The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Laying The Foundation

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Ning Li finally stopped writing.

“Miss Tan, I’m done.”

Tan Kailan’s features froze for a split second when she looked at the answers scribbled across the blackboard.

This question was the highlight of the test paper. Pei Song was the only student out of the whole senior form to complete the first two sub-questions.

Not one among them managed to solve the third sub-question.

How did Ning Li do it?!

Cheng Xiangxiang whispered to Ye Ci.

“Lil Ci, she’s just writing nonsense right? I heard the class president didn’t score full marks because of this question. How could she have possibly solved it?”

Although Cheng Xiangxiang was also in First Class, her results were on the end of the spectrum—especially in mathematics.

She only wrote down the formula underneath this particular question on her test.

Ye Ci wished to nod, but she was stuck halfway through deciphering Ning Li’s solution on the blackboard.

“Ah, I didn’t expect that this sub-question could be solved this way!”

Ren Qian was one of the smart ones. He always ranked in the top ten of the form.

He realized Ning Li was a creative thinker from her simple yet precise solution to the question. Someone not highly sensitive with numbers would probably require a long time to actually understand the solution.

Upon hearing that, Ye Ci swallowed the words down her throat.

Tan Kailan twitched her lips.

“Have you done this question before?”

This clearly meant that Ning Li had indeed solved the question!

“I might have come across ones like this,” the new student replied.

The teacher’s features softened.

She tapped the table.

“One mustn’t be arrogant when it comes to learning. Even if you knew how to solve this question by chance, you shouldn’t have stopped listening to the lesson. Do you think you’d be so lucky again during the final senior exam?”

Undoubtedly, she figured Ning Li was good at mathematics. Otherwise, the latter would not be able to solve an advanced question like this even if she had seen it before.

However, the teacher was displeased because Ning Li had disrespected her.

Students with a sharp but petty mind like that normally would not end up excelling.

Tan Kailan had been teaching in Yunzhou Second Senior High School for over a decade. She had always upheld her principles sternly and strictly. Even if Ning Li managed to solve the question, she could still punish the former if she wanted.

After releasing the anger built up inside her, Tan Kailan finally softened.

“Return to your seat and make ten handwritten copies of the test paper.”

Ning Li did not budge.

She lifted her head to look nonchalantly at Tan Kailan.

“Miss Tan, you can punish me, but on what grounds?”

Tan Kailan was stunned. She certainly did not expect to be talked back.

She scoffed out of fury.

“You’re the one who didn’t pay attention in class. Do you think you’re in the position to bargain with me?”

To this, Ning Li replied flatly, “I didn’t interrupt the lesson and I managed to solve the question you asked me, right?”

Her actions did not breach any school rule.

Therefore, she would not accept the punishment.

A dead silence fell upon the room.

Lin Zhouyang and the other students looked at Ning Li. They thought she must have lost her mind.

Was she really challenging the teacher?!


Tan Kailan slapped the table before pointing at the door. Her voice was low and stern.

“Go stand outside of the classroom! Besides, since you’re too smart for me, don’t ever attend my class again!”

She thought Ning Li would finally give in at this point. Unexpectedly, the girl only looked at her quietly for a brief moment before nodding calmly.


Then, Ning Li turned around and walked out of the room, not forgetting to close the door behind her.

This incident ended way out of everyone’s expectations.

Frustration rocked through Tan Kailan as she stared at the closed door.

What kind of student was that?!

“Let’s continue!”

She was curious to see how stubborn that girl could be!

Cheng Xiangxiang took pleasure in her classmate’s misfortune.

“She certainly deserves that for being arrogant!”

At this point, Ye Ci finally understood the solution written across the blackboard. She looked out the window silently for a few seconds.

Ning Li’s academic performance was supposed to be average to poor.

Students of that level would normally give up trying to solve this question. Why did she know how to answer it?

This particular block of building was meant for senior students. News spread quickly across the entire form like wildfire.

Soon, news of Ning Li from First Class being kicked out of mathematics class became common knowledge among the senior students.

Numerous students from other classes gathered along the corridor to look at the slender silhouette standing outside.

“Ha, this transfer student is certainly bold enough to not pay attention during the head teacher’s lesson.”

“I don’t think that’s what she did? I heard she’s being punished for revising physics in her mathematics lesson.”

“You don’t know anything. The head teacher asked her to solve a question, the one that no one in the entire senior form could answer, and she did it! It could’ve ended well when the head teacher instructed her to make ten handwritten copies of that test paper. But she refused! How could the head teacher not be upset?”

“No way! She knew the solution to that question? I heard even Pei Song couldn’t solve it.”

“She might have come across something similar in the past, but that’s not important. The highlight is that the head teacher announced that Ning Li is banned from her lessons from now on!”

The students had fun in the heated discussion.

Numerous comments and remarks entered Ning Li’s ears.

She leaned against the pole casually, looking nonchalant about it all.

Tan Kailan had never liked her in her past life. She had constantly picked faults with her in the classroom over stupid reasons.

Ning Li thought they could start afresh in this life and stay out of each other’s way, but unfortunately, Tan Kailan did not seem to agree.

Indeed, some people, or some things, would never change in a million years.

This might not be so bad after all.

“Ning Li?”

Zhou Fei hurried over right away. He heard about this news as soon as he arrived at school.

The sun felt bright and warm during fall. However, the young girl who was standing there casually always seemed to be keeping a big secret.

She stood there quietly with her head slightly lowered. Unmistakable loneliness and indifference exuded from her.

It was as if all the liveliness around was none of her business.

Ning Li turned to the source of that voice.

“Sir Zhou?”

Zhou Fei gestured to her to come forward.

“Come over with me.”

Dean of Students’ office.

Ning Li had shown up here three times in two days.

Both Sun Quan and Tan Kailan were already inside. The atmosphere was tense.

Zhou Fei did not seem to notice.

“Look, Dean Sun, I’ve brought Ning Li over,” he announced with a smile.

Sun Quan was at a loss of what to do.

“Miss Tan, this incident with Ning Li is not really that significant…”

Tan Kailan raised her voice.

“Dean Sun, what do you mean? What if other students follow in her footsteps?”

Zhou Fei replied before Sun Quan had the chance to speak.

“Hey, Miss Tan, it’s really not that bad. To be frank, Ning Li performed well and she didn’t interrupt your lesson, right? This child just loves physics and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You…” A flurry of emotions chased across Tan Kailan’s features.

Zhou Fei coughed drily.

“Besides, I’ve planned for Ning Li to participate in the National Physics Competition. She’s studying extra diligently because the competition is approaching. I forgot to mention this before, but now you can see that her behavior is understandable.”

All the other three in the room turned to look at him differently.

Tan Kailan scoffed.

“A student participating in the National Physics Competition revising with One Thousand Best High School Physics Questions? Sir Zhou, your standard is pretty low.”

Zhou Fei’s features tensed up before he looked at Ning Li in disbelief.

“That’s the book you’re revising with?!”

How bored was this girl?!

“I’m laying the foundation,” Ning Li replied coldly.

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