The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Turns Out That He’s Here

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After the rain.

The morning sunlight shone into the room, falling on the young lady’s face who was lying sideways on her bed. Her skin was as delicate as porcelain, and her eyelashes were thick and curled up. There was even a tint of tiredness in her shiny eyes upon waking up.

The corners of her eyes were a little red and watery.

Ding dong.

A notification popped out on the screen of her phone.

She took the phone casually and glanced at it.

[Last night at 11:00 p.m., there was a car crash involving four vehicles at the Lianyun highway toward Yunzhou, causing two serious injuries and three minor injuries…]

Her head cleared up a little as she clicked into the news and scrolled down.

The time and location were correct. However, the number of casualties was different compared to the accident that happened in her past life.

It seemed to be a lot better without the Cayenne from the Ye family.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

She took a glance at the time, and it showed that it was 8:20 a.m.

Ning Li frowned as she went to check her things in her backpack before she got up casually and opened the door.

Zhou Hua was standing at the door, and he had gotten impatient after knocking on the door three times.

At last, the door opened when he was about to break the door and barge into the room.

A natural face without any makeup came into his view, but it was unbelievably stunning.

Zhou Hua was stunned for a second, but he quickly got hold of himself. Then, he spoke while suppressing his anger, “You’re late, Miss Ning.”

‘Madam told her 8:00 a.m., but it’s almost 8:30 a.m. now!

‘Does she have any sense of time!?’

“Madam doesn’t like people being late.”

However, Ning Li only chuckled.

Ning Li was punctual in her past life, but she never felt that Su Yuan liked her much.

Talking about waiting, Ning Li had waited 11 years for her since she was six years old.

On the contrary, Su Yuan’s waiting time was trivial when compared to hers, was it not?

“My apologies, I really didn’t know about it since we haven’t seen each other for years.”

Zhou Hua felt his chest getting all stuffy.

‘What did she say!?’

Ning Li stepped out of the room before she turned around to lock the door

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Hua’s eyes slightly widened as he gazed at Ning Li.

“Miss Ning, where’s your luggage?”

Ning Li was just carrying a sling bag.

“Just this one,” Ning Li answered briefly.

Zhou Hua. “…”

‘Wasn’t she carrying the same bag last night? She even said that she hasn’t finished packing her stuff. In the end, it’s just this filthy bag?

‘Who are you fooling with!?’

Ning Li took a few steps down the stairs before turning her head to glance at him.

“You aren’t coming? It’s not good to let people wait for us.”

Zhou Hua’s lips moved a little and then he followed behind her.

It was destined to be an unpleasant morning.

Su Yuan felt displeased because Ning Li was late.

Zhou Hua was driving the car while Su Yuan and Ning Li were sitting in the backseat.

The temperature inside the car was extremely low, and the atmosphere was tense as well.

Yet, Ning Li appeared as if she was unaware as she just sat on the side and leaned against the seat while taking a nap with her eyes closed.

Su Yuan gazed at Ning Li, planning to lecture her for a bit. Yet, she felt it was futile to do so because she could even skip school.

Still, she had something important to let Ning Li know.

“After we arrive in Yunzhou, you need to change all your bad habits. Little Ci is just three months younger than you, and Little Cheng is only ten years old. Therefore, you’re the big sister when you’re there. You’ll take good care of them, understood?”

Ning Li’s eyelashes moved a little as she opened her eyes gradually. Her eyes were shrouded by a layer of black light, giving off a mysterious aura.

After so many years, she still heard the same sentence again.

She was the elder sister, and therefore, she needed to forgive her brother for making mistakes.

She was the older sister, so she needed to give her younger sister whatever she wanted.

Ning Li lived with her grandma since she was a kid, so she had a vague impression of her parents.

Nonetheless, she had still looked forward to it when she knew that she could live with her mother again.

Even with her so-called brother and sister, Ning Li would tolerate them 120 percent.

Ning Li used to really hope to have a home of her own.

What a pity…

Su Yuan was relieved because she thought Ning Li acknowledged her words when she saw her expression.

“One more thing. I planned to transfer your study archives to Yunzhou Second Senior High School. Now, the junior year has already started there—”

Ning Li smiled.

Yunzhou Second Senior High School was the best school in Yunzhou.

They had probably put in a lot of effort to let her study in that high school.

Ning Li used to think that they had done it for her own good, but then she realized it was just her wishful thinking.

The truth was, Ye Ming was an egoistic man.

Back then, when Ning Li stayed at Lincheng, they would never disturb each other.

Nevertheless, Ning Li was considered as his stepdaughter since they had accepted her into their family.

Ye Ming only did this to show off his status, and secondly, to brag about his connections. It had had nothing to do with Ning Li herself.

Su Yuan sighed.

She heard that Ning Li’s academic results were average when she was studying in Lincheng. She was considered to be an average student who was most easily overlooked by others.

It was not a huge problem if she was studying in a regular high school. However, it would be challenging for her to get into Yunzhou Second Senior High School.

“You still need to complete the admittance process, but Uncle Ye has already spoken with them, so you just need to finish the test. After you’re accepted by them, you need to be more hardworking and brush up your grades.”

Yet, Ning Li just kept quiet.

Later, Su Yuan said something again, but she got bored upon seeing Ning Li’s apathetic expression. Thus, she tilted her head to one side and did not look at her anymore.

After an hour and a half, they reached Yunzhou.

The black Cayenne drove all the way into Jingyue Villa.

There were more than a dozen villas halfway up the mountain.

This area was the most expensive villa area in Yunzhou.

Those who stayed here were the rich and wealthy families in Yunzhou.

Zhou Hua drove straight to the gates of one of the villas.

The gates slowly opened from both sides.

Ning Li gazed at one side and realized that there was another car parked on the porch.

She blinked. That car did not belong to the Ye family.

The car window was wound down, and she could see that there was a man inside the car.

From her perspective, all she could see was a man with a straight nose whose skin was as white as snow.

He seemed to be sleeping.


This man was really interesting. Why was he sleeping in his car on other people’s porch without any reason?

The surroundings were dead silent, and even the servant purposely softened their footsteps when they came to greet them.

It felt as if…they were afraid of disturbing that man.

Su Yuan stared at the car for a moment because she found it familiar, but she could not remember where she had seen this car before.

She lifted her chin and asked, “We have company?”

Aunt Zhao’s expression was filled with unconcealed excitement and joy. Then, she whispered to Su Yuan, “Madam, you know what? Master Cheng came here today to give us an invitation!”

There was only one Master Cheng in the entire Yunzhou––Cheng Xiyue.

Cheng Xiyue was only 23 years old, but he had already occupied one-third of his family’s business. He was the real successor of the Cheng family.

However, they did not need to behave like this even if Cheng Xiyue was here, right?

Besides, Su Yuan had met with Cheng Xiyue before. However, the one in the car…

Ning Li was listening to them when suddenly, the man seemed to realize something as he opened his eyes slowly.

Instinctively, he straightened his body gradually and looked at them.

Part of his face was covered by the shadows in the car as Ning Li could not have a clear look at him. Yet, even with just those cold and deep eyes, it was enough for him to triumph over everything around him.

Their eyes met.

With that, Ning Li’s heart shook.

No wonder the Ye family was making such a fuss. It turned out that he was here.

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