The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1762 - May I Come In?

Chapter 1762: May I Come In?

“How can you think of it like this?” Guo Yujie said. “You’re pretty, you have a good personality, you have your own career—these are all very real qualities. You are not worse than anyone with these qualities. Do you think you can’t compare to the likes of Jiang Yuhan? If she has that courage, why do you, the person who really is worthy to be matched with Han Zhuoling, not have confidence in yourself?”

Shi Xiaoya flipped over and lay flat down, clutching the edges of the blanket as she said, “Let me think about it. Anyway… He didn’t say it explicitly, did he?”

“Aish. Both of you are making me so anxious! One clearly has the intention while the other clearly has the feelings,” Guo Yujie mumbled.

Both of them talked for a long time, and unknowingly, it was now midnight.

Suddenly, a sound came from outside.

Guo Yujie sat up and perked her ears to listen. “Xiaoya, did you hear the sound outside?”

“I heard it.” Shi Xiaoya also sat up with her.

“Why do I feel like it sounds like Jiang Yuhan’s voice?” Guo Yujie stretched out her hand and pressed down on the switch at the head of the bed, turning the room’s lights on.

Shi Xiaoya listened closely and also felt that it really sounded like Jiang Yuhan.

“That’s strange. She doesn’t even stay on this floor,” Guo Yujie said, feeling confused. “And it’s already midnight.”

She took up her phone to look. “It’s already past 12 midnight.”

Shi Xiaoya suddenly had a thought, then heard Guo Yujie say, “Don’t tell me she’s here to knock on Young Master Ling’s door?”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“In the past, when we followed other production crews, we saw quite a few of such instances. Actresses will knock on the directors’ doors, or the male leads’ doors. It happened so many times before.” As Guo Yujie said that, she quickly got off the bed and said, “No, we have to take a look!”

Shi Xiaoya also put on her slippers and ran to the door.

Of course she had to look. If she was really here to seduce Han Zhuoling, she wanted to see what Han Zhuoling was going to do.

Guo Yujie quietly opened the door a little. Both of them did not dare to watch openly, afraid that they would be seen.

So they could only open it wide enough for both of them to be able to see.

They saw Jiang Yuhan indeed standing in front of Han Zhuoling’s door and saying, “Young Master Ling, I have some questions I want to ask you. It’s about the filming tomorrow.”

Upon hearing Jiang Yuhan’s voice, Shi Xiaoya noticed that Han Zhuoling was standing in front of Jiang Yuhan right now.

He actually opened his door to Jiang Yuhan.

“May I come in?” Jiang Yuhan asked as she smiled.

“Get lost,” Han Zhuoling said coldly.

Right after that, Han Zhuoling closed the door.

Jiang Yuhan still did not give up and kept on pressing the doorbell.

The walls in the hotel rooms were not very soundproof, so Jiang Yuhan could be heard saying outside the door, “Young Master Ling, I am already here. Just open the door for me. I’m quite scared standing alone outside too. Don’t worry. I won’t tell other people. There won’t be anyone who will misunderstand us.”

Han Zhuoling did not care about her and just called Lu Dongliu straight away.

“Young Master Ling?” Lu Dongliu had clearly been asleep already. His phone rang for a while before he answered.

And his voice still sounded a little sleepy.

Han Zhuoling felt utterly annoyed hearing Jiang Yuhan’s voice outside and said to Lu Dongliu, “I have to trouble you to come and take Jiang Yuhan away. She is harassing me.”

The remaining sleepiness in Lu Dongliu’s body evaporated from shock and scare. He bolted upright and said, “Wha-What?”

“Please come faster and make her go away.” Han Zhuoling suppressed his anger and said, “I don’t like to touch her. She’s dirty.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Don’t worry, we’ll go over right now!” Lu Dongliu immediately ended the call and called Chi Xingrui.

He was afraid that he would not be able to deal with Jiang Yuhan on his own.

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