The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1684 - Granddaughter-in-law and Daughter-in-law” Double Brag

Chapter 1684: “Granddaughter-in-law and Daughter-in-law” Double Brag

Given Deng Xu’s skills, it might just become another internationally-acclaimed film.

When that time came, won’t Lu Man just go with the flow and enter the international film industry?

Even the others did not make any mistake and performed the whole show very well.

Dong Jingxi could only hope that the exchange team was even more capable to douse Lu Man’s arrogance!

Lest Lu Man got so arrogant that she forgot her place!

So what if she got the spotlight today?

Won’t they still lose in the end?

To make herself feel good, Dong Jingxi totally did not care whether the school won or lost.

On this side, Lu Man and the others were finally asked to leave the stage by the host.

They did not return to the participants’ seating area immediately but went backstage to remove their makeup first.

Seeing Lu Man and the others leave, Old Mrs. Han said to Shen Nuo again in a small voice, “Looks like that director, Deng Xu, has pretty good taste. No wonder he can win so many awards. So he had long since made an agreement with Lu Man to make her the female lead.”

Shen Nuo smiled and said, “Yes, yes. No wonder he is a famous director. There’s a reason why he could win so many awards.”

Everyone else: “…”

What in the world?

He won so many awards because he produced good films, right?

What had that got to do with Lu Man?!

This was really their first time seeing this kind of “granddaughter-in-law and daughter-in-law” double brag!

Was everyone in your Han Family so shameless when bragging about your own family members?

Xia Qingwei really could not help it and covered her face as she laughed and leaned against Wang Juhuai’s shoulder.

On this side, when Lu Man and the team returned backstage to remove their makeup, they happened to bump into the exchange team that was about to go up on stage. One really could not avoid one’s foes.

Shana was in the lead. When she saw Lu Man, she lightly nodded her head. Her attitude was not that good either.

Previously, Shana did not have any conflict with Lu Man.

But just now, Robert actually said such a thing to Lu Man.

You know, Robert was invited over by their school, but Robert had never once invited her before.

Could it be that in Robert’s eyes, her acting could not even compare to Lu Man’s?

Even if she did not feel any emotion towards Lu Man before, she now felt that she had been placed at a lower standard compared to Lu Man, so she subconsciously came to see Lu Man as her competitor.

Shana did feel that her thinking was pretty ridiculous.

When the competition had ended, she would return to the US.

She would forever be standing on the world stage, but Lu Man would only be able to develop her career on this small domestic stage.

Their starting points were different to begin with. The disparity in their future development would simply grow bigger and bigger.

Lu Man had nothing to compare to her.

But at that moment, Shana still felt unhappy that she actually lost to her in this aspect.

At least over here, Shana treated Lu Man as her competitor.

As for Howard, who was behind Shana, his eyes were no longer his, and neither was his nose.

When they walked past the NFA team, Howard said coldly, “Don’t be too happy. You think you’re so great just because you got a few praises from the judges? This is a team competition, it’s not enough if just one person performs well. You guys still can’t make it as a whole.”

Everyone got angry when he said that.

They did not even say anything. Howard was always the one provoking trouble every time. As the saying goes, “the person who provokes a fight first is always wrong.” Howard simply deserved a horrible end.

They just did not understand. Where did this bunch of people get their sense of overwhelming superiority from time and again?

No one provoked them, yet they were itching for trouble.

Li Zeyu could not hold it in and was about to mock them back, but Lu Man said coldly, “My classmates all acted very well. If not for them, this show would not have achieved such a great effect. The competition judges our acting skills, not how well we boast. I hope your performance will be as good as your boasting.”

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