhuoling said these words, she suddenly could not remember all the things that she was still a little worried about last night.

She wanted to say okay.

But at this moment, she suddenly could not say a word and was completely stunned.

All along, she’d thought that because Han Zhuoling did not make it clear, she did not dare to think much about it.

But now that Han Zhuoling had spelled it out so clearly in front of her and made it so clear, Shi Xiaoya felt it was surreal.

She felt as if she was walking in the clouds, soft yet unsteady.

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