The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: I’ll Guide You

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The man’s soft laughter rang beside her ears, and she could feel a mix of his warm breath and the refreshing fragrance of white pine. It felt as if he was far yet within reach.

Ning Li lifted her eyes only to see Lu Huaiyu looking at her with extreme patience.

On such an occasion and with Lu Huaiyu’s status, he definitely needed a suitable female companion.

Who would have thought that Lu Huaiyu would make such a mistake?

Ning Li paused for a moment before she finally reached out her hand and took Lu Huaiyu’s arm.

Again, Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes to look at Ning Li.

Her arms were thin but smooth as silk. Under the dazzling lights, she seemed like she was glowing.

Lu Huaiyu’s pure black suit perfectly complemented Ning Li’s fair complexion. After all, black and white may be simple colors but they created the most impact.

Lu Huaiyu shifted his eyes a little to conceal the indifference within them. Then, he parted his red lips a little and whispered in a voice that only both of them could hear.

“Walk with me.”

Everyone in the lobby fixed their eyes on both of them who were walking shoulder to shoulder.

The two of them were so flawless that when they stood side by side, it shocked everybody else.

The young lady’s gown was glittering, and as she moved, the tulle fluttered and formed tiny arcs as if she was walking on the milky way.

The young man next to her was tall and slender, and he had a cold yet aristocratic presence to him. The black suit he donned was like a night sky that embraced the lady and the galaxy.

It was very rare to see him in a white shirt tonight, and on his black tie was a lapel pin that shone so bright, it was as if it was resonating with the star.

They matched perfectly, almost like a marvelous painting.

The bright and grand lobby suddenly lost all its colors.

The crowd was astounded as well.

Most of them were acquainted with Lu Huaiyu, and even if they had not met before, they had heard of his reputation. However, his noble aura was much more distinctive in person than the rumors.

However, the lady beside him––

“Who’s this lady? She’s so beautiful, she must be somebody, right?”

“The man next to her is the Second Master of the Lu family from the capital. If she can show up with him, she must come from a prominent family too!”

“She’s drop-dead gorgeous, and she has a gracious aura. Let’s find out where she’s from.”

With amazement and admiration written all across their faces, people started to whisper about Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li.

Cheng Xiangxiang knew that Ning Li had chosen the gown with Lu Huaiyu. However, never did expect that he would escort her into the lobby in such an intimate manner!

A young man got closer to Cheng Xiangxiang, yet his gaze was still on Ning Li when he asked, “Xiangxiang, do you know her?”

Cheng Xiangxiang felt uneasy, but she simply laughed when she heard his words.

“Of course, I know her. What’s wrong? Don’t you know who she is? She’s Ning Li!”

“Ning Li? That sounds a little familiar…”

Suddenly, the man stopped speaking and he was visibly shocked.

“You mean she’s the one whom the Ye family welcomed back recently?”

“Yes. She’s very famous in Yunzhou these days. How can you not recognize her?”

Although Cheng Xiangxiang was smiling, there was a hint of contempt in her gaze.

That man did not know how to react for a while, and when he looked at Ning Li again, his gaze was different.

It turned out that she was not a young lady from a distinguished family but a lowly woman with a humble background.

He then stroked his chin. “But… she’s really pretty…”

Even though Xu Yini was supposed to be the most stunning at the banquet, she paled in comparison to Ning Li.

Xu Yini was indeed innocent and good-looking, yet after some time, she looked a little dull. This was what set her and Ning Li apart.

Ning Li’s beauty was much more subtle but nothing could compare to it.

Cheng Xiangxiang stared at the man beside her. “What’s the matter? Do you fancy her?”

The man replied to her with a smile, “Friends with benefits maybe, but the others––”

Before the man could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt a chilly gaze on him.

Lu Huaiyu was staring at him with icy-cold eyes.

The man was so pressured that he immediately kept his mouth shut as his body tensed up.

Ji Shu happened to walk by, in which he glanced at the man and snickered.

“Dai Li, if you don’t want both of your eyes, you can donate it to the needy.”

How dare the man talk nonsense when Lu Huaiyu was personally bringing the lady over.

He must have a death wish.

Dai Li froze up and just as he wanted to retort to Ji Shu, he realized the latter was not somebody to be trifled with. Hence, all he could do was swallow his pride.

While Dai Li watched from the side, he could not help but think to himself, ‘Are they having some sort of relationship?’

Lu Huaiyu brought Ning Li to meet Old Master Cheng and the others.

Old Master Cheng was very surprised to witness such a scene. Thus, he observed Ning Li for a while and could not help but laugh out loud.

“Huaiyu, this is your first time you’re willing to bring a young lady to such an occasion. You’re really catching on, aren’t you?”

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat as she subconsciously looked at Lu Huaiyu.

First time?

Had he never—

However, Lu Huaiyu did not seem to have noticed Ning Li’s gaze. He simply raised his brows and reminded Old Master Cheng.

“Uncle Cheng, Lili is only 17 years old, and she’s still a senior in school.”

Although Lu Huaiyu told Old Master Cheng that, he did not deny what Old Master Cheng said to him just now.

The smile on Xu Yini’s face slowly disappeared when she saw the both of them standing so close together with their hands on each other’s arm.

All of them knew that Lu Huaiyu attended these occasions as a free man and he would never bring anyone with him.

That was why Xu Yini did not request to be his female companion.

Who would have known…

Feeling that Lu Huaiyu’s words were a little awkward, Old Master Cheng cleared his throat before he answered, “Oh, she’s still a kid.”

Cheng Xiyue went over and whispered a few words to his grandfather.

After that, Old Master Cheng gazed at Ning Li even lovingly.

He did not know Xiyue and Huaiyu cared for her so much because she was such a pitiful kid.

“Since you’re here, please enjoy yourself. Let them know if you need anything.”

Ning Li smiled politely at Old Master Cheng, with the dimples beside her lips showing.

“Thank you, Old Master Cheng.”

Seeing how Ning Li was a well-behaved and kind kid, Old Master Cheng fancied her even more.

Xiyue had even told him to be more kind toward Ning Li because she had never attended such an occasion before.

Nonetheless, Old Master Cheng could tell that the young lady had good manners and behavior!

Suddenly, as if he had noticed something while looking at them, Cheng Baiqing took a glimpse at Xu Yini.

Then, he waved his hand at her and said, laughing, “Yini, you were abroad for the past few years, we haven’t had the chance to see you dance. So, to open to dance––”

Of course, Cheng Xiyue would be her dance partner.

However, Xu Yini smiled with her eyes as she answered him, “I haven’t danced for a while now so I’m a little rusty. But… I heard there’s a lady from the Ye family who won second in the province-level dancing competition last year.”

Xu Yini then glanced at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci was standing at the side with Su Yuan.

Upon hearing Xu Yini’s words, Su Yuan’s eyes instantly lit up.

It was a golden opportunity for Ye Ci to do the opening dance with the Cheng family’s Young Master.

Thus, Su Yuan smiled as she looked at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci was a little tempted, but she hesitated when she saw Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li standing there.

Beside her, Cheng Xiangxiang suddenly voiced out, “I’ve got a suggestion.”

She smiled at Ning Li.

“If I’m not wrong, Ning Li’s wearing the latest gown from G&S. Since this is her first time meeting everybody officially, why not let Ning Li do the dance?”

The crowd plunged into silence as they secretly exchanged looks.

Ning Li came from a poor background in Lincheng. What kind of dance did she know?

Cheng Xiangxiang did so just to humiliate her on purpose!

However, if Ning Li rejected her, admitting that she did not know how to dance in front of so many people, it would be extremely embarrassing.

Cheng Xiyue scowled, and just as he was about to say something, Lu Huaiyu suddenly turned his head to look at Ning Li, whom he asked, “Do you know how to dance?”

Ning Li hesitated for a second. “Just a little bit.”

Lu Huaiyu then smiled at her. “I know a little as well. I think I can guide you.”

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