The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Monitor

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Cheng Xiyue suddenly stepped on the brake and turned his head around in shock. “Why are we going there?”

His gaze fell onto Lu Huaiyu and his phone.

What could have happened to make Second Master Lu this angry?

He too took his phone out and opened Weibo.

On the search trend, a few hashtags were trending and one of them caught his attention — Ning Li.

Shocked, he quickly tapped on the hashtag to find out what had happened.

On Weibo’s trending page, several threads garnered the highest attention.

Other than the video about Ning Li pushing someone over the rail, there was another long thread about Ning Li’s background too. The discussion at the bottom was as heated as it could get and even pictures were attached.

The thread described Ning Li as a loner who was never taught proper manners. All she knew was to get herself in trouble and cause trouble for others.

At the end of it, there were also pictures posted by anonymous users that exposed her past.

[OP, I used to study in the same school as her. She was already well-known when she was in Lincheng because she always got herself into a fight and has countless demerits. I heard that she got students hospitalized on several occasions too. Daughter of a wealthy family? More like the daughter of a convict who’s serving sentence in prison. She might have used her mother’s connections to get into Yunzhou Second High, but her personality would never change. It’s not at all surprising that she would get into a fight again.]

[She just got transferred to our school a few days ago and she already made a reputation for herself. As if beating someone was not bad enough, she even argued with a teacher in class and got kicked out. She acted like it was nothing. Since everyone is talking about here, I might as well reveal it and let everyone know what kind of person she is.]

[137xxxxxxx, her phone number. No need to thank me.]

When Cheng Xiyue scrolled down to the last picture, his eye twitched and he instinctively looked at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu was leaning back on the seat and seemed like he was making a call.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available. Please…”

Lu Huaiyu hung up the phone.

Cheng Xiyue scrolled through the other trending topics.

Most of the comments scolded and criticized her, but among all that was one tiny comment that tried to fight for her.

[LittleLittleLittleFeather: She might be a problematic person but you shouldn’t just reveal her phone number to the public. This is cyberbullying.]

The particular comment received very few likes but had a ton of replies. It was also pinned as the top comment.

[T.Ogen: A wild St. Mary appeared! Shocked.jpg]

[DongDong-DongDong: Something must be wrong with your brain. Not only did you not sympathize with the girl who almost got pushed over the rail, but you even care about the bully? She should have expected this when she decided to resolve things with violence.]

[hgjiag: Since you’re so righteous, why don’t you let her choke you for a change? This is not just random bullying yet Yunzhou Second High did not react to it at all. Are they trying to protect the bully?]

A tremendous amount of malicious replies flooded that particular comment.

Every word was as sharp as a blade. She was only a 17-year-old girl.

Cheng Xiyue sighed. ‘No wonder Lu Huaiyu reacted so strongly…’

“I’ll tell Dr. Gu to reschedule for tomorrow.”

Lu Huaiyu was obviously not in the mood for his doctor’s meeting. It would be useless even if Cheng Xiyue decided to take him there.

He must first take care of Ning Li’s case.

Dr. Gu stood up but he was not angry. Instead, he told Cheng Xiyue to look out for Lu Huaiyu without asking what happened or why.

Cheng Xiyue sighed a breath of relief before he turned the car around.

Lu Huaiyu then dialed another number on his phone.

It had been a few hours since the incident got out but the incident showed no signs of it calming down. In fact, it got worse.

The internet was abuzz, yet the person in the center of all this, Ning Li, reacted like she was not involved. She still went to her classes and studied as she usually would.

The last class in the afternoon was self-learning.

Ning Li had a stack of mock test papers for a Physics competition in front of her. Zhou Fei had drafted the mock test paper for the participating class himself, and he told Ning Li to practice for a bit.

The Physics competition would cover a wide range of topics, and the level of it was much harder than the normal high-school senior-level Physics

Li Ning dropped her head down and looked at the questions.

She might have memories of her past life but answering the mock-up test papers without preparation felt a little strange and unfamiliar for her.

Only after answering a few questions did she slowly get the hang of it and her mind could think better.

She gradually calmed down.

Ren Qian was playing with his phone when he had a glance at Ning Li. He looked rather hesitant.

He got closer to Pei Song and whispered, “Someone is trying to stop our new classmate at the school entrance tonight.”

Since Ning Li had been flushed out by the almighty keyboard warriors, everything about her was exposed on the internet. This made it easy for someone to locate her if they would like to confront her or sorts.

Pei Song turned a deaf ear.

Ren Qian then said, “Sigh, I heard Mr. Zhou wanted her in the competition class, so she’s joining the night class with you guys. I know what’s going on but she helped you before right? Shouldn’t you repay the favor?”

Pei Song stopped writing.

Zhou Fei was sitting in front of Sun Quan in the office.

“You were there that day. You knew better than anyone what happened. As long as the school provides an explanation, the problem will solve itself. Isn’t that a win-win situation?”

Zhou Fei tapped on his phone.

“Look at what people are saying about Ning Li.”

Sun Quan’s brows were knitted together.

“The best way to handle this is to not handle it. If the school steps up on her behalf, it’ll only exacerbate things, which will do no good to anyone.”

Zhou Fei grunted. “You are afraid that it might harm the school’s reputation, right?”

Sun Quan shrugged. “Things won’t last on the internet. Just turn a blind eye and the netizens will soon forget about this.”

Getting Second High involved in this incident was probably not a good idea.

Zhou Fei knew the conversation was getting nowhere and it frustrated him a lot.

“I’ll call Uncle Shi then.”

Uncle Shi, or Shi Song, was the principal of Second High.

However, his call could not get through, which shocked him.

‘He’s on a call? Who could it be? This is definitely not helping the matter!’

After the self-learning class and dinner, Ning Li grabbed her bag for the next class.

It was almost time, so she took her phone out.

The moment she turned on her phone, countless scolding and missed calls from unregistered numbers flooded her phone.

She ignored every one of them and found a message with a familiar name.

[Sister Li, I found out who shot the video. The name is Ting Xi, a senior in your school. Did you offend this guy before?]

Ting Xi.

Of course Ning Li knew the name.

The guy was one of Ye Ci’s fanatic pursuers.

However, the guy came from an average family, so he would never have the money to push the incident to the trending page.

[Got it.]

She replied with a voice message.

[Send this out anonymously at 9:00 p.m. tonight.]

Before she could send her message, she received a new one.

[SISTER LI! LOOK! Someone released a video on Weibo!]

Curious, Ning Li tapped on Weibo.

[@Yit_Z: Plot twist! The bullied is actually the bully!]

The video that followed played automatically.

The video was the actual surveillance camera footage from the corridor, and it showed several boys and girls mocking someone.

“Look! She’s the one. I heard her father was a murderer!”

The girl in front of the group stopped in her steps and turned around.

The boys and girls continued to mock and say horrible things to her.

The footage showed what happened the other day. From the moment the group mocked and sneered at Ning Li to Ning Li pushing the girl to the rail. The video ended with the boys and girls apologizing to Ning Li.

Regarding who was in the right or wrong, every detail was shown clearly.

The person on the other end of the phone, who had also finished watching the video, was stunned.

[Sister Li, did you place cameras in the corridor and recorded what they said?]

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