The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1643 - What Are They Talking About?

Chapter 1643: What Are They Talking About?

These needed to be accomplished by Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya went backstage and met with Lu Man.

Director Deng Xu came over himself as well.

Shi Xiaoya saw him and greeted quickly, “Director Deng.”

“Oh, it’s Xiaoya.” Deng Xu was no stranger to Shi Xiaoya. “Who knew you’d be here? Who are you doing makeup for?”

“Lu Man,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

Deng Xu wasn’t surprised. Among all the competitors from the four schools, only Lu Man could be the one to successfully invite Shi Xiaoya.

“Haha, I’m assured with you doing the makeup for Lu Man.” With that, Deng Xu busied himself with other matters.

Shi Xiaoya chose a yellowish foundation with a darker undertone for Lu Man to bring out the unhealthy yellow tinge of the lead’s face.

“I’ve seen ‘After Sunset’ before to saw how other makeup artists created the cosmetics for the movie,” Shi Xiaoya said as she worked. “But there’s lighting and filters used for the movie, so makeup in the movie cannot be replicated exactly for makeup for a stage production.”

Lu Man could only feel Shi Xiaoya working away on her face with a brush.

She watched herself transform in the mirror—from having healthy glowing skin to having a dull yellow one.

Moreover, she looked natural, as if she was under-nourished and abused recently.

Her cheeks even appeared sunk in under her eyes.

She then saw Shi Xiaoya touch things up here, sweep a bit there, and dark spots appeared around her eyes and hairline.

“You’re incredible!” Lu Man gasped.

Just then, the NYU exchange students entered.

The school did not offer any special treatment for anyone like providing an individual dressing room for this competition.

Everyone was having their makeup done in this general dressing room.

If there wasn’t enough space, then they’d have to squeeze a bit or vacate a spot if they were done with their makeup.

Of course, this would not happen under the current circumstance.

Because most students in every team from each school were still nobodies, and no one would go and fight with the “legends” in their teams.

For instance, Lu Man and Shana, who were the best. They naturally sat in front of a proper dressing table, accompanied by the lighted makeup mirrors.

If there weren’t enough chairs, they would move one over temporarily and make do with the mirrors brought by the makeup artists.

The main leaders of each team could still have seats.

The New York exchange students entered when Lu Man was halfway done.

They had just finished changing into their clothes and getting props for their performance.

Judging by their costumes, they would probably be acting in some Shakespearean play or something.

Shana and Howard sat in front of the few dressing tables while the rest of them sat at the hastily arranged temporary tables and chairs at the center.

Shana had invited a makeup artist whom she’d worked with frequently, and the artist especially flew from the States.

The rest worked with local makeup artists they’d recently invited.

Howard sat and saw that the students from the other four schools were looking either enviously or jealously in Lu Man’s direction.

He waved a volunteer student over and asked, “What’s the matter? What are they talking about?”

The student explained, “They’re discussing Lu Man’s makeup artist.”

“Oh?” Howard took a glance interestedly. “Lu Man’s makeup artist is very famous?”

“That’s right.” The volunteer student looked proud too. “She’s called Shi Xiaoya, and many award-winning actors want her to do their makeup for them. She is probably one of our country’s most famous makeup artists.”

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