The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care!

Chapter 399

Chapter 399

Brother Zhang watched Xu Xinduo for a long time. Although he actually wanted to inquire about a certain matter, he didn’t have the guts to ask the question so he could only watch the two of them leave together.

When the two of them left, Tong Yan was still complaining, “Why on earth do you not tie your shoelaces? I was trying to tie them throughout the first half of the interview and I was even mocked by that 1.8 metre woman.”

“What was the last round of auditions about?”

“It’s just sitting together and chatting throughout the entire session. They came up with the questions and I just needed to give my reply. They asked about my career prospects and my plans to achieve them? So I answered them. And before I knew it, I was getting sidetracked as I kept on talking. In the end, they said that they loved my confidence very much.”

Xu Xinduo covered her face when she heard about this, of course Tong Yan would be able to do something like this.

Xu Xinduo then talked about the encounter with Qiao Nian as she recounted their interaction.

Tong Yan was stunned to hear this, “Living separately was a form of sentiment?”

“Well, just think about it then. If I dumped you because you were too clingy and you spent all of your resources and time just to be able to get me back, would you not give me some sort of personal space?”

Tong Yan’s eyes widened after hearing this, “Xu Xinduo, you scumbag! I haven’t even gotten together with you and yet you’re going to dump me?!”

Xu Xinduo quickly explained, “I was just giving you an example!”

Tong Yan covered his ears, “I’m not going to listen to it! This is the sort of example that I don’t want to hear! If you ever give me examples like these from now on, I’m going to rush into school and tell everyone that ‘I like Tong Yan and I love him to death’— using your body!”

On the way back, Xu Xinduo received a message from Brother Zhang.

Tong Yan handed her the phone and asked her to reply him.

Brother Zhang: [What’s your relationship with Yin Hua’s son?]

Xu Xinduo: [Currently, we are classmates.]

Brother Zhang keenly grasped the key words: [Currently?]

Xu Xinduo: [Yes.]

Brother Zhang: [The contract with Li Liya lasts 3 years, so I’m afraid we need to draw up a new contract. After all, there’s only less than half a year left when it comes to the duration of your contract here, which means that the two contracts are conflicted.]

Xu Xinduo: [That’s alright, but the issue of ‘not being able to fall in love’ after the renewal of the contract needs to be removed. Plus, there are still some terms that we will have to discuss.]

When the contract was first signed, its conditions were rather suitable and he took great care of the newcomer Xu Xinduo. However, now that she had more worth to her name, she was able to negotiate for a better contract.

The company had mentioned before that if Xu Xinduo was willing to renew the contract, the company would arrange a small team for her. She would then have her own personal driver, assistant, stylists and more.

In a company where modelling was only a subsidiary department, it was very difficult to get one’s rank to be up to this level. Currently, she was almost treated as the star model of a reputable modelling company.

Xu Xinduo’s idea was to not limit the assistants and stylists to serve her alone; in actual fact, they didn’t have to be the same individual too. As long as anyone who was working with her was willing to follow her wherever she had to go for her work, she would be happy with that. After all, she would still remain at school most of the time.

It wouldn’t be too late for her to get busier during college.

The company had also agreed to it as long as Xu Xinduo was willing to continue the contract with them.

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