The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1770 - Breaking the Contract

Chapter 1770: Breaking the Contract

“Aye, it’s not easy for anyone.”

Guo Yujie was done packing and went to the gathering point with Shi Xiaoya.

Both of them had been following for two episodes and a total of four days, so they had long become used to the production crew’s pace.

The place they were gathering at this time was the meeting room which the hotel provided for the production crew.

Indeed, everyone’s breakfast had been prepared and put on the table.

At the same time, Jiang Yuhan’s assistant and her manager had already received the notification from the production team that Jiang Yuhan would no longer need to participate in the filming of Survivor.

The manager did not come along. After the assistant received the notification from the production team, she frantically came to look for Jiang Yuhan.

Jiang Yuhan had woken up especially early this morning. She was afraid that the show would pull a surprise visit on the guests as they did in the first episode, so she even put on some light makeup for herself first.

When she heard the doorbell ring, Jiang Yuhan even thought it was the people from the production team and even went out of her way to wrap herself in the white bathrobe provided by the hotel. She messed up her hair and acted as if she had just been woken up.

She’d already put on a shocked expression when she opened the door, yet she did not see the group of people and cameramen she had imagined. Her assistant Xiao Ke was the only one there.

“Teacher Jiang.” Xiao Ke frantically came in. “Just now, Director Lu contacted me. He said that the show doesn’t need you to come and film for this episode anymore.”

“What?” Jiang Yuhan could not believe it and had raised her voice loudly.

“He even said that our travel expenses coming here and the cost of the hotel room had already been covered by the production crew. The hotel also knows that our stay is only until 12 PM today. If we still haven’t checked out by then, the production crew will not be bothered about the costs incurred from then on.”

“Is that what I am asking about?” Jiang Yuhan said furiously. “What do they mean by not needing me for filming?!”

“It means… means you’re no longer a guest on Survivor. It’s not just for this episode. For the whole season of the show, you’re no longer on the list of guests.”

“You—” Jiang Yuhan raised her hand, as if she was about to slap Xiao Ke.

Xiao Ke quickly stepped back and said, “Teacher Jiang, I didn’t say this. This was all said by Director Lu.”

“They are breaking the contract!” Jiang Yuhan said angrily.

“That’s what I said too, but the contract stated clearly that the penalty fees are charged according to the guest’s filming duration. You haven’t even started filming, so…” Xiao Ke had a troubled look on her face before continuing to say, “So Director Lu said, the production crew will only pay the penalty for your expenses from yesterday when you arrived until after 12 PM today for delaying your other schedules. He even said…”

“Even said what?” Jiang Yuhan asked furiously.

“He even said, it is very generous of the production crew to even pay for all these. If you feel that it is not suitable, or you can’t take it lying down, it’s fine even if you want to go through the legal process. Their production crew did everything according to what was stated on the contract and totally did not break any agreement,” Xiao Ke said, timidly staring at Jiang Yuhan’s expression.

Jiang Yuhan was so mad that she clenched her fists and repeatedly hit the air. At that moment, Jiang Yuhan’s phone rang.

“Go and turn it off!” Jiang Yuhan shouted.

Xiao Ke trembled and quickly went to the head of the bed and took up the phone. When she saw it, she said, “Teacher Jiang, it’s a call from Sister Liu.”

When she heard that it’s a call from her manager, Jiang Yuhan stretched her hand out at Xiao Ke and said, “Bring it over!”

Xiao Ke quickly passed the phone to Jiang Yuhan.

“Sister Liu, Lu Dongliu is way too much of a bully!” Jiang Yuhan complained the moment she answered the call.

“I know what happened, Lu Dongliu already contacted me,” Sister Liu said.

“I came all the way here just to film for his show, yet he just told me to pack up and go. Besides not letting me participate in the filming, he actually didn’t even want to compensate me the penalty fee for breaking the contract. And if I suddenly leave and don’t film anymore, what would other people think of me? All these damages, who’s going to pay me for it?” Jiang Yuhan said.

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