The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1790 - Indigestion

Chapter 1790: Indigestion

Cao Jingcheng secretly poked the director beside him. The director turned and heard Cao Jingcheng ask in a small voice, “Young Master Ling and Xiaoya are…”

“I don’t know either.” The director shook his head hard.

“Look at how timid you are,” Cao Jingcheng said disdainfully. “Not like I’m going to do anything. I’m just asking out of curiosity. Have they been like this all the way here?”

“Haha.” The director looked at Cao Jingcheng with a “too young” look and said, “There were even more excessive things.”

“Aiyo my goodness. What was it? Did they even kiss… kiss on the lips?” Cao Jingcheng asked in shock.

Director: “…”

The director was shocked too. You are an internationally famous star, after all. Why do you speak so uncouthly… eh no, so bluntly!

Kiss on the lips even?

“They didn’t do that.” The director quickly shook his head and said, “They just joined their little hands.”

“Aiyo!” Cao Jingcheng was elated. “It’s been hard on you guys this whole journey thus far.”

The director was elated too. He did not expect Cao Jingcheng to be such a funny person. “It’s not hard on us, not at all. At most, we just got indigestion [1. Joke continuing from the dog food slang; indigestion from being stuffed with too much dog food, aka PDA].”

Cao Jingcheng: “…”

He almost could not hold back from sputtering out a laugh.

“But if you filmed this, can you air it when the time comes?” Cao Jingcheng asked further.

“I don’t know,” the director said. “But anyway, we will just film along the way. Whether we can air it or not when the time comes, we still have to ask Young Master Ling first.”

After eating lunch, they walked around to digest their food while heading to the ancient castle.

The four of them chose their rooms. Han Zhuoling very naturally chose a room that was right next to Shi Xiaoya’s.

After a long while, Liu Chuanhui then arrived.

The moment he came, he slumped down on the chair. “They really tired my old bones out.”

“Teacher Liu, you passed the levels too?” Cheng He asked in surprise.

Actually, when they were leaving, Liu Chuanhui was still trying his best at the second level.

Liu Chuanhui waved them off. How was that possible?

“I was disqualified.” Liu Chuanhui rubbed his old back and said, “Tomorrow, I will just watch you guys film.”

Liu Chuanhui had signed a two-day contract, so even if he was disqualified, he still could not leave.

And until then, there would also be scenes of him being disqualified added to the show. Even if he was disqualified, he could also wander around the others.

“I also want to be disqualified,” Cheng He said. “This is too hard.”

“What’s with your lack of ambition? You’re from the sports scene, after all,” Liu Chuanhui said.

“Teacher Liu, I am in e-sports,” Cheng He explained.

“E-sports is also a competitive game. For competitive games, you need to have a competitive spirit.” Liu Chuanhui patted Cheng He’s shoulder and said, “Young man, all the best!”

Cheng He: “…”

At that moment, Zhang Xiangyou came over.

Among them, his age was the closest to Cheng He’s. “Xiao He, I checked—there are computers here! Come, come, come, let’s go play together!”

Right at this moment, Cao Jingcheng ambled down with a bag of cuttlefish strips he got from some unknown place.

When he heard Zhang Xiangyou’s words, he quickly took big strides and asked, “What’s going on? Are you guys going to game?”

“Brother Cao, you play too?” Cheng He asked in surprise.

“Of course.” Cao Jingcheng nodded immediately. “Bring me along. My luck is quite good.”

“Then we are still short of one person. The previous time, I brought Sister Xiaoya along to play. Let me ask her.” Cheng He went to ask Shi Xiaoya.

Before Shi Xiaoya could reply, Han Zhuoling said, “I’ll play.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “He even knows how to play this?”

“Er, okay, sure.” The moment Cheng He heard that Han Zhuoling was coming, he instantly felt a little nervous.

This Young Master did not look like someone who knew how to play computer games.

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