The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 1641 - Not Hiding Anymore

Chapter 1641: Not Hiding Anymore

Lu Man continued cheekily, “I merely wished to know Big Brother’s reaction. Ask him to come before and after telling him that Xiaoya’s going to the competition.”

Han Zhuoling’s face was always so hard and unsmiling. It made others eager to witness the changes in his expression, and obviously the good kinds.

Han Zhuoli put down his pen. “Now that you mentioned it, I want to see it too. Wait while I call him over.”

“Isn’t it better if we went?” Lu Man said. It was embarrassing to call Han Zhuoling over just for this.

“Big Brother’s smart. If we went to him, he’ll know that it’s for other matters and there’ll be zero chances of seeing his expression break,” Han Zhuoli explained. “He’d reckon it’s about work if we called him over.”

Lu Man: “…”

Her husband was truly clever.

Hence, Lu Man watched as Han Zhuoli dialed. “Brother, I have something to discuss with you. Could you come over?”

Han Zhuoling gave a “Yes” readily and hung up, arriving soon after.

He entered and saw Lu Man.

Both stared at him with the same Cheshire grins.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Hook, line, and sinker.

Han Zhuoli had said “something,” never specifying if that “something” was work-related or private affairs. Han Zhuoling thought it was about work matters and came over innocently.

From the way they’re smiling, it was obviously not a work-related matter.

“If there’s nothing, I’ll be going,” Han Zhuoling said stonily.

“Wait!” Han Zhuoli flew over and shut the door behind Han Zhuoling, stopping him. “Since you’re here already, don’t leave in a hurry! Let’s have some chat about nothing.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

His eyebrow jumped.

Who wants to have a simple chat with him during office hours!

Was this how Han Zhuoli usually managed the Han Corporation?

Of course, Han Zhuoling had full confidence and trusted in Han Zhuoli’s capability.

Han Zhuoli managed the Han Corporation so well, it only had profits year after year.

But if he could achieve this much just by chatting, imagine how much more he could do if he focused solely on work! The Han Corporation uniting the whole local entertainment industry and targeting Hollywood next was a matter of time!

Han Zhuoling was heartbroken.

Han Zhuoli dragged Han Zhuoling to sit as he sat next to Lu Man.

“What’s the matter?” Han Zhuoling asked.

“The exchange competition between NYU and the four schools is starting at 7:30 pm this Sunday.” Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “Are you going?”

Han Zhuoling looked curiously at Han Zhuoli then at Lu Man, and it dawned on him. “Shi Xiaoya’s going too?”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

Big Brother’s not bothering to hide anymore?

Han Zhuoli leaned forward. “Whattabout it, Brother? You’re only going if Shi Xiaoya’s going too?”

Han Zhuoling quirked his lips. “Since you both know that, you can drop the pretense.”

Lu Man discovered sadly that she couldn’t use Shi Xiaoya to tease Han Zhuoling anymore.

Han Zhuoling’s not hiding anymore and was admitting his feelings now?

No, that’s not it. He finally understood his feelings now?

“Brother.” Han Zhuoli asked what Lu Man was wondering, “You finally realized that you like Shi Xiaoya?”

Han Zhuoling raised his brow. What did he mean by “finally”?

Unless they realized it even earlier than he did?

Han Zhuoli spilled the beans. “We realized that ever since the beginning. Think about it—you’ve never treated anyone else differently apart from Shi Xiaoya. Though you think that you aren’t being obvious, it’s clear to us after making the comparison.”

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