The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1794 - Novice

Chapter 1794: Novice

Han Zhuoling: “…”

What just happened?

Shi Xiaoya smiled and explained, “Haha, this is… what it means to turn into a box upon landing.”

Han Zhuoling’s situation was really quite tragic. She did not even die so quickly when she played the game for the first time.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

When the audience saw that, they all laughed out and criticized him.

“Who is this?! Such a novice, he got eliminated already!”

Shi Xiaoya also quietly turned on Cheng He’s live-stream chat and happened to see the audience mocking Han Zhuoling mercilessly.

“What a novice, feels bad.”

“Such a poor thing. So he came here to be a free rider.”

“This is definitely not Han Zhuoling. How would First Young Master Han be so embarrassing?”

Han Zhuoling saw the rolling comments on Shi Xiaoya’s computer screen beside him. “…”


Cheng He apologized and said, “There are quite a lot of people at the landing point here this time, because there’s a lot of equipment here. Usually, when we practice, and also for competitions, we are used to going to places where there are more people. For the next round, let’s go to the school. There will be fewer people there.”

“Brother Cao, Brother Zhang, let’s shoot each other and die so we can set up a new game,” Cheng He said to Cao Jingcheng.

They had just started. If they were to really play on, it would take some time. Han Zhuoling would have nothing to do and would only be able to watch them play.

“Sure.” Cao Jingcheng did not mind.

After all, it was Han Zhuoling’s first time playing.

Zhang Xiangyou agreed.

“Don’t! If this goes on and every round you just die at the start, what’s there for us to watch? I still want to see Zhang Xiangyou and Cao Jingcheng’s skills!”

“I want to watch you guys play. Don’t die and leave! Just for a novice, it’s not worth it.”

Shi Xiaoya saw how the audience kept calling Han Zhuoling a novice and got so angry that she sent a bunch of rockets and turned the attention over to herself before she said, “He’s playing it for the first time. Weren’t you all novices when you played for the first time?!”

Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoya’s words and a smile instantly crept up his face.

Being eliminated was clearly very embarrassing, but being protected like this by Shi Xiaoya suddenly made Han Zhuoling feel that it was not embarrassing anymore.

Instead, he felt that being protected by her like this felt especially good.

“No need,” Han Zhuoling said to Cheng He, “I’ll watch you guys play. I can study this game better in the meantime.”

Everyone saw that the man who was pulling a long face at first now had a gentle, smiley look on his face.

Hence, Han Zhuoling chose Cheng He’s perspective to follow.

He learned the uses of some equipment, learned how to run to safety, and learned how to drive a car.

From Cheng He and the trio’s conversation, he also learned what it meant to play passively.

But in the end, Cheng He did not manage to lead Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou to victory.

After all, this was also a game that really depended on luck.

The four of them started over again.

“This time, I can definitely win,” Han Zhuoling said to Shi Xiaoya.

“It’s alright. This game depends a lot on luck. Even if you lose, it might not be because you played badly. It would just be that your luck is not good,” Shi Xiaoya said comfortingly.

The audience cheered and said, “All the best, box spirit. Run a few more steps this time. Don’t transform so quickly!”

To let Han Zhuoling live a little longer, Cheng He purposely chose a place with few people to start.

The problem with places where there were not many people was that there were fewer resources as well, so it was very hard to find good equipment.

Han Zhuoling ran for a long while before he found a gun, a level one helmet, and a saucepan.

“This saucepan can shield you from bullets,” Shi Xiaoya reminded him.

Han Zhuoling nodded and equipped his character with it.

Who’d have thought that this time, Han Zhuoling would really look like he knew how to play.

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