The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1767 - Look How He's Protecting His Babe

Chapter 1767: Look How He’s Protecting His Babe

He subconsciously wanted to get close to her. Unknowingly, his face got closer and closer to hers.

Even the ending sound of the chuckle rumbling in his throat could be heard clearly.

The first time she could hear that sound clearly, it actually sounded so seductive.

When he asked that, Shi Xiaoya was stunned. She looked up at him with wide eyes.

As if she was saying, “You really accepted one before?”

That pair of eyes. How were they so expressive?

Looking at her gleaming eyes, Han Zhuoling really felt like kissing them, and he wondered if they would be as warm and moist when he kissed them.

There was no one on the corridor, so the atmosphere felt just right.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and explained, “I didn’t. I really didn’t accept even a single one. I don’t like those people, and I don’t like being involved with them. Even before I was married, I was already not interested in those people. After my marriage, all the more I wouldn’t do it. Even if I am divorced now, I won’t taint myself.”

He seized the chance when he was speaking to get closer and closer to her without making it obvious.

When Shi Xiaoya finally realized it, his lips were actually already right before her eyes.

Shi Xiaoya got so shocked that she held her breath. Her face was heating up very fast, and she could not help but tremble slightly.

He was… going to kiss her?

After Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui saw Jiang Yuhan go back into her room, both of them did not go back to their own rooms. Instead, they came back over to see Han Zhuoling.

Who knew they’d see such an exciting scene?

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya—they looked like they were about to kiss.

Why would the two of them…

Could the two of them be together?

Both of them were so stunned that they stood rooted to the spot, gaping with wide eyes.

Chi Xingrui turned stiffly to look at Lu Dongliu.

What now?

Should they go back first?

Lu Dongliu felt that way too. Why don’t… they just go back first?

They really did not dare to disturb Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya was completely enveloped in Han Zhuoling’s embrace. His lowered head also cast a dark shadow above her head, making her feel as if she was trapped in a world with only him in it.

On top of that, Shi Xiaoya was so nervous that she would not notice there was someone around besides them.

But Han Zhuoling saw them.

He liked Shi Xiaoya and wanted to kiss her.

The first time he kissed her, he did not want other people to see.

Han Zhuoling felt exasperated, but he could only stop.

“As for the question I asked just now, think about it carefully, how you want to reply to me,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.

Afterward, he stood up straight.

Shi Xiaoya thought he was going to kiss her. Although she was nervous, she had also been prepared and would definitely not have rejected it.

But when Han Zhuoling seemed as if he was about to kiss her yet suddenly stopped, Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

When he finally straightened his back, Shi Xiaoya’s mind was still in a whirl.

At this moment, she saw Han Zhuoling turn to look, and Shi Xiaoya followed and turned to look as well, and then realized that Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui actually unknowingly came.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if a vein just popped in her brain.

Just… just now, what she and Han Zhuoling were doing together, they saw it all?

Although the two of them did not really do anything, that position and action were enough to make people’s thoughts run wild.

Han Zhuoling turned his body and blocked Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui’s gaze from Shi Xiaoya, protecting her fully with his body.

Lu Dongliu: “…”

Chi Xingrui: “…”

So what if they looked?

Look how he’s protecting his babe.

Previously, when he was not around, they all chatted happily with Shi Xiaoya.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya followed their production crew every episode. They were already very familiar with each other, okay?

But even then, Han Zhuoling still did not let them look!

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya’s face was blushing madly, Han Zhuoling said, “Go back, quickly go and rest. As for my question just now, you can reply to me tomorrow.”

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