The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1773 - You Will Thank Me for This

Chapter 1773: You Will Thank Me for This

Actually, both people did not look that outstanding without makeup. They completely relied on the makeup to compensate for their flaws and were in completely different leagues from Han Zhuoling.

Hence, both their requests for makeup were not much less than that required for female celebrities.

From their eye makeup to lip makeup, and then to contouring their face, makeup was used to patch up some flaws on both their faces, so not a single aspect could be compromised. That was why it was a little more troublesome when applying makeup for them.

Shi Feng and Duan Pingxian happened to pick Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou, and they instantly felt that they were at a major disadvantage.

The expectations for their skills were high, yet fans would still think that it was their idol that was good-looking to begin with. They totally could not see their makeup skills. It was really so aggrieving.

On Shi Xiaoya’s side, she was done putting on makeup for Han Zhuoling very early on. Han Zhuoling saw that she actually came down with her bare face and did not even cover up her dark eye circles.

Although she looked very nice like that already, on camera, her dark eye circles would be magnified and make her seem exceptionally haggard.

“Why are your dark eye circles so bad?” Han Zhuoling asked her.

Shi Xiaoya gave him a speechless glance. Wasn’t it because of those words he said to her before he left?

Han Zhuoling understood what she meant and chuckled. “I think Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou still have a long way to go. Why don’t you cover your dark eye circles now? You look too haggard at the moment.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Was he being disdainful of her bare face now?

Han Zhuoling seemed to have read her thoughts and said, “I like how you look without makeup even more.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What did he suddenly blurt out that line for?!

Who asked if he liked it or not?!

“Actually, even if you put on makeup usually, aside from the eyeshadow and lipstick, for foundation and the rest, I can’t really tell if you put it on or not,” Han Zhuoling said. “Your skin is too good. It makes no difference what you put on.”

Tong Chunian also heard it at the side.

He thought to himself, “Dear, dear. Han Zhuoling is really a man who’s watched all of Shi Xiaoya’s videos. He can also say a thing or two about women’s makeup matters.”

How would he know all these things in the past!

He had probably never even seen what a foundation was before!

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that this man would actually have a day when he’d have such a glib tongue.

He made it sound too nice, which sounded like he was trying to pacify her.

However, it was rare for Han Zhuoling to put in so much effort to pacify someone.

“It’s just that your dark eye circles are a little heavy now, so you look a little haggard,” Han Zhuoling said again.

Guo Yujie thought to herself, You said so much before saying that one line. Your will to live could be said to be really strong.

She never expected that the three words, “will to live,” would ever be used in relation to Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya also knew that she definitely looked very haggard now.

But she felt that since she did not need to be on camera, she did not need to care so much.

Most importantly, it was because they woke up too early, so there was really no time.

Since there was time now, she did not reject the proposal.

Han Zhuoling gave his seat up for Shi Xiaoya so she could sit down and apply makeup.

This was the first time he sat so close to watch her put on makeup for herself, and it was not through a video, so it was very novel.

He was curious about whatever Shi Xiaoya used.

“Apply makeup more exquisitely for yourself.” Han Zhuoling lowered his voice to remind her. “You will thank me for this.”

Shi Xiaoya sensed that something was amiss. “What exactly is going on?”

Han Zhuoling smiled but did not say a word.

“Why is he being so secretive?” Shi Xiaoya mumbled, but she still chose to believe Han Zhuoling.

Usually, when Han Zhuoling watched her videos, he’d really gain a lot of new knowledge.

When he saw Shi Xiaoya take out a bottle, Han Zhuoling immediately said, “I know this. This is a new cream foundation you just bought. It’s considered a high-end kind of foundation. How did you describe it? Rich lady’s foundation?”

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