The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1700 - Young Master Ling, You're Really Chatty

Chapter 1700: Young Master Ling, You’re Really Chatty

Shi Xiaoya’s low spirits were too obvious, spreading throughout the entire car.

Although Han Zhuoling was driving, he could still keep some of his attention on Shi Xiaoya.

And naturally, he very sharply noticed the change in Shi Xiaoya.

But though Han Zhuoling racked his brains and thought about it until he was frowning, he still could not think of a reason for it.

“Are you okay?” Han Zhuoling simply asked out loud.

“Huh?” Shi Xiaoya finally lifted her head up, looking a little silly.

“You suddenly look very down.” Han Zhuoling took a glance at her while he was driving.

“No.” Shi Xiaoya lifted her spirits and smiled at Han Zhuoling. “I’m fine.”

Han Zhuoling retracted his gaze. He naturally did not believe her and kept this on his mind.

Suddenly, he changed the topic. “This time, Qin Zigou went again? He went twice in a row?”

Shi Xiaoya was caught off guard by Han Zhuoling’s sudden jump in topics and was not in the mind to harp on her disappointment and dejection just then.

They were talking about a topic related to Survivor at first and unknowingly landed on the topic of relationships.

They were only talking halfway about the relationship issue before they suddenly jumped back on the topic of the show Survivor again.

Sure, Young Master Ling, you’re very good at chatting.

“Yeah. He filmed for two consecutive episodes, so he won’t be going for the third episode. I wonder if he will go for the fourth episode. Anyway, Director Lu’s intention is that each guest will not participate in more than two consecutive episodes. They have to rotate the guest groupings to make sure the audience feels some novelty,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

Lu Dongliu was very skilled in grasping the audience’s attention in the realm of variety shows.

No matter how popular the artiste was, there would always be some haters.

There would always be some people among the audience who liked someone but not another.

Only by grouping the guests together would it ensure that fans would not be able to help coming back to watch the show because they liked a guest, even if they did not like another guest, and would not give up on this show just because they did not like any of the guests.

Han Zhuoling nodded. “So for that Cheng He, this is his first time going to film for the show, right?”

Shi Xiaoya felt a little strange. Why was Han Zhuoling holding on to the topic of Cheng He?

That 18-year-old boy probably had not had much interaction with Han Zhuoling before.

“Yeah.” Shi Xiaoya nodded. “From what he said, it seems like he’s also coming for the third episode. The production team probably lets the guests participate for two episodes consecutively before pausing for a while and thereafter continuing filming with the same guest again.”

However, Han Zhuoling was an exception.

The production team did not dare to treat Han Zhuoling the same way as they treated normal guests.

It was quite good that he could participate already. They did not dare to request that he participate in a certain number of episodes.

And Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling still did not know that after the first episode had been filmed, Lu Dongliu even told Chi Xingrui happily that, thankfully, Han Zhuoling would not be participating in a lot of episodes or else, given his stellar performance streaks, there would be no suspense as to who the ultimate champion of that episode would be. It would surely be Han Zhuoling.

Since Han Zhuoling was not going to participate in so many episodes, at least the gap between his results and that of others would not be too far off. There was still an element of suspense to the competition for rankings.

Han Zhuoling’s fingertips started tapping on the steering wheel again.

Shi Xiaoya felt as if she had discovered a small habit of Han Zhuoling’s.

When he was thinking about something, his fingertips liked to tap on some surface.

Just like what he was doing now. As long as he was thinking of something, he would casually tap lightly on the steering wheel.

This kind of small little action done by him actually seemed a little cute.

Noticing this subconscious small habit of his and learning a little more about him made Shi Xiaoya’s heart feel a sliver of sweetness, as if she knew something that other people did not know about—that she knew a little more about him than other people did.

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