The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1711 - I'm Still Young, There's No Rush

Chapter 1711: I’m Still Young, There’s No Rush

Of course, there would still be some feeling that it would be a pity.

After all, any deeper feelings would require interaction first.

When it came to romantic relationships between men and women, it always starts with this kind of faint superficial impression.


Shi Xiaoya returned to the room and sat down. Old Mrs. Han then said, “You two really have a good sibling relationship.”

“I just came back from the Survivor production team, so my big brother called to ask how I am doing recently,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Oh, right, Xiaoya,” Old Mrs. Han called her.

“Please speak,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You’re still single now, isn’t your family worried?” Old Mrs. Han asked.

“Cough!” Han Zhuoling could not help coughing dryly once. What if she scared her?!

Shi Xiaoya’s face reddened as she said, “My family says that I’m still young, so there’s no rush.”

Old Mrs. Han: “…”

“Then do they have any expectations of your boyfriend? Like age, family background, personality, those things,” Lin Liye also asked.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head and told them truthfully, “They never talked about those before. Just as long as I like him, that would be good enough. But if I have a boyfriend, I have to bring him home at the first instance to let them have a look so they can put their hearts at ease.”

“What about yourself?” Lin Liye asked again. “What expectations do you have?”

Shi Xiaoya never thought about it before, but now that Lin Liye had asked, she was reminded of the question that Han Zhuoling asked her earlier on in the car.

It was pretty much the same as what Lin Liye was asking about.

She had never thought much about it before and simply felt that when the time came, she would know when she met the right person.

She did not fix a set of requirements in her heart beforehand.

Shi Xiaoya had always felt that if she really chose according to her ideal time, she probably would not meet anyone suitable in her lifetime.

But now that she heard Lin Liye asking about this again, Shi Xiaoya suddenly pictured Han Zhuoling’s face in her mind.

Asking her what she liked, and what expectations she had…

Her first reaction was actually to think of Han Zhuoling.

When Han Zhuoling’s face suddenly appeared in her mind, Shi Xiaoya got a shock.

Luckily, she was not holding anything in her hands, or else she would definitely have made a fool of herself.

“I…” Shi Xiaoya’s body was heating up so much that her breathing hitched up. In the end, she could only say guiltily in a small voice, “I never thought of it before.”

Lin Liye laughed. “Then starting from today, you must take the time to think carefully about it.”

“Yes.” Shi Xiaoya nodded her head lightly in an obedient manner. If one did not look closely, one would not even be able to see her actions, so it was evident how nervous she was.

“Grandma, Mom, you guys made her nervous with all the questions,” Han Zhuoling said helplessly by the side.

Shi Xiaoya only felt that she finally found some release after having a pent-up breath of air stuck in her throat.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop asking.” But Old Mrs. Han really could not hold it in and said once more, “Then let me ask one last question. Just one.”

“Please ask.” Shi Xiaoya smiled in embarrassment.

“What’s the biggest age gap between you and your partner that you can accept?” Old Mrs. Han asked.

Shi Xiaoya also found it strange that Old Mrs. Han would ask that, but she really did not dare to think anything of it.

She did not dare to link Old Mrs. Han’s question to Han Zhuoling, but she could not control her feelings, which inevitably leaned towards Han Zhuoling.

“Erm…” Shi Xiaoya said nervously, “Within 10 years of my age will be acceptable.”

Old Mrs. Han exclaimed “aiyo,” elevating the pitch of her tone towards the end.

Within 10 years of age. Han Zhuoling happened to be right within this scope. What a coincidence, don’t you think?

“Very good, that’s very good.” Old Mrs. Han nodded earnestly in happiness, and she finally managed to put down the worry she had in her heart.

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