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Chapter 1076 - Who the Hell is He?

Chapter 1076: Who the Hell is He?

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Ji Shu took a step forward and said coldly, “You’d better watch what you say.”

The other party sized him up from bottom to top and sneered.

“You’re the one with the best results in LY, the 61st-ranked driver, Ji Shu?”

There was no hiding the mockery in his words.

The way he said “the 61st”, especially in that accent, was full of disdain.

In fact, Ji Shu was now the highest-ranked Chinese driver in the world championship, and Ron was ranked 78 behind him.

They were also the only two Chinese drivers on the list.

Although their results were very outstanding in China, this ranking was not high.

After all, the drivers who came to participate in the world championship were all top drivers.

This was why LY had been given the lowest-ranked lounge– their overall driver performance was indeed much worse than the other teams.

If it were not for the fact that China already had a spot for a participating team, they might not even have had the chance to come to Leland.

“Isn’t that Crowe?”

Lu Siyu whispered.

Crowe was one of the top drivers in the world. He had been ranked in the top ten for three consecutive years. This year, he had even made it to fifth place. His strength was astronomical.

With such a result, it was no wonder that he looked down on Ji Shu, who was ranked 61st, and even more so, on LY, who was ranked first.

When Crowe heard this, he glanced at Lu Siyu with disdain on his face.

In the whole of LY, only Ji Shu was ranked the highest. He did not have any respect for him, let alone the others.

Then, he turned his gaze to the girl standing beside him with her back facing him.

She was wearing a blue and white racer’s uniform and was holding a helmet with one hand. Her long, wavy hair fell behind her shoulders. She was tall and slender, clean and neat.

Even just from the back, the view was enough to show her heart-moving beauty.

His lips curled as he raised his voice slightly.

“Shen Li?”

There would be twelve teams competing this time. Out of a total of sixty racers competing on the same field, Shen Li was the only female racer among them.

After the competition list was announced, this incident had caused quite a stir in the racing circle.

No one had expected a female racer to be representing China in LY’s first race. She was even the captain of LY!

Everyone’s first reaction had been: ‘Was there no one else suitable from China? Was LY crazy? They had actually found a 19-year-old girl to lead the team!

It was simply ridiculous.

This was really the only concern the other teams had about LY.

Hearing this, the girl finally turned around.

When he saw her clean and beautiful face clearly, a hint of surprise flashed across Crowe’s eyes.

In fact, they had seen Shen Li’s ID photo when the driver’s list had been released.

However, seeing her with his own eyes, he realized that she looked much better in person than in that photo.

Her facial features were exquisite and perfect, her skin was clear and fair, and the cold temperament between her brows made her look even more beautiful and refined.

Even just by standing there, she seemed to be enshrouded in a thin layer of valiant aura that made people unable to take their eyes off her.

As Crowe was sizing up Shen Li, Shen Li was also looking at him.

The man in front of her looked to be in his mid-twenties. He was wearing a black racer’s uniform. He had angular facial features with brown hair and blue eyes.

There were a few people standing behind him and they were wearing the same racer’s uniform as him. They were obviously from the same team.

Crowe whistled.

“I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful in person. It seems that you are LY’s only attraction in this competition.”

This short sentence completely insulted LY and Shen Li at the same time.

Ji Shu’s expression immediately darkened.

“F*ck you.”

The other party did not understand his curse, but from his expression, it was not difficult to tell that it was definitely not a good thing.

The expressions on Crowe and the others’ faces who had been lightly provoked also became dangerous.

“What did you say?”

Ji Shu moved to step forward.

“Ji Shu.”

Shen Li stopped him and said calmly, “Why do you bother with such a person?”

Ji Shu looked over with a cold expression and frowned.

“Sister Li?”

The other party was already trying to bully them, so why should they have to endure it?

Shen Li reminded him, “If you gather a crowd to fight before the competition, you will be disqualified from the competition.”

She had specially asked for eight days of leave to come over. She did not want to come here in vain.

Ji Shu clenched his fists tightly. In the end, he still listened to her. “I know.”

Although the other party did not understand their conversation, they could roughly tell that Shen Li had persuaded Ji Shu to stop. They looked at each other for a few moments and became even more mocking.

Crowe looked at Shen Li again and smiled.

“I heard that you are also the captain of LY? I can’t understand it, but do your team members… actually listen to you?”

When Shen Li heard his voice, she became more and more frustrated.

It had been three years, why was he still so talkative?

Moreover, listening to him say these things here, it was better to hear him shout in shock and panic when his car had crashed into the inner wall of the tunnel.

At the very least, he could still say that he was in high spirits.

“Why, are you envious?”

She said impatiently, “It’s a pity that LY is full. There’s no place for you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a moment of silence.

Then, someone on LY’s side burst out laughing.

This sound seemed to have turned on a switch, and everyone burst out laughing together.

Sister Li ended up having the last say! A single sentence had almost choked him to death!

Look at how interesting his expression was!

Crowe’s expression quickly turned gloomy and cold.

He had never expected Shen Li to retort back with such a strong attitude.

However, Shen Li could not be bothered to waste time with him. She turned her head to look at Ji Shu and the others.

“Let’s go. Everyone, go check the condition of the cars. We’ll go on the field to get used to it later.”

Everyone replied in unison, “Understood!”

After saying that, Shen Li did not give Crowe and the others another glance. She immediately walked forward.

Just as she took a few steps forward, Crowe’s cold laughter came from behind her.

“Since the competition hasn’t started yet, enjoy yourself here for the next few days. After all, with your strength, it’s already your great fortune to be able to come here once in your life and compete with us!”

Shen Li’s footsteps paused slightly. She turned around and looked at him quietly with her dark and quiet eyes.

For some reason, at this moment, Crowe suddenly felt a chill crawl up his spine.

The disdainful sneer on his face froze slightly.

Then, he saw the young girl in front of him curling her lips into a smile.

“Mm, I also feel that this opportunity is quite rare.”

Who would have thought that she would have the opportunity to defeat him twice in this lifetime, and it was still so open and above board?

Just thinking about it made her happy.

Crowe did not understand why Shen Li was smiling, and he was momentarily stunned.

However, after Shen Li said this, she turned around and continued walking forward.

He cursed softly.

“Wait until the day of the race, there will be people who will regret it!”

“Sister Li, the race hasn’t started yet. Isn’t it… not too good for us to be like this?”

A member of the team asked softly, “Crowe is ranked fifth on the driver’s rankings. I heard that there is another member of the World Championship Committee who is his uncle. If we offend him, then during the race–”

Shen Li’s expression was indifferent.

“This is a public competition. No one can interfere. What’s the point of worrying so much?”

In any case, she had already offended him a long time ago.

Besides, she had offended so many people. Who was Crowe compared to them?

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