The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1677 - Thought It's Possible Now

Chapter 1677: Thought It’s Possible Now

“The director is so good I didn’t harbor any hopes, so I didn’t try at all,” Principal Liu said, laughing. “And then we had a meeting and I related our circumstances to the participating students, and who’d have thought Young Master Han would bring Director Deng with him out of nowhere, saying Director Deng had three days free to direct our students?”

“Frankly, even if I’d approached other directors, I thought that it’d be good enough if they could spare a couple of days to teach our kids since it’s really unrealistic to ask them to stay for a whole week. We aren’t some bigshots! But Director Deng actually spared three days straight away. From choosing a show to settling on roles to the final rehearsal, Director Deng participated in them all,” he continued. “It’s all thanks to Lu Man. If it wasn’t for her, Young Master Han wouldn’t bother with such matters.”

The other two principals felt that Principal Liu wasn’t explaining to them, he was boasting!

How could he have such luck as to have Lu Man as a student?

What’s more, Lu Man originally chose the National Drama Academy, not the National Film Academy!

It was only because the National Drama Academy had burned all bridges that Lu Man came to the National Film Academy.

Otherwise, it would have had nothing to do with Principal Liu anymore.

Thinking of this, the two principals couldn’t help but look towards Principal Zhang.

They were curious as to how he felt every time the National Film Academy benefited because of Lu Man.

How he felt?

Obviously irritated!

Principal Zhang was beyond exasperated by their gazes!

Ever since the moment when the judges praised the team from the National Film Academy, both of them had been looking at him as if he was a fool.

He obviously knew that letting Lu Man go was a mistake—no need to be reminded constantly by their gazes!

He’s already dying inside here!

Principal Liu was all smiles and totally unpressured.

For no matter whether they won or lost, losing this time wasn’t terrible—it even felt glorious.

Even if the exchange team won, it wouldn’t be an easy victory, it would be by a bare margin.

Principal Liu was confident about this.

He knew the capabilities of the exchange team clearly.

Lu Man and the others performed exceedingly well today. It was far above their usual standards.

Probably because Howard and the others were too arrogant, constantly triggering the students.

Because they yearned to pay them back, the students put in their best efforts. The spirit was almost as high as when they took part in the college entrance exams.

Moreover, Principal Liu thought, they might even win against the New York exchange team for real.

Winning was something Principal Liu thought was possible now.

He didn’t dare hope before, but looking at the performance by the National Film Academy’s students now, he actually reckoned that winning wasn’t all that out of reach.

Especially since, before the competition started, Howard had gone to make trouble for Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya and got irritated after Han Zhuoling gave what’s coming to him.

His emotional state meant that he couldn’t perform well.

And the standard of the exchange team fell.

When one’s performance fell below standard and the other’s exceeded expectations…

His National Film Academy had a chance of winning.

Meanwhile, onstage, Deng Xu replied after hearing the emcee’s question. “I didn’t know there was this competition originally. It’s Young Master Han who approached me, asking if I had some time to spare to teach the students. After I heard about it, I thought that it’s not a bad idea—it’s time to really cultivate the new generation. I’m more than happy to help our local entertainment industry.”

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