The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1726 - Definitely Support

Chapter 1726: Definitely Support

Han Zhuoli nodded.

Lu Qi was Xia Qingyang’s daughter, and she more or less inherited Xia Qingyang’s seducing skills.

But now, both of them still did not know that there was one more catch as to why Lu Qi and He Zhengbai were able to make it to the point of marriage.

He Zhengbai needed to use Lu Qi to make sure the Lu Corporation fell into his hands completely.

While Lu Qi needed to use He Zhengbai to transfer all the funds in the Lu Corporation over to herself.

Both of them could be said to be on the same boat right now, both of them needing each other.

Now that Lu Qiyuan had recovered and returned to work in the Lu Corporation, Lu Qi would not be able to do things as freely as she could compared to when Lu Qiyuan was still hospitalized back then.

She also had to think of a way to cover up the problem with the accounts, to prevent Lu Qiyuan from noticing.

This time was only because she happened to see Lu Qi and He Zhengbai, so Lu Man thought of the both of them.

But she only caught a glimpse of them and said those few things to Han Zhuoli about them before Lu Man stopped bothering about them.

When they went back home, Lu Man received a message from Hu Zhonghui. “Lu Man, you’re on the top search charts again.”

“How come?” Lu Man thought it was strange. She did not attend any activities recently, so why would she make it to the top search charts?

“It’s the competition with the exchange team,” Hu Zhonghui replied excitedly. “Because your show was directed personally by Director Deng Xu, the news media originally went because of Deng Xu to report on him. But the audience recorded your live performance and uploaded it online. Although the video quality is not very clear because it’s recorded by phone, the judges’ comments for you could be heard clearly.”

“Be it Deng Xu, Xu Jiashan, or those two actors from Broadway, all of them had high praise for you. Afterward, the school even uploaded an official video of it. So the performance quality of all the other teams was even more apparent. In this way, since you got unanimous praise from the judges, you got on the hot search topics.”

Hu Zhonghui smiled and said, “Take a look at it yourself. Because of this, someone revealed that our school had never won against the students from New York University before, so the victory this time was all the more meaningful.”

After ending the call, Lu Man went to look at it.

It was rare that the comments this time were mostly positive.

“In the past, people said that Lu Man relied on Han Zhuoli. Why don’t they take a look now? Director Xu Jiashan has had a good reputation all this time, and he had only been in the field of theater, which does not overlap with the entertainment industry side. He does not rely on the Han Corporation for anything either. He can’t possibly need to give the Han Corporation face, right? Furthermore, those two actors from Broadway, don’t tell me they have to bow to the pressure of the Han Corporation as well? Don’t be ridiculous! Is it so hard to admit that Lu Man is outstanding?”

“I watched the complete version of the video once. Even if I did not watch closely, I could also tell that the NFA acted better. And after hearing the judges and Director Deng Xu’s comments, I deliberately went back again to rewatch Lu Man’s performance and realized that their comments were right. The second time I watched, I still could not help but focus my attention on Lu Man. So for the third time, I reminded myself to better not look at Lu Man. Even when Lu Man was the main focus of the scene, I would also look at other students, and I noticed that just like what the judges said, each time Lu Man switched the focus back onto herself, it was always when her classmates’ performance were lacking.”

“Lu Man could be said to really be considerate of the big picture. She would give way when she was supposed to, and she could accurately capture an appropriate moment when the other party was lacking to shift the audience’s attention away. Even if I’m just a normal audience and never learned acting before, I too knew that this should be quite difficult to do.”

“When is Lu Man going to act in plays? I will definitely buy tickets to support her.”

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