The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Chapter 671 - V57C6P4 – Blue Dragon Ratuas

V57C6P4 – Blue Dragon Ratuas

A crowd of players followed in the wake of the dragon that was chasing Weed.

“Chasing Light!”

“Rage of Boiling Blood!”

“Awaken, Berserk, Madness!”

About 10,000 players approached faster than the Black Lion Guild and the other guilds, casting ranged skills as they came in.

“What, who are they?”

“They’re so strong.”

Even the players of the prestigious guilds were surprised. Wherever they came from, they surely possessed skills that exceeded their own. They used unknown skills and wielded high quality equipment.

‘The dark gamers.’

Weed realized instantly after seeing the new players on the ground.

‘Then it’s a race against time.’

The Hermes Guild and the assault squad were fully engaged in the sky. Due to the intense focus attack of the players, the dragon had only managed to climb about 500 ~ 600 meters in the air.

‘The Kaybern on that side has to die first. Then I gotta take care of this one here…’

Weed felt the need to orchestrate the situation.

– Kalis: Attack. We must prevail.

– Roam: Roam Guild, we live for today.

– Mihel: We will advance. Everyone muster your strength!

The great lords urged their subordinates forward. They were blinded by the competition against the Hermes Guild. The nearest dragon was hurt and was running out of mana.

‘I did not picture them fighting that courageously. If this dragon dies first, the achievement and loot is going to slip out of our grasp.’

Weed was deeply concerned, for the real profiteers were the dark gamers. They were conservative with their offensive skills while approaching the dragon. They nodded after trying several plain attacks. They looked to be testing the dragon’s defense and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

‘I can see right through you. If the Hermes Guild or the assault squad hunts the dragon on the far side, they will pour everything they’ve got into this one right here.’

They were all captivated by the loot, the actual dragon hunt was secondary.

With new forces capable of slaying Kaybern arriving, Weed’s chances of victory increased significantly. On the other hand, it meant more competitors.

It was at that moment –

– Wahhh! The dragon is dead.

– The Ace Marksman Pale-nim has done it!

A tidal wave of shouts swept the ground. The dragon tried to escape to the sky, but Pale fired five consecutive arrows and immobilized the dragon mid-air.

The dragon’s body dropped like a meteorite before Weed’s eyes.

“Great! Pantheon’s Judgement.”

The dark gamer Dentacore hammered the dragon with a powerful skill.

“Deathly Vengeance!”

“Dark Descent!”

“Mortal Domination, Dark Magic Gift!”

“Fist of the Phoenix!”

The cleansing of the clones was complete.

The dark gamers activated their most powerful, time-honed skills.

Weed saw countless spells flying in from afar.

‘The mage unit of the Hermes Guild.’

The mages were also on the lookout for the perfect opportunity.

As soon as the two dragons fell, they spent all their reserve mana and bombarded Kaybern with incredible magic spells.

‘Even though the dragon has high magic resistance… its health points are near the floor.’

Just when Weed was about to get frantic!

– Life Siphon of the Dead.

Kaybern used the last of its mana and activated the dark magic spell in order to recover its health points. However, there were barely any corpses left on the field.

– Kuaaaagh!

Kaybern’s scream was full of panic. It had chased Weed ferociously all this time and had only looked to its surroundings now.

– Krobidyun: The dragon’s remaining health points are at 13%.

Krobidyun reported and all the players in Morata united in a single idea.

‘If I want to accomplish the dragon slayer achievement, I must attack now.’

The Hermes Guild ran at full speed, leaping over the buildings and debris in their way. Kaybern was dressed with scars and wounds, dark gamers and dwarf warriors riding on its back.

‘I can take it down. The dragon will die soon.’

Finally, they could see the end of the war. Weed’s brain raced.

‘I have fought for this moment.’

The durability of his armor and helmet were reduced by half after being subjected to the dragon’s rage. He had about 200,000 health points remaining.


“This is the end. Kaybern!”

Magic spells and arrows from all over Morata flew at Kaybern.

Even spectators around level 200 ~ 300 used their ranged attacks.

Every single one of them was expecting the dragon to fall at any moment. Even Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild’s top players had arrived, running past the explosion of magic spells.

“Deliver the dragon’s demise!”

“We Hermes Guild will be the finale!”

The players attacked in the hope of gaining the ultimate honor of slaying the dragon.

– Myul: We must descend too!

Myul’s griffins and cavalry plunged down from the sky with their spears.

Almost every powerful player in Royal Road pounced forward, anticipating the dragon’s end.

– 7%. I need to wait.’

Weed stared down at the dragon and suppressed his body from springing out.

“Die, you monster!”

“K-hahahaha. I will finally get to kill a dragon!”

The magic spells indiscriminate of ally or foe struck the entire body of the dragon.

– Bard Ray: We are moving in! Cease the magic spells!

Bard Ray’s command had no effect on the assault squad nor the excited Hermes Guild.

The archers and mages had no intention of stopping.

They were in a state of frenzy as the final blow approached. All the while, Kaybern’s health points whittled down.

‘The time is near.’

Weed tightly gripped the Dragon Slayer Axe. He also spread the Wings of Light.

The legendary weapon that had been forged by generations of dwarven blacksmiths was being used for the last hit rather than for an honorable battle.

It was too dangerous to involve any sculptural creatures for this battle.

“Sculptural Summoning!”

Still, he summoned Brightwing and wrapped it around his back.

“As you know, we have to be the ones to slay the dragon.”

– It looks too dangerous, master. If we squeeze between them, we will surely die.

“I know. But if we succeed, I will make you an entire body.”

– A body?

“Aren’t you sick of being a pair of wings for the others?”

– Yeah. Nurungi is so heavy.

“That one is big and fat, so it’s going to be very tasty. You have to be patient with it for me. You know how much I care about you, right? I will forge you a magnificent body. If you die, I will bring you back to life, so do not worry.”

– Understood, master.

Weed knew there was no second chance.

All the siege power in Morata was directed at Kaybern.

‘If this much firepower was concentrated on Kaybern from the start, wouldn’t we have slain it so much sooner?’

The full-out assault from an unbelievable number of players was difficult to withstand even for a dragon. Geomchi and the apprentices came to slay Kaybern but were annihilated by friendly fire. Myul and the griffin unit also met the same kind of fate while engaging in aerial attacks.

“The dragon is dying.”

“We are at the end, for real!”

The last hit drew out the insanity inside the players. More and more players were jumping in.

They leapt off the ground, used flight spells and swarmed onto the dragon. Even moths would not toss themselves with such disregard for their own lives as they did. But of course, Weed was also eager to join the party.

“K-hahaha. We, the three mad sharks of Becky Nin, are here.”

“It’s time to turn my life around!”

“Flame! I can’t even get a job, so I will bet my life on this.”

“I waited for this! Wahoo!”

Weed counted stealthily.

1, 2, 3.

A flurry of ranged attacks rained down on the dragon, and the melee players stuck close, hacking away. Krobidyun stopped reporting how many health points were left in the dragon.

“Corpse Explosion! Corpse Explosion!”

Even the necromancers were busy blowing up the corpses of dead players.

Weed went over Kaybern’s behavior until now.

‘As I see it, not all attacks deal damage. Especially the magic attacks landing more on our allies than the dragon.’

What was certain is that the dragon’s final moment was less than ten seconds away.

“Let’s go.”

– Are we leaving now? I think we should wait…

“We’re going.”

Radiant wings spread wide behind Weed’s back. Meanwhile, Brightwing consistently grew in size.


Brightwing spanned wide and flew towards the dragon. It rapidly flew past the players and narrowly evaded the magic projectiles.

– Kruuuuuugh!

Kaybern’s scream echoed.

The giant Black Dragon’s body that was once an artform was now a collective of wounds.

The players stuck like ants and bombarded it with attacks.


– I’m at max speed.

They were already piercing through the winds.


They were getting closer to the dragon at high speed.

< The Lightning Crown deflected a heavy arrow. >

Weed flew between the rain of arrows and magic, leaving a cosmic trajectory behind him.

He caught a glimpse of Bard Ray. He too was mercilessly stabbing the dragon’s back as if he was insane.

‘Gather up all my strength…’

He didn’t require an arsenal of skills.

Boar Slaughter Technique.

The secret axe skill with devastating damage.

Weed had grinded the proficiency of this particular skill for the coming battle in Morata.

Intermediate level 1.

He had to bet everything on seven consecutive attacks with all his might behind it.

“On the head!”

Weed flew up to Kaybern’s head. Then he swung the Dragon Slayer Axe.


< Direct hit.

The damage of the Dragon Slayer Axe was maximized.

A shock wave spreads in a 30 meter radius.

You have dealt 359,371 damage.

The dragon’s scales were destroyed. >

The incredible impact travelled through the earth. It bent space and blew away the magic projectiles and arrows.

Weed did not stop the swing of his axe and connected with a smash.

He was precise in the control of such immense power and speed.

The Dragon Slayer Axe cut down on Kaybern’s forehead.

< Second direct hit.

You have dealt 573,034 damage.

The dragon’s bone was smashed.

Defense is weakened by 31%.

The target is temporarily stunned. >

Third strike, fourth strike.

Weed swung upwards and downwards, putting his entire body behind the swings.

With the boosted strength through Sculptural Destruction, he was using an extreme attack skill. Countless attacks landed on the dragon and it was impossible to tell who would deal the final blow.

Weed’s attack damage was well over a million, but even if it gave him a high chance, it did not guarantee the kill.

Fifth strike, sixth strike.

The dragon was on the brink of death.

“Dark Knight’s Strike!”

Through the chaos, he heard Bard Ray activating his attack skill.

Out of nowhere, he stood on top of Kaybern’s head and tried to stab down with his sword.

‘What should I do? Should I wait until after his skill, or strike before him?’

The contemplation was extremely short.

‘I will strike first.’

Weed mustered all his power and threw the Dragon Slayer Axe at Kaybern’s forehead.


The axe violently drew a series of circles in the air. Then it stuck directly on Kaybern.


The lord who oversees the Ulta and Norn Mountain Pass. The mighty Black Dragon Kaybern has been put to eternal rest.

– You have gained a level.

– You have gained a level.

– You have gained a level.

< Axe skill level has increased to Intermediate 4. You are now capable of putting great strength behind your swings.

Attack damage is increased by 15%.

Your attacks apply knockback.

You have higher chances for armor break. >

– Due to extraordinary combat achievement, your reputation has increased by 219,740.

Strength is increased by 12.

All stats are increased by 10.

Maximum health points are increased by 50,000.

Maximum mana points are increased by 50,000.

– You have acquired the title, ‘The Savior Who Defeated the Dragon’.

– You have acquired the title, ‘Savior of the World’.

– You have acquired the title, ‘Black Dragon Slayer’.

– You have acquired the title, ‘The Great, Benevolent Emperor.’

– You have completed the achievement of light.

Your status as a human has transcended, reaching the next level.

All physical and mental abilities are increased by 10%.

Weed observed the message alerts and truly felt the glory of his axe throw.

‘I slayed the dragon, over all the competitors.’

As soon as his axe landed, Bard Ray’s attack also struck. Maybe Bard Ray could have delivered the final blow. When one steals from another, the joy is so much greater.


< You have obtained the Horn of Cletta. >

< You have obtained the Tome of Death. >

< You have obtained the Essence of Dark Magic. >

The three items were unbelievable ingredients.

< You have obtained the Heart of the Black Dragon. >

< You have obtained the Scales of the Black Dragon. >

< You have obtained great quantity of the Black Dragon’s Bones. >

< You have exceeded the maximum weight capacity. >

Even though he raised his Strength with Sculptural Destruction he was unable to carry everything. Weed felt the warmth travel down his spine and felt full to his stomach.

(To be continued…)

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