The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1661 - More Interesting than Your Work?

Chapter 1661: More Interesting than Your Work?

Regardless of how many among the audience members would even notice this detail, she would try her best to show it, all to boost Lu Man’s performance.

Yet right at this moment, Han Zhuoling suddenly spouted, “Watching you do makeup is quite interesting.”

Shi Xiaoya’s hands trembled. She almost ruined the spot she was drawing.

Why did Han Zhuoling suddenly say that out of nowhere?

Shi Xiaoya’s face heated up. She then heard Han Zhuoli ask, “More interesting than your work?”

Han Zhuoling actually thought about it seriously for a moment and said, “It is more interesting than my work.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

It has come!

The person who could make Han Zhuoling give up his work and even make him feel that something else was better than his work—she had appeared!

Han Zhuoli was so frustrated now. He actually did not manage to record Han Zhuoling’s words.

How precious would that recording be!

Shi Xiaoya did not know how to respond to this. Luckily, Han Zhuoli was the one who’d asked, so Shi Xiaoya pretended as if she did not hear it. She took the chance to quickly use an egg-shaped sponge to dab gently on the spots dotted with the brown gel eyeliner on Lu Man’s face which have not dried completely. This made the spots look more natural and complementary with her wax yellow skin tone, making it look like her natural sunspots.

“It’s done.” Shi Xiaoya was quite pleased with this effect. She passed a mirror to Lu Man so that she could see more clearly. “What do you think?”

Lu Man looked left and right before nodding her head in delight as she smiled and said, “This looks very good.”

When she was done dressing up, she prepared to go and see Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei.

Han Zhuoli naturally went with her.

Everyone was relatives with each other, so Han Zhuoling followed them as well.

Shi Xiaoya planned to go to the audience seating area to find her seat and wait for the competition to start. She walked out of the dressing room and said to Lu Man and the trio, “I’ll head over to the audience seats with Yujie first.”

Lu Man did not even manage to ask it in time before Han Zhuoling asked, “Why are you going there?”

“To sit down… and wait for the competition to start,” Shi Xiaoya replied, feeling very strange.

Or else what could she do?

“You’re not coming with us?” Han Zhuoling asked.

“…” Shi Xiaoya paused for a moment before she said, “You guys are going to see Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang. It might not be appropriate for an outsider like me to tag along.”

“How are you an outsider?” Lu Man blurted out.

Seeing Han Zhuoling’s gaze shoot over in a flash, Lu Man laughed awkwardly before she quickly changed her tone and added, “You’re my friend. What’s wrong if you came along to meet them?”

“The situation in the dressing room was too messy, I didn’t have the chance to introduce you to my dad and mom,” Lu Man said to Shi Xiaoya. “Now that it’s quieter and there’s quite some time before the show starts, don’t be in a rush to go out. Just come along with us.”

Guo Yujie could tell what Lu Man wanted to do, so she pretended to receive a call at this moment and said to them, “I’ll go and pick up a call. When I finish talking on the phone, I’ll go straight to the audience seating.”

Before Shi Xiaoya could say anything, Guo Yujie clutched her phone and ran off.

So Shi Xiaoya could only go with Lu Man and the two men.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli naturally walked side by side.

Han Zhuoli wanted to hold Lu Man’s hand, but Lu Man stopped him. “Don’t hold my hand.”

Lu Man showed her hands to Han Zhuoli and said, “To match the skin tone on my face with my hands, Xiaoya also colored my hands. If you hold my hand, some of the color would get onto your hand.”

Han Zhuoli looked and saw indeed that her originally fair and smooth hands had been completely colored yellow.

The back of Lu Man’s hands had always been very fair—so fair that her veins could be seen.

Now that it was colored yellow, nothing could be seen anymore.

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