The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1757 - Change Tables

Chapter 1757: Change Tables

She made it sound as if she was so familiar with Han Zhuoling that she even wanted to chat with him.

She did not even ask if Han Zhuoling was willing to talk to her.

“Filming this show requires you to be real. The kind of shows that trick the audience are no longer trendy now. Since you know the nature of this show, you should be responsible after taking it on. You still want other people to take care of you in the show? If you ruin the reputation of the show and affect the Han Corporation’s investments, you won’t be forgiven.” Han Zhuoling threw a cold side glance at Jiang Yuhan yet did not even look at her in the face.

Jiang Yuhan’s face turned green and red interchangeably. She just wanted to be coy with Han Zhuoling.

Did Han Zhuoling need to reproach her so righteously?

And he did it in front of so many people.

“Young Master Ling,” Jiang Yuhan said to him awkwardly with her reddened face. “You don’t need to be so strict, right?”

At that moment, the waiter came and served the dishes.

Han Zhuoling suddenly stood up and said in a cold voice, “I’m sorry, it’s too noisy here. I want to change tables.”

Han Zhuoling left right after saying that, leaving Jiang Yuhan there awkwardly.

“Young Master Ling?” Jiang Yuhan called out to stop him.

But Han Zhuoling acted as if he did not hear her and scanned across the other tables.

What a coincidence. The other tables were all filled, and only Shi Xiaoya’s table had empty seats.

Shi Xiaoya’s table only had six makeup artists in total. Including Guo Yujie and Tong Chunian, there were eight of them in total, so there were still two empty seats.

Han Zhuoling walked over. The dishes had just been served and no one had touched their chopsticks yet.

Han Zhuoling saw that there was no empty seat beside Shi Xiaoya. He paused for a moment.

Guo Yujie reacted swiftly. She quickly moved to the seat beside her to sit next to Tong Chunian.

That empty seat had been between Guo Yujie and Tong Chunian all along. Now it became such that there was an empty seat between Guo Yujie and Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling gave Guo Yujie a satisfied look and sat down beside Shi Xiaoya.

Everyone on the same table as Shi Xiaoya was shocked. Why did Han Zhuoling’s reaction look as if he specifically wanted to sit beside Shi Xiaoya?

What relationship did the two of them have, and when did it become so good?

Jiang Yuhan had been staring from afar and got so angry that she kept clutching the edge of the table.

She then looked at the other people at the same table. They were all treating her like a joke. No one was helping her to stop Han Zhuoling and make Han Zhuoling stay.

“How can Young Master Ling go to the table with the makeup artists? He should sit with the main people involved in the show,” Jiang Yuhan said anxiously.

Everyone scoffed inwardly. As to why he left, do you really not know?

“Aiya! The show has started!” Lu Dongliu quickly changed the topic.

Everyone’s attention turned to the big screen in front.

They saw that the show had started.

At the same time, the staff in charge of the production team’s official Weibo account officially announced the guests on that episode in the show during the sponsorship broadcasts.

When they saw the guest list for the first episode, all the netizens exploded.

“What the f*ck. There’s actually Han Zhuoling!”

“Han Zhuoling actually went to participate in a variety show. I’m not seeing things, right?!”

“How would that cold and arrogant CEO look like in a variety show?”

“I’m so curious! The production team is really amazing. They actually managed to invite Han Zhuoling. No wonder they only revealed it at the very end.”

“This cast is really too strong. This publicity method feels oddly familiar, revealing the most important guest list at the very end. Could the public relations advisor hired by the production team be Lu Man?”

When the production team’s official Weibo account editor saw this comment, the editor replied, “You’re really awesome! It is indeed Lu Man. This whole publicity plan was proposed by Lu Man.”

“No wonder the show’s publicity could maintain its popularity. They suddenly came up with a wave of publicity before releasing another wave of news. It really stretched our curiosity to the fullest.”

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