The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1652 - Help Out

Chapter 1652: Help Out

Although Han Zhuoling came then, he did not go out of his way to introduce himself.

The people from the exchange team did not notice him before.

Hearing Han Zhuoli introduce him, many of them looked over.

When the Han Corporation acquired Cyre, from pre-acquisition to post-acquisition, the series of methods undertaken had been decisive and effective.

Although the media unanimously denounced the Han Corporation’s development in Hollywood, people in the industry still saw it as a historic moment.

Han Zhuoling’s name also appeared frequently. Although the media did not report about him excessively, the media insiders were not unfamiliar with his name.

Now, they finally really took a good look at Han Zhuoling’s appearance.

They thought to themselves: so this was that First Young Master Han.

“You said you can’t do other things, but you can still make sure that Shi Xiaoya can’t make it out in Hollywood, right?” Han Zhuoling still remembered this. As if to say he did not forget it after the topic was changed, he brought it up again.

How would Howard not be able to tell that from Han Zhuoling’s tone, he was clearly standing on Shi Xiaoya’s side?

He just did not understand. Why did they want to help Shi Xiaoya?

Howard smiled and asked, “Mr. Han keeps holding on to my words. Don’t tell me you want to hold it against me?”

“From start to end, I was only talking to Shi Xiaoya.” Howard’s words here were actually him admitting defeat. Everyone present could tell that.

He’d singled out Shi Xiaoya precisely because he did not want to offend Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

Lu Man was part of the Han Family, but Shi Xiaoya was not.

He was not rude to Lu Man, so the Han Family had better not come at him for that.

Han Zhuoling probably did not care about what he meant and asked again, “So, what do you think about how much weight the words of the Han Corporation holds over on your side?”

Howard bit his tongue and could not bring himself to answer.

Weight of words?

It would definitely not be small. The Han Corporation was very smart. They did not directly enter Hollywood but used Cyre Pictures as a shell to occupy.

Cyre Pictures was an established, veteran brand, after all, and it was once a major film production company, so they still had quite a huge influence in Hollywood.

If they needed teams, they would get it; if they needed people, they would get that as well.

As for the operations over there, they could not be more familiar with it and did not need the Han Corporation to research on it from scratch.

If they were to talk about the weight of their words, it would surely be huge.

Could the words of a mega film company not carry huge weight?

With this comparison, he was merely nothing more than a shrimp.

Ever since he came here, he had maintained an arrogant disposition and belittling attitude towards the students here.

He was simply above them.

If he admitted that the Han Corporation also carried quite a bit of weight in their words, it was akin to him admitting defeat and slapping himself in the face.

But as to not admitting it, he really did not have the guts to do that either.

It was as if Howard was being forced to the edge of a cliff right now. If he took a step back, it would be death, but he could not run away either.

He just stood there for all to see, feeling extremely awkward.

The longer he did not reply, the more embarrassing it was.

The truth was, even if he did not reply, his attitude now already an answer from him.

Howard felt so awkward standing there. His embarrassment now paralleled how arrogant he’d been before.

In front of Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling, how would he have any pride left?

Shana sighed. She stopped the makeup artist from putting on her makeup further and stood up to walk over.

“Mr. Han,” Shana greeted as she came over.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling did not have too much of a reaction.

In the fans’ eyes, she was a popular idol, and because it was hard to see her usually, they felt like seeing her now was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But in Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling’s eyes, Shana was just a minor celebrity.

Just like how Howard perceived the students at the National Film Academy.

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