The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Chapter 673 - V57C7P2 – The Sculptural Creatures’ Resolve

V57C7P2 – The Sculptural Creatures’ Resolve

“Huh, why is this bunch here?”

The subordinates did not obey his restriction order.

Bingryong shouted with an authoritative tone.

– Red Dragon. Morata falls under the territory of me, Bingryong. Begone.

The sound echoed violently across the earth.

“What is this madness?”

Weed thought Bingryong was out of its mind.

The Red Dragon ignored the warning without even having paused and kept on its way to Morata.

The dragon’s figure was getting closer.

– Bingryong, get away right now.

Weed shouted out loudly, but Bingryong and Phoenix did not change directions.

The Fire Giant was also visible on the back of Phoenix.

– Flee this instant!

– There is something I want to protect even if it costs my life. Watch closely, observe my power. Huuuuuah!

Bingryong took a huge gulp of breath, distorting its stomach in order to to bring out its most powerful weapon, its Ice Breath.

– Kwaaaaaaaaaaah!

Bingryeong’s Ice Breath fired like an intense vortex, travelling across the open sky, straight at Landony.

“This is it. Bingryong’s breath!”

“This is going to be a direct hit. It’s a preemptive attack.”

The players were highly excited, but soon a dark red lava wall formed in front of Landony.

Bingryong did its best, but it was too weak to pierce through the Red Dragon’s magic.

– Krruugh?

Bingryeong rolled its big round eyes as it spewed out the last of its Ice Breath.

An attack that would turn plains into a snowfield, that would instantly freeze dozens of monsters at once, was completely negated by magic. That was the difference between a real dragon and an imitation.

– It is my turn now. Rage of Fire!

Landony retaliated.

Blazing fire balls several dozen meters wide formed in the air and pushed forth towards Bingryong like dancing devil fires.

The immense heat could be felt on the ground.

– I will protect my friend.

Phoenix spread its wings and got in front of Bingryong.

The fireballs crashed into Phoenix, but it defended it safely at the cost of a few feathers.

Its affinity for fire prevented most of the damage.

– I will also protect Morata.

Phoenix had grown about 20 meters by absorbing the fire. Being composed of pure fire, its original size was about 220 meters tall, and Bingryong was slightly larger.

The Fire Giant, a masterpiece sculpture crafted from Castal, the material ingredient that burns endlessly, was riding on top of Phoenix. The giant was also over 100 meters tall and grew in size whenever it used its power. They were gigantic creatures that could be compared to a dragon.

– If you wish to destroy Morata, you must defeat us first.

The Fire Giant’s taunt infuriated Landony. Landony was a massive dragon that spanned over 350 meters from head to tail.

– Mere humans lay my mighty brother to rest. I will exterminate anything that gets in my way!

Landony used an acceleration spell and charged at Phoenix.

– Don’t ignore my presence!

The Fire Giant shouted and swung its flame sword while Bingryong aimed for the Red Dragon’s wings.

The four massive creatures began tangling in the sky.

“What is this mess?”

Weed could do nothing but blankly stare up to the sky.

He thought he was going to have a harsh time defending against Landony, but the sculptural creatures stepped forward.

“Their presence inspires confidence.”

“More than that, it’s the immortal Phoenix that I’ve only heard in stories. I never thought I would get to see it in action.”

“Dragons, Phoenix, and even Bingryong?”

The Hermes Guild and the assault squad found a moment of rest thanks to the creatures. However, the situation was not looking bright for the sculptural creatures.

– Pale: Weed-nim, Bingryong is in trouble.

The Red Dragon not only dominated in magic but also in physical ability. It grabbed the Phoenix by the wings and bit into the nape of Bingryong.

The four giant creatures fought in melee combat and the Red Dragon was arguably overwhelming the other three.

There were dangerous moments for Bingryong and if it weren’t for Phoenix diving in as a distraction or the Fire Giant contesting with its fists and sword, he would have been completely overwhelmed.

– Blizzard!

Bingryong used magic but it did not cause any damage and instantly melted mid air.

There was a two or three level difference in their magic.


The Blizzard spell fell from the sky as boiling rain.

“Bingryeong, you stupid fool…”

Weed watched in despair as Bingryong gradually melted and became smaller.

It could not retain its size near the Red Dragon, and it did not help being close to Phoenix that emitted extreme heat.

‘Morata is not done for. The Hermes Guild can still fight.’

It was a matter of how much loss they would suffer, as they were highly likely to hold their grounds until Ratuas’ arrival.

There was an advantageous trait for Phoenix.

The trait of the everlasting fire

Even if all health points are depleted, Phoenix would revive if even an ember remained.

Phoenixes revives with 50% health points and mana.

Phoenix and the Fire Giant could stall for quite a long time. However, there was no way for Bingryong to survive in the fight against the Red Dragon.

– Kuuuuuuaaargh! Master. We are here too.

– Wyvern3. Commence battle.

– Protect Morata, our home.

Six wyverns were also on their way.

“Even that bunch…”

Weed was furious but also touched. The wyverns quickly turned away after seeing the Red Dragon.

– That’s not something we can fight.

– I forgot I had something urgent to do.

– We have to listen to the master when he already told us not to come to Morata.

The wyverns busily flapped their wings and disappeared faster than they arrived.

Their combat level was incomparable to that of Bingryong or Phoenix, so it was the wise move to flee.

– I am here.

– Get down here, let’s fight!

King Hydra and Death Worm also arrived in Morata through the ruined southern gate.

The two possessed great strength when compared to the other sculptural creatures, but they could not size up to a dragon. Furthermore, being ground creatures, they could do nothing but observe the sky. Weed was troubled.

‘If this was a typical battle, they would have proved their usefulness. But this is the dragon. Without using the Brazier of Sacrifice, they can’t be a part of it.’

Then again, it was a hassle sending them away by force. The players who came to protect Morata would feel betrayed.

‘I guess it is what it is. I will have to revive those that may die in this fight.’

The burden in his heart lifted. First, he picked up the ice fragments and embers that fell on the ground. It was pieces of Bingryeong, Phoenix and the Fire Giant!

‘I used the Brazier of Sacrifice, and now I have to revive the sculptural creatures… I’m going to suffer greatly in levels.’

That moment, Landony casted a magic spell.

– Flames of Constraint.

The fire magic spell bypassed Phoenix and the Fire Giant, aimed at Bingryong.

– Krruuuuuuaagh!

Bingryeong squirmed but the fire constraintment did not release. It caused a huge rush of vapor as its wings melted and Bingryeong began falling towards the ground.


Weed watched the scene unfold with a weary heart, but at that moment, numerous beams of light surged and engulfed Bingryeong.

Irene spoke with a loud voice unlike her usual quiet tone.

“All priests, focus on Bingryong!”

The priests of Morata were collectively casting their healing spells on Bingryong.

It was a rush of deep emotions!

Bingryoong’s melting body recovered and was gradually rebuilding back to its original size.

But as soon as Landony took another deep breath, the faint hope vanished.

– I will incinerate you to the soul.

Landony’s ever powerful Fire Breath was fired at close range. The breath punched through Bingryeong and blasted away a portion of Morata.

“Evacuate! Run away!”

“Everyone, we have to get out of here.”

The gates of Morata swung wide open and players began streaming out.

The breath belched from Landony’s mouth erased Bingryoong without a trace and struck Morata. The grand explosion sucked in the air in the atmosphere, emitting intense heat along with smoke and dust.

“It’s a mushroom cloud.”

“That breath is insane. Pure insane.”

– Mapan: Ratuas is approximately 7 minutes away.

The news of the Blue Dragon Ratuas entering the Northern Continent caused the players to expect the total destruction of Morata.

“Wow, this is epic.”

“Phoenix is also powerful. Nothing less to expect from the Red Dragon.”

“It’s such a shame that Bingryong had to go like that.”

The players turned to the battle in the sky of Morata and were blown away.

The spectacle of the dragon and the Phoenix clashing was solemn and majestic.

The crimson feathers of the Phoenix fluttered.

“I’m going to miss Bingryong.”

“The dragon is too powerful. It seems to be way above Kaybern.”

The players felt sorrow at Bingryong’s demise.

“Let’s hurry. I want to watch this from afar.”

The pace of the escaping players became hasty. Their lives were at stake, but more importantly they wished to stay alive and watch the amazing battle until the end.

“Hoo… Was a dragon this menacing?”

Reverse was afraid. The dragon was a catastrophic beast and observing it firsthand was entirely different to seeing it through a monitor.


Bingryong’s death.

Weed pocketed additional ice fragments on the ground into his bag and spoke.

“I have enough fragments. I will be able to restore it back to life.”

In the sky were Landony, Phoenix and Fire Giant were still tangled in combat.

In terms of combat level, Landony was at least tenfold more powerful, but the Phoenix and the Fire Giant continued to revive from their embers.

“This is crazy.”

Morata had been half ruined during the battle with Kaybern. Landony’s breath destroyed a third of the remaining buildings to the point that no trace of their existence remained.

Now, parts of the butchered corpses of Phoenix scattered and fell upon Morata like meteorites.

“You don’t need to win, so run and stall for as long as you can!”

– Understood, master.

– We will do so.

The Phoenix and the Fire Giant’s movement became much more flexible after the death of Bingryong. They carried out the battle with rapid maneuverability and spread remnants of fire everywhere. The Phoenix and Fire Giant recovered their health points each time they absorbed fire. Though it was impossible to prevail, they were managing to hold on.

– Lamifter: Don’t just watch. We should support them with magic.

The players on the ground also leased fire magic spells into the air and assisted the two creatures. The Phoenix absorbed ally spells and recovered its health points and stamina.

The priests casted protection and healing spells for the Phoenix and Fire Giant.

Everyone was aware. If they were to fall, Morata was next.

– Mapan: 3 minutes until Ratuas arrives!

The Phoenix was ripped apart again and again but each revival bought considerable time.

The Fire Giant’s attack on occasion could merely light up the Red Dragon’s skin for a few seconds.

– You annoying pests. I will end you once and for all. Total Extinction.

Landony cast an ultimate spell.

It wasn’t an elemental type like fire or wind, but a spell at the pinnacle of magic itself.

It was a spell that destroyed the target’s physical being.

– Master, I am out of energy. I can’t do this any longer…

(To be continued…)

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