The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1786 - He Hugged Her

Chapter 1786: He Hugged Her

But before she could retract her hand, he held it.

Shi Xiaoya quickly tugged to pull back her hand, but Han Zhuoling held it tightly, in a firm yet endearing manner.

“Don’t tug my shirt sleeve next time,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Oh.” Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and nodded dejectedly.

She then heard Han Zhuoling continue saying, “You can just grab my hand.”

Han Zhuoling held her hand and said, “Like this.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The gatekeeper: “…”

Did he do something wrong?

He came to act as a gatekeeper, yet he still had to suffer from this display of affection?

Shi Xiaoya felt him clenching her hand again before letting go. “I’m going off now. Be good and wait for me.”

After saying that, Han Zhuoling turned and walked back in.

At that moment, the videographer brother and director were both thinking that, if this could be aired, their viewership ratings would really skyrocket.

At this moment, the gatekeeper said, “Walk straight ahead, and you will see the exit.”

Shi Xiaoya bade goodbye and walked towards the exit.

When she reached the exit, there was also another gatekeeper.

“For being the first adventurer to reach here, congratulations,” the gatekeeper said. “If you push the door and go out now, you will get the prize for being the first. This prize will be of great importance in helping you accomplish the next mission, and this prize will only go to the person in the first place.”

The gatekeeper gestured. “Please.

“If I go out now, can I wait outside?” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Of course not. If you go out, you will immediately be shifted to a new location,” the gatekeeper said.

When she heard that, Shi Xiaoya immediately said, “Then I won’t go out.”

“You better think properly,” the gatekeeper said. “If you don’t go out, even if someone comes later than you but pushes the door open first, then the first place advantage will be his.”

“I thought it through already,” Shi Xiaoya said. “I want to stay here and wait.”

“Sure.” After the gatekeeper was done talking, he did not continue to persuade her and stood by the side, not moving at all.

Shi Xiaoya did not have a phone or a watch on her, and she did not know what time it was now.

She kept standing there to wait but did not even feel tired.

Finally, after an unknown period of time…

She heard the sound of footsteps closing in at a very fast pace towards this side.

Shi Xiaoya quickly turned to the source of the sound and stretched her head out to look.

She felt extremely nervous, afraid that the person coming forth was not Han Zhuoling.

Finally, she saw a tall and straight figure appearing within her line of vision. It was running quickly towards this side.

Finally, she could clearly see that person’s face.

It’s Han Zhuoling!

Shi Xiaoya broke into a wide smile of happiness and finally heaved a sigh of relief. Her whole body also relaxed.

She did not even pause to think and just ran towards Han Zhuoling.

Just when she was about to reach Han Zhuoling, she suddenly stopped.

She was almost about to run into Han Zhuoling’s arms.

But seeing that Han Zhuoling still had a videographer beside him, she suddenly regained her senses and quickly stopped.

Luckily, she did not immediately run up to him, Shi Xiaoya thought fearfully in hindsight.

But right after that, her elbows were suddenly grabbed by Han Zhuoling.

Her whole body was pulled into his arms as he hugged her.

Shi Xiaoya was stunned. She stood stiffly in his arms, forgetting how to even move.


There was someone following them to film!

No, this was not the main point.

Han Zhuoling… Han Zhuoling hugged her…

“Young… Young Master Ling…” Shi Xiaoya had been hugged tightly by Han Zhuoling. She could not move even if she wanted to and could only stutter.

Han Zhuoling gave a low chuckle as he asked, “What did you call me?”

Both of them were hugging each other tightly. There was no gap between them at all—they were that close and intimate.

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