The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1792 - Shameless or What?

Chapter 1792: Shameless or What?

Cheng He: “…”

What did he do wrong?

Cao Jingcheng laughed heartily. “I’m the one who asked him to bring me along to play.”

Zhang Xiangyou also leaned over and said, “There’s me too.”

“Are you guys playing 4-player? Then who’s the other person?”

Han Zhuoling did not speak. He did not mind showing his face, but he did not intend to take the initiative to show his face.

Cao Jingcheng immediately said, “Yo, what’s wrong? The two of us can’t satisfy you guys, is that it?”

Because of Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou’s appearance, Cheng He’s live-stream numbers shot to over ten million views.

The moment fans posted about it on Weibo, Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou’s fans all came over, and there were some who just came in to watch for fun.

There were also gaming fans who wanted to see how these two celebrities played the game.

The live-stream was on the verge of crashing from too many viewers.

The company quickly directed all the service equipment towards prioritizing Cheng He’s live-stream and managed to maintain the server.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya brought Han Zhuoling’s coffee over.

“This is my first time playing, so I’m not familiar with the rules,” Han Zhuoling said.

Cao Jingcheng snickered and said, “Then let Xiaoya teach you!”

“Whose voice is that? It sounds so nice!”

“Why does it sound like Han Zhuoling’s voice? I can’t be sure. I heard his voice when watching the show last night, so I’m not very familiar with it.”

“And who is Xiaoya?”

“Xiao He, who are they talking about?”

Cheng He pretended as if he did not see those comments.

Shi Xiaoya pulled a swivel chair over and sat beside Han Zhuoling. “My skills do not cut it. Usually, I can’t even see where the enemy is at, so I can only roughly tell you the basic things about this game.”

“That will be enough.” Han Zhuoling opened the game and let Shi Xiaoya log in to her account.

“I am friends with Cheng He. He will invite you in a while, you just have to accept it. There will be a waiting period to gather 100 players. When the waiting time is up, the character will board the plane. A city, school, prison, and various other locations will appear on the ground. When the parachute symbol appears on the screen, press it and you will be able to jump down. Depending on Cheng He’s location, you can just jump down together with them when the time comes.”

“At the start, the character will have no equipment and will need to rely on picking up equipment. There will be some items scattered around the room, like pistols, rifles, helmets, etc., marked with different levels. If you are lucky, you can pick up a 98K and level three armor,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

Han Zhuoling was not interested in these games, but Cheng He had asked Shi Xiaoya to play with them, so Han Zhuoling became very concerned.

He had to keep up to pace. He could not know nothing about what Shi Xiaoya liked to play, and he could not stand not having any common topics with Shi Xiaoya.

Furthermore, three grown men bringing Shi Xiaoya along to play with them?

When he learned how to play this, he would play this in double-player mode with Shi Xiaoya!

“98K is a kind of rifle. It’s easier to call it 98K. I don’t remember what its original name is either,” Shi Xiaoya said in embarrassment.

When the audience in the live-stream heard Shi Xiaoya’s voice, they said, “This pretty sister’s voice sounds really nice.”

Who would have known that Shi Xiaoya’s fans were actually among the audience?

“It’s Shi Xiaoya! It’s Shi Xiaoya’s voice! I can’t be wrong about this. I have always been watching her videos. She also live-streamed before. Her voice sounds exactly like this in the live-stream for sure.”

“It’s her, it’s definitely her. She is also a makeup artist for the show, Survivor.”

“Then that man’s voice just now, don’t tell me it’s really Han Zhuoling?!”

“It’s possible! Isn’t Han Zhuoling also a guest on Survivor?”

“Seriously. Shi Xiaoya also wants to pester Han Zhuoling in the show, Survivor? Is she shameless or what?”

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