The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1777 - Her Right Hand Was Held By Another Hand

Chapter 1777: Her Right Hand Was Held By Another Hand

Lu Dongliu was very pleased. This kind of real effect was good.

Or else, the audience would suspect something was up.

“So for this time, our sixth guest has appeared,” Lu Dongliu proclaimed loudly. “It is the renowned makeup artist, Shi Xiaoya.”

The other production staff had already shown their faces and went on camera for one round, so they all returned to their own work stations and carried on with filming.

The camera now surrounded the empty space in the middle, where only the six guests were left.

The rest of the production staff surrounded the sides in a circle, hiding behind the cameras.

The moment Lu Dongliu said that, the other guests all started clapping for Shi Xiaoya.

“Who’d have thought that Xiaoya would actually become the sixth guest?” Liu Chuanhui said with a smile.

They were all much more famous than Shi Xiaoya.

But as she was the only female guest on that episode of the show, everyone very graciously and protectively let Shi Xiaoya take the center spot.

How would Shi Xiaoya dare?

Besides Han Zhuoling, who was also thereā€¦

Cao Jingcheng was an internationally-renowned actor.

Liu Chuanhui was a well-known elder actor in the acting industry.

No matter what, it was not her place to stand in the center.

So Shi Xiaoya quickly rejected the spot and did not dare to go over.

Cao Jingcheng smiled and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. You’re the only female guest on our episode, so of course you have to stand in the center. If we let a girl like you stand at the side, how bad will that look? The scene will look uncoordinated as well!”

“Hahahaha, Jingchen is right.” Liu Chuanhui smiled and said, “If you stand in the center, it will look like there’s a single red flower amid a green field.”

Only then did Shi Xiaoya stand in the center and coincidentally stood together with Han Zhuoling.

Cao Jingcheng was elated when he saw this standing arrangement. “Isn’t this such a coincidence! Xiaoya was originally Young Master Ling’s makeup artist and was supposed to follow alongside him, but now both of them are filming together.”

The cast then chatted happily for a while, yet as they were laughing and talking, a bunch of people in black clothes suddenly came out.

Each of them had a stern expression on and held black strips of cloth in their hands.

“No way. Not again?” Cheng He exclaimed tragically.

The filming for the previous episode had left a tragic trauma on this e-sports teenager.

Only Zhang Xiangyou and Cao Jingcheng were first-timers on the show. The two of them had no experience at all, so their reaction was the biggest.

“What are they going to do?” Zhang Xiangyou quickly turned to ask Liu Chuanhui.

“Don’t worry, don’t struggle, just be good,” Liu Chuanhui said to Zhang Xiangyou and Cao Jingcheng as he laughed heartily and cooperated voluntarily.

He let the people in black mask his eyes with the black strip of cloth.

Shi Xiaoya’s eyes were also being covered. It’s true that she had already seen how the guests were treated in the first episode and knew that there was not much to worry about.

However, when it came to herself, she was still nervous.

She was afraid that it would be like the first episode, where she would be thrown into some mountain hole or ravine or ditch. She did not have the level of intellect that Han Zhuoling did to be able to solve the production team’s questions without much effort.

Who knows, she might even still be standing in the same spot trying to solve the question by the time the filming ended.

One of her elbows was grabbed by a person in black, and she could not see.

Even if she knew that there would be people in black who would lead her away, she still felt insecure and waved her right hand aimlessly to feel the air around her.

Suddenly, her right hand was held by another hand.

Even if she could not see, Shi Xiaoya subconsciously felt that it was Han Zhuoling’s.

Right after that, she heard Han Zhuoling’s mature voice, which put her heart at ease. “Don’t worry, don’t be scared.”

She clearly knew that he would not be able to accompany her all the time, but heari

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