The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1650 - Beauty Lies in the Bones, Not the Skin

Chapter 1650: Beauty Lies in the Bones, Not the Skin

He did not expect that Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling would actually be unhappy even with this?

He had seen only Han Zhuoli before, and only on the news.

Back then, when the Han Corporation acquired Cyre Pictures, it was also quite a shocking event in Hollywood.

This was the first time foreign investors came in and directly used their veteran, established film production companies.

The Han Corporation’s acquisition of Cyre Pictures foreshadowed that they would have a spot in the Hollywood scene.

There were many things that would no longer be a special right of the locals there.

This game had already been joined by major foreign investors.

However, during the initial phases of their entry, there was a lot of bad talk going on.

It was because the people there did not look favorably on them. They felt that the domestic film industry of these investors were comparably backward, yet these people wanted to make money in Hollywood?

Back then, the news media all frowned upon them and published provocative headlines that opined how the Han Corporation would not last long before folding the company quietly.

By selling themselves to the Han Corporation, that would be the biggest mistake Cyre Pictures had made in their history, right above the huge losses suffered from the previous two failed films, which were enough for them to pack their bags and return to their hometowns.

The Han Corporation could hold their ground quite well. They did not rush to prove themselves immediately, and they did not rush to try and turn the fortunes of Cyre Pictures around.

They just set their hearts down to producing films. One really had to admire Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling for their guts.

Without certainty of the outcome, they dared to invest in such a big film.

But the end result also proved to everyone that Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling had made the right choice. Both of them had a good eye and were daring enough to strike it out and take a gamble.

One film was enough to help Cyre Pictures successfully turn itself around, as well as give a big slap to the faces of those people who spoke badly of them previously.

Being at the helm of the Han Corporation, from the Han Corporation’s acquisition of Cyre Pictures and even during the period in which everyone did not think well of them, Han Zhuoli had been on the news and media all day long during that time.

And when the Han Corporation managed to successfully turn the fortunes of Cyre Pictures around all at once, it was like a miracle was created. Han Zhuoli’s photos were also plastered rampantly across various major media outlets.

Hence, Howard was not unfamiliar with Han Zhuoli.

Westerners could not really tell apart East Asian faces.

There were often times when they mixed someone up with somebody else, even though to Asians, those two people looked completely different.

Under such circumstances, Howard could still clearly recognize Han Zhuoli. This just showed how deep his impression of Han Zhuoli was.

It probably had something to do with Han Zhuoli’s facial features as well.

His facial features were more defined—unlike most Asians who tend to have gentler and flatter features, maning they did not have any features that were significantly protruded.

Howard naturally also saw Han Zhuoling, who was beside Han Zhuoli.

From the similarities in their facial features, Howard could guess that both of them were probably brothers or related by blood.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling walked over together. Lu Man held Han Zhuoli’s hand and said, “My face doesn’t look good right now, but you’ve seen it all.”

Han Zhuoli laughed and said, “Anyway, when you go up on stage later, I’ll still be able to see you. That aside, even with makeup on and your original looks covered, your facial features can’t be covered.”

Han Zhuoli gently pinched her soft fingers and said, “I finally know what it means when they say beauty lies in the bones and not the skin. I see how that looks like.”

Han Zhuoli had a face that seemed as though he had never seen beautiful women before, as if to show that it was really his first time seeing someone like Lu Man!

Everyone in the room who heard that was stunned.

They just came here to do their makeup. It’s fine if they had to be stuffed with a mouthful of dog food, aka PDA[1], yet they had to watch Han Zhuoli’s utterly shameless performance on top of it!

[1] Public display of affection

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