The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A Nine Digits Watch

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Ye Cheng had been spoiled by them since he was a child, which caused him to adopt a really bad temper. Thus, he felt displeased when he heard those words.

“Who do you think you are? Who are you to butt in our family’s matters?”

Upon hearing this, Su Yuan’s heart shook violently!

Then, she quickly scolded Ye Cheng, “Ye Cheng! Don’t be rude!”

Even Ye Ming dared not neglect Second Master Lu. Ye Cheng would really offend him with those words!

Ye Cheng was stunned because he had never seen his mother lecturing him this fiercely before.

Su Yuan strode toward him and pulled Ye Cheng aside.

“Hurry up. Apologize to Second Master Lu!”

Ye Cheng’s hand hurt when his mother held it, and he shoved Su Yuan’s hand away because he felt wronged upon hearing his mother talking to him in such a tone.

“I don’t want to say sorry to him! I didn’t say anything wrong!”

Even though Ye Cheng was only 10 years old, he was a bulky kid. He was just like a lump of meat when he stood there.

Su Yuan was relatively slender because she kept her body fit. Hence, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground when she stopped paying attention for just a second.

She was wearing a pair of black high heels, and as a result, she twisted her ankle.

“Hiss!” Su Yuan was in so much pain that she took a deep breath.


Ye Ci went to help her mother when she saw this.

“Are you alright, Mommy? Aunt Zhao, quick, get me some ointment!”

Aunt Zhao went to get some ointment immediately after she replied to Ye Ci.

With his red eyes, Ye Cheng yelled, “You’ve got a new daughter now, so you’re not treating Ye Ci and me as well as before! You want her but not us, right!?”

Su Yuan was shocked.

Later, Ye Ci raised her volume at him.

“Little Cheng!”

Ye Cheng then turned his head and stared furiously at Ning Li.

“It’s all because of you! We’re supposed to be a happy family, but why did you come here to ruin our family? Why do you want to steal my mother? Get out! We don’t welcome you here!”

His furious expression was as though his beloved had been stolen by someone. It seemed like he would chase Ning Li out of the house if she was unwilling to leave.

Su Yuan’s heart ached upon seeing Ye Cheng cry.

“How could I abandon you and Ye Ci? Do you think I’m willing to?”

Ye Ci took a look at Ning Li, and she saw her pure and gentle face filled with anxiety and guilt.

“Big Sister Ning Li, he didn’t mean that. Please don’t take it personally!”

Of course, there was no other meaning in Ye Cheng’s words.

A kid’s words were the most honest of all.

Every word that came out of his mouth was exactly what he meant to express.

If a kid could utter those words, then those were the words that the Ye family was trying to express too.

Lu Huaiyu slowly lifted his lips. His eyes were as if they were covered by a layer of ice.

He tilted his head for a bit as he gazed at Ning Li.

The young lady was just standing there. The chandelier on top of her was gleaming with bits of light that outlined her thin and slender figure.

The grand living room seemed incompatible with Ning Li, who was only wearing a simple white T-shirt and black jeans.

The woman opposite Ning Li was her biological mother, but she was no different from a stranger.

Su Yuan could insist on leaving her when she was six years old and never contacted her again afterward. She could hug her step-daughter who had no blood relation with her in front of Ning Li. She could even say those things naturally in front of Ning Li.

The three of them were more like a family.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze rested on her face for a moment. However, he realized from the beginning that Ning Li was just standing there silently with one hand holding her backpack and another in her pocket. Her expression was so calm that it even felt freezing.

It was as though everything was none of her business.

She was just an audience member who was watching the drama unfold.

Later, Lu Huaiyu heard Ning Li uttering with an unfriendly tone, “I won’t.”

Ye Ci reacted, and only then did she realize what Ning Li meant. She was saying that she would not mind what Ye Cheng had said to her.

That was supposed to be the answer that Ye Ci wanted, yet for some reason, she felt something was wrong the moment she heard Ning Li speaking those words so coldly.

When compared to Ning Li, the three of them were more like the cruel ones.

Especially in front of that man’s sight.

Ye Ci lifted her eyes as she took a quick glance at the tall and neat figure standing at the door. Then, she withdrew her gaze rapidly.

Her heart was pounding, and her face flushed involuntarily.

She had heard his name from Cheng Xiangxiang before.

Ye Ci previously thought that the rumors could not be trusted, but only now did she know what was genuine after seeing him with her own eyes.

She pressed her lips together and said with courage, “Second Master Lu, please come in and have a seat. I’m really sorry for—”

Lu Huaiyu answered her idly, “There’s no need for me to come in. Initially, I didn’t plan on interrupting your family’s affairs. However, I’ve never met someone who’d throw a dart at somebody’s face, so I just felt curious.”

Ye Ci and Su Yuan’s hearts sank upon hearing his words. They turned around just to realize there were broken pieces of porcelain and a watch as well as… a dart!

The tip of the dart was sharp, and it was shiny.

If Lu Huaiyu had not stepped in, that dart would have left a scar on Ning Li’s face for sure!

Su Yuan’s face turned pale immediately.

Ye Cheng also hung his head low because he felt guilty.

Actually, Su Yuan was reluctant to scold her son anymore when she recalled what he said to her just now. Thus, she took a deep breath before turning to Ning Li. “Little Ci and Little Cheng didn’t know about your existence before this. Especially Little Cheng. He’s still unable to accept you for now, so he did such a thing in a fit of pique. He’s still a kid, and he doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. You—”

Suddenly, someone laughed. His tone was hoarse yet melodic.

“A 10-year-old kid doesn’t know that a dart can hurt someone. Your education is really interesting, and it blows my mind.”

Instantly, Su Yuan kept her mouth shut.

Finally, Ning Li turned her head and looked at Lu Huaiyu.

Was Lu Huaiyu defending her?

However, there was no reason for—

“What happened here?”

The noise on the first floor finally alerted Ye Ming, who was on the second floor.

Ye Ming walked out of his room and came straight to the stairs. He frowned as he looked down, the first thing he saw being his broken porcelain that was all over the place.

Ye Ming’s expression changed in an instant.

Ye Cheng looked as if he had found his savior when he lifted his head and saw his father.

“Daddy, they broke your blue and white porcelain!”

From Ye Cheng’s perspective, Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu were a gang, so it was not wrong to say that they broke it.

However, Ye Ming felt that something was not right. He took a glance at Ning Li, then looked at the door quickly. When he caught a glimpse of the man who was standing there, he felt horrible.

Ye Cheng did not realize anything as he turned his head to snort at them.

“How much does your watch cost? My daddy’s porcelain costs RMB 11 million! You’d better think of how you’re going to compensate us!”

Ye Ming yelled at his son all of a sudden, “Ye Cheng! Shut up!”

Ye Cheng was completely blank when he got yelled at.

Ye Ming did not have the time to care about his son. While he was walking down the stairs, he uttered, “Please don’t bother about it, Second Master Lu. It’s just a decoration. Just let it be…”

At the same time, Cheng Xiyue came out of the room too.

He leaned against the handrail. He already knew what happened when he scanned through the floor.

Upon hearing Ye Ming’s words, Cheng Xiyue laughed as if he was gloating at him.

“Hey, Second Master Lu, isn’t that the watch that you bought from the auction last month? How much did it cost? RMB 130 million, am I right?”

After Cheng Xiyue finished his sentence, the whole villa was dead silent.

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