The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1663 - Don't Let Me Know Who Did It!

Chapter 1663: Don’t Let Me Know Who Did It!

“Oh?” Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei both turned to look at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya quickly greeted the two of them.

If Lu Man said that, it was obvious that she was not just on good terms with her.

How smart were the two of them, after all? They immediately connected Shi Xiaoya with Han Zhuoling.

With Wang Juhuai standing in front to protect her, Xia Qingwei could fearlessly shift her gaze between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

The more she looked, the more she felt that the two of them really gave off that kind of feeling.

Standing together, they looked very compatible as well.

The school reserved a guest room for Xia Qingwei to rest in, so the guest room was quite spacious. Xia Qingwei was heavily pregnant now, so it was quite comfortable for her to sit on the sofa as well.

The school had even especially prepared drinks and light snacks for them.

Not long after, Old Mrs. Han and Old Mr. Han also brought Lin Liye and Shen Nuo over.

The four of them came in and said their greetings.

This time around, Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye both could not care enough to start small talk with Xia Qingwei.

Both of them fixed their gazes on Shi Xiaoya with sparkles in their eyes.

During this period, both of them had had their fair share of watching Shi Xiaoya’s videos, and they were even more intense than Shi Xiaoya’s ardent fans.

Previously, when Shi Xiaoya uploaded a photo of the baby lobster sticks and got teased by fans who shipped her together with Han Zhuoling, among the huge army of fans, Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye were mixed in as well.

Both of them had gathered momentum even more intensely than anyone else.

Afterward, it attracted Yuan Yina’s paid posters who said that Shi Xiaoya was trying to cling on and make things up, which angered this mother- and daughter-in-law pair to no end.

Both of them lashed back at her furiously, and they even told Lu Man about this in their casual chats with her.

Lu Man was a professional in this area and could spot the problem at once, so she told Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye about the paid-posters issue.

Lu Man said that it was very likely someone had hired paid posters to intentionally smear Shi Xiaoya.

This made Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye furious.

Although afterward, Han Zhuoling had stepped up to deal with Yuan Yina, he did not tell Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye about this, so both of them still did not know that it was Yuan Yina who had hired the paid posters.

Old Mrs. Han even said angrily, “Don’t let me know who did it! Or else I’ll hire paid posters to smear her to death!”

Hence, Old Mrs. Han and Lin Liye could be said to be super familiar with Shi Xiaoya.

They recognized her the moment they came in.

Meanwhile, Shen Nuo sat beside Xia Qingwei and started chatting with her, asking her in detail about her recent situation.

“I’m doing well now.” Xia Qingwei smiled gently. “It’s just that I’m expected to be due nearing the Lunar New Year, so it’s a little troublesome.”

“It’s not troublesome,” Shen Nuo said as she smiled. “This is good, actually. Everyone will return to their hometowns to celebrate the Lunar New Year. B City would be almost empty. There will be fewer people and not many cars on the road. If the baby is really due then, going to the hospital will be fast as well. The roads will not be jammed either. In my opinion, I think the best would be to deliver during the Lunar New Year holiday, so there wouldn’t be much of a delay for everything. And you’re going to Chu Tian Hospital, so even if it’s during the New Year, there’s no fear of a lack of good doctors. There aren’t only local doctors there, but also doctors hired from abroad.”

“And the local doctors mostly live in B City. Even if they are really not around during the New Year, there’s still the doctors from abroad. They are not that excited about celebrating the Lunar New Year,” Shen Nuo said. “The leave that Chu Tian arranges for those from abroad are based on the foreign holidays, so in that way, no matter what holiday it is in the country, we can be assured that there will be good doctors around.”

After hearing what she said, Xia Qingwei also felt that if she could really deliver her baby during the New Year holiday period, it would be quite good as well.

At least the things she worried about would no longer be a problem.

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