The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1746 - He Blushed

Chapter 1746: He Blushed

His gaze fell on Shi Xiaoya’s sweet, sleeping face. Her long lashes were actually so thick that it cast a slight shadow under her eyes.

Her fair, tender skin had a light layer of powder on top of it, which bore an uncanny resemblance to the crystal prawn dumplings he had at home this morning.

The white, translucent skin was tender, wrapping the prawn inside of it. The pinkish hue of the prawn filling glowed from within.

Han Zhuoling’s throat rumbled. He really wanted to try—to have a taste of Shi Xiaoya and compare it with the crystal prawn dumpling to see which one tasted better.

He lowered his gaze slightly, and it fell on her lips.

He wondered how she did it, falling so soundly asleep within such a short time.

In her sound sleep, her lips parted slightly, making her lips look so soft and tender.

She seemed to have applied some lip balm, but he did not know what kind it was. It made her lips seem so naturally pink, and there was even a hint of glow to it.

He really wanted to… kiss those lips.

Han Zhuoling felt his mouth run dry and his throat burn a little.

Her light breaths caressed his lips.

Han Zhuoling’s breathing got even heavier, and a faint red glow crept up his cheeks.

He bit his lip and pressed down on the button. The chair slowly reclined backward and indeed allowed Shi Xiaoya to lie in a more comfortable position.

Guo Yujie and Tong Chunian could finally see Han Zhuoling.

Alas, both of them still did not see whether he actually kissed her or not.

Probably not?

Or else Shi Xiaoya could not possibly still be sleeping and not be awakened.

But say he didn’t kiss her. What was Han Zhuoling blushing for, then?!

This was the first time Guo Yujie had seen Han Zhuoling blushing!

The usually cold and stern CEO was blushing right now!

Tong Chunian also saw that and a bullet-screen comment rolled across his mind continuously. “I have to tell Xiao Zhang about this secretly after alighting from the plane.”

The people in the company definitely did not know how Young Master Ling looked like when he blushed.

My boss is so innocent in love.

Guo Yujie had to hold her laughter in and could only cover her mouth, covering half of her face, and then could not help but go and check Han Zhuoling’s reaction.

Han Zhuoling stood up and narrowed his eyes as he observed Guo Yujie and Tong Chunian’s reactions.

He took a mental note of these two.

Afterward, he turned and lowered his voice as he said to the air stewardess, “Take a pillow and blanket over.”

“Okay, hold on for a moment.” The air stewardess also lowered her voice and had replied with a smile.

Not long after, she returned with the items.

Han Zhuoling did not even let the air stewardess do it. He carefully moved the pillow behind Shi Xiaoya’s head.

And then covered her with the blanket.

Guo Yujie stared dumbstruck from the sidelines.

Oh my god. If a normal man did this, it would already be very difficult to resist his charm.

What more being treated so gently and attentively by an idol-like figure like Han Zhuoling?

Guo Yujie dared to swear upon her career that Han Zhuoling definitely liked Shi Xiaoya!

Or else, why would he have nothing better to do except treat Shi Xiaoya so well?

Han Zhuoling was not the kind who would waste his effort treating just any woman nicely.

Tong Chunian was choking. He simply did not have the guts to take a photo of it or else, when he told Xiao Zhang, it would be even more shocking!

Right, he had to go back and tell Zheng Tianming about it as well.


Perhaps it was the flu medicine that made Shi Xiaoya fall asleep so easily. And she slept exceptionally soundly.

It was not until the plane landed a little bumpily that Shi Xiaoya groggily woke up from her sleep, yet she still felt too lazy to wake up.

“Xiaoya,” Han Zhuoling called her.

Shi Xiaoya rubbed her eyes. She finally opened her eyes, but she was staring in a daze and clearly looked listless.

“Huh?” Shi Xiaoya was still in a daze and was completely in a state where she was not awake even though her eyes were open.

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