The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1654 - Wait and See

Chapter 1654: Wait and See

Of course, that student knew what Han Zhuoling had just said.

He did not expect that the Han Corporation was already so powerful now.

In the past, they only called the shots in the domestic scene and no one dared to offend them.

Now, they had even extended their influence to Hollywood.

When he looked at Lu Man, the volunteer student’s gaze became instantly filled with admiration.

They could not afford to offend her—they simply could not afford to.

In the past, the Han Corporation was already at the head of the domestic industry. Ever since she’d publicly announced her relationship with Han Zhuoli, Lu Man’s status in the country had become that of someone who could not be easily offended.

Yet now, the Han Corporation had even stretched its reach over to Hollywood to do even greater things!

Lu Man’s untouchable scope had extended even wider now.

Han Zhuoling spoke personally. No matter how big the pressure was, the volunteer student could only brace himself and translate the original words for Howard.

Howard was dumbstruck!

He had really signed up for auditions for some films to be produced by Cyre Pictures. It’s true that there were many films shot within a year, not just the ones produced by the Han Corporation.

However, there were only a few film production companies of good caliber out there that split the market largely among themselves.

For example, out of so many films, one-quarter of the films were produced by Cyre Pictures. If this quarter was removed completely, what was left was just three-quarters.

Among the remaining three-quarters, they still had to choose films that were suitable for themselves.

There were so many actors developing their careers in Hollywood. Each audition was like crossing a single-log bridge, a difficult trial.

Even with Bourbotte backing him, it was not a foolproof guarantee.

It was as if Han Zhuoling had adjusted Howard’s acting career from “normal” to “difficult” level.

Cyre Pictures was only beginning its path to restore its former glory right now. Once it had regained its peak, Howard’s career would not simply be stuck at “difficult” level anymore.

Howard’s emotions were in a mess now. His mind was filled with messy thoughts, and he could not speak a word for a moment.

Right at this moment, Tong Chunian called back. “Young Master Ling, it’s all done. For the roles that are confirmed, he did come for auditions before, but he did not get through. This saved us a lot of trouble. For some films that are planned to start production, Howard had indeed come for auditions for some of them before, but his role is not confirmed. I have already spoken with Cyre. Howard’s performance is not necessary for the director, so they also agreed on their end.”

Han Zhuoling ended the call feeling satisfied and said to Howard, “As for your future achievements, we shall wait and see.”

He returned Howard’s exact words to him, but the meaning of the words was completely different.

Howard was obviously very confident about his future development. That was why he’d asked them to wait and see.

But Han Zhuoling had directly cut Howard out of all the chances to participate in films produced under the Han Corporation. As for what he meant when he said “wait and see,” it was just filled with sarcasm.

The Han Corporation stepped in to interfere and cut off many opportunities for Howard, so they would wait and see what would become of Howard next time.

The worst fear was that Han Zhuoling would keep an eye on him and prevent him from advancing his career at all.

That would really make good of his reply to “wait and see.”

Seeing that Howard’s expression was really not looking good, like he was not thinking rationally anymore, Shana was really afraid that this would affect his condition during the performance later.

What a time for something to happen, really. Trouble had to happen now, right before the performance, of all times!

Shana secretly chided Howard for being an idiot.

She really did not understand. Even if he did not get over his grudge with Lu Man, at least that was because of Bourbotte, and at least there was a reason to do that.

But what was he doing right now, trying to create trouble for Shi Xiaoya?

Just to embarrass Lu Man?

If he was so capable, he should just attack Lu Man straight up!

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