The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 1166 - Shaken Manison

Chapter 1166 Shaken Manison


Like thousands of thunder strikes happening at the same time, raging Mechanical Force erupted like silver dragons.

The people on Planet Earth Ring looked up. It was as if two suns covered in lightning had suddenly appeared.

Two light gates suddenly appeared in cosmic space, and countless machines swarmed out from the secondary dimensional army boxes.

One side was black like storm clouds, and the other side was white like snowy hills.

The mechanical armies surrounded the two of them. Mechanical Force extended out from their bodies and connected their armies, quickly assembling into two giants!

In an instant, two enormous weapons clashed. The mountain-sized black blade slashed onto the middle of the golden trident!


A psionic shockwave exploded, extended through the artificial atmosphere of Planet Earth Ring, and caused chain reactions, creating a deafening noise!

Countless people hastily covered their ears with agony on their faces. They felt as if someone was tolling a bell inside their brain. They could feel their brains trembling. Some lost balance like they were drunk, fell onto the ground, and could not control their body.

Outside the planet’s atmosphere, two Mechanical Deities had appeared and were already fighting intensely.

Every move of a Mechanical Deity harnessed terrifying power. Even though they consciously distanced themselves from Planet Earth Ring, the aftershocks still triggered countless natural disasters on the planet’s surface.

Machinery came out of their Secondary dimensional army boxes nonstop like it had no end. Their machines fought each other under the lead of their own Apostle Weapons and divided the battlefield into countless smaller battles.

The combat artificial intelligences of both sides tried their best to break each other’s formation and create situations where they outnumbered the other side. Mechanical soldiers that got occasionally left stranded became targets of focused fire. They then recovered through Mechanical Force and entered the battlefield right after.

Planet Earth Ring’s atmosphere was filled with traces of psionic beams that seemed to have formed a net that shrouded the planet.

Occasionally, liquid metal melted by the high temperature would cool down to irregular shaped metal meteors that fell onto the surface, either creating pits on the ground or shattered by the planet’s protective shields.

This was not the first fight between Han Xiao and Manison. They had a rough idea of each other’s capabilities, so they went full out from the start and released most of their Apostle Weapons.

Old Manison had more than forty Apostle Weapons in all kinds of shapes. Their similarity was that they were all mechanical lives that had existed for many years, so they had a lot of energy in their tinder, meaning they were very strong.

Han Xiao brought up most of his assets too, more than thirty Apostle Weapons led by Psionic Prime, which was more than one and a half times what he had before!

Han Xiao had obtained the Molding Talent (Billion Mechanic EmpireManison) from old Manison the last time they fought. Not only did it give him all kinds of attribute bonuses, it also increased a ton of core Mechanic abilities including (Apostle Life Creation] by six levels, meaning he could directly create six more Apostle Weapons!

Some time ago, Han Xiao had also built four new Universal Treasures and used the God’s Trait Transformation Points all on the Machinery side, increasing its level from five to nine. This also gave him a few more Apostle Weapon allocations.

Hence, Han Xiao had created about ten more Apostle Weapons while watching the situation of the Flickering War unfold. Although there was still some distance from the number of Apostle Weapons Manison had, it was not as large as the last time.

With my current strength, even without Character Summon Cards, I can match up to old man Manison and not just get beat up like last time.

While Han Xiao slashed at the Mechanic Emperor time after time, he was judging the strength difference between him and the Mechanic Emperor.

Every five stages of God’s Trait Transformation comprised one big stage. Although he had yet to receive the bonuses from stage ten, his God’s Trait Transformation Machinery was already four levels higher than before, which increased his strength by a huge extent.

Part of his strength difference from Manison was his inventory; he did not have as many high Grade machines as Manison. Another was the huge God’s

Trait Transformation difference, which was now greatly reduced. Although normal Beyond Grade A Mechanics could also obtain God’s Trait Transformation Points through building Universal Treasures, they did not have the interface and could not apply the points immediately. The God’s Trait Transformation Points they obtained could be considered a type of experience or understanding that could only be applied to increase the God’s Trait Transformation stages after they spent long periods of time digesting it.

Han Xiao, however, could apply the points instantly, meaning the digestion process was completely skipped, saving a ton of time. This was why he could become stronger in such a brief period. It was something no other Beyond Grade A could replicate.

Considering the large bonuses from (Billion Mechanic Empire), Titan Spinal Center, Gaeta Shockwave Fist, and several new Universal Treasures, Han Xiao speculated that his current strength should be around the same as his strength when he was in the explosive state the last time he fought Manison! The only part that was still weaker would at most be the basic attributes he gained through (Polar Channel FlowBlood Rage) and (Advanced Strengthened Life).

On the interface, the challenge mission for Mechanic Emperor had appeared as he expected.

Come to think of it, this was the third time he had seen this mission.

I’ll use my EXP too so that I can be as strong as possible.

Han Xiao glanced at the interface and spent most of his accumulated EXP into levelling up.

His level rocketed all the way to level 331 before stopping. The remaining EXP was not enough to level up again.

The bonus he received from leveling up now was not a lot at this stage, but every Promotion and evolution would still make him considerably stronger. Therefore, although Awakening Points had a bigger impact on his strength, he did not plan on using EXP on them for the time being.

After all, it was the final stage of Version 4.0. If he did not spend EXP elsewhere, he might be able to accumulate enough EXP to reach level 340 for a Promotion.


Every clash between the Celestial Punishment Edge and the trident created powerful energy explosions made of psionic energy and golden thunder.

Feeling the force from every clash, Manison was surprised.

He clearly remembered that the last time he fought Black Star, Black Star’s Mechanical Deity’s strength in his normal state could not compete with him at all. From his past experience, if Black Star did not use that strange explosive ability of his, he should have been able to totally crush him. However, to his shock, they were on par!

What shocked Manison even more was that the number of Han Xiao’s Apostle Weapons had almost doubled. This was not something his explosive state could bring him; it was a display of his fundamental capability!

How the hell does this guy train?

Manison knew that Black Star was known for his quick growth, but he still could not understand it.

Ever since he was young, he had been a genius in the eyes of the people around him. He was the star of his race. He learned everything much faster than others, and no one could ever catch up to him. He surpassed all those who attempted to chase him in no time. He had never met any Mechanic genius that could match up to him.

However, this changed when he met Black Star. For the first time ever, Manison discovered he was no longer the genius.

Black Star seemed to be able to easily do things he could not do, and this created an emotion that he had never felt before in his entire life. It was bitter and sour.

Is this what people call jealousy?

Wait, why am I thinking about this?

Manison was shocked. It suddenly occurred to him that without him realizing, Black Star had shaken his confidence that he had built over countless years.

His eyes became firm as he instantly suppressed this emotion, cutting away all distractions and returning to a calm state of mind, focusing fully on the battle.

At this time, Han Xiao suddenly swung his blade backward. Like the string of a bow that kept getting pulled tighter, enormous force flowed from the joints of the Titan Spinal Center all over his body into his arms.

Strange hovering devices emerged from the surface of the Mechanical Deity, hovered around the blade, linked with each other, and formed a complex pattern that shined brightly with psionic energy, releasing energy simultaneously into the Celestial Punishment Edge.

A translucent blue light suddenly appeared on the blade like it was coated in a bubble.

As Manison was about to raise his trident and block the attack, Black Star’s deafening yell suddenly sounded in his private channel.

“Spatial Tremble-Gaeta Shockwave Fist!”

The next moment, the blade slashed down in an arc!

The force of this attack was much stronger than the attacks before!

Manison sensed it too. He quickly raised his trident and blocked it.


Like two mountains clashing into each other, the blue light on the blade was shot out and exploded on Manison’s chest, blowing him away directly. Powerful shockwaves echoed inside his Mechanical Deity. Large cracks quickly appeared on the surface, and armor plates shattered one after another.

Manison’s energy flow staggered for an instant. He quickly adjusted and absorbed the mechanical soldiers nearby to repair the damage. He was stunned.

This attack was very powerful. He recalled that Black Star did not use this attack last time. It seemed to be a new Universal Treasure level combat technique that Black Star had learned recently.

However, what he was most irritated by was not the fact that he got forced to back away by a direct attack, but that he was not mentally prepared and was startled by Black Star’s yelling.

What the hell are you shouting about in the middle of a fight?

And you even fu*king sent me a private voice message just for that. Aren’t you a piece of sh*t?

And what’s with the flashy name, you think you’re a Pugilist?

Manison was extremely irritated.

Given the current situation, the two of us won’t be able to determine a winner shortly, which means the Dragon Emperor and the others can take their time finding the Soul Swapper. If he gets the Soul Swapper, there’ll be no point in me fighting him anymore… Looks like I’ll have to use more trump cards.

Manison’s eyes sparkled.

“What a powerful attack!”

At the edge of the battlefield, the manager of Planet Earth Ring and the garrison fleet watched the battle cautiously while being continuously astounded by it.

Although they knew how powerful Beyond Grade As were, watching a battle with their own eyes was not something any video footage could compare with.

“Luckily, we didn’t fight with the Mechanic Emperor before Black Star arrived, or we would’ve been wiped out by a single slap.”

The manager of Planet Earth Ring sincerely felt that his decision was very wise.

He turned to look at Ames and Hila, who were searching the planet, and looked confused.

“Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor seem to be looking for the same thing. What are they looking for that’s so valuable they’re using this many resources?”

At the same time, on the surface of Planet Earth Ring, countless people looked up, astonished, at the battle.

Two Mechanical Deities fought each other at full strength in space. The explosions lit up the dark universe and made things clearly visible even from the surface.

“Elder bro, w-what should we do now?”

Seeing this kind of destructive power, Jill and Warren were both stunned. Fear surfaced in their hearts instinctively.

Only now did the two of them realize how laughable and ridiculous it was to even think about making a move on Black Star back then.

Someone as strong as him would have turned us to dust just by blowing some air, yet we planned to take his body?

Thinking about it, we were basically committing suicide!

The two of them were the only ones who could use the Soul Swapper, and they had always believed they were the chosen ones. Hence, they had almost blind confidence in the Soul Swapper’s abilities.

However, when they finally witnessed the battle between peak Beyond Grade As this closely, they realized how completely ignorant they had been! It was not surprising. They had been imprisoned by the Modo Civilization for a very long time, and any information they received about the outside world was filtered.

“While their attention is diverted, we have to think of a way to leave. They really seem to be here for us.”

Seeing that Black Star had appeared too, Jill knew that things had gone wrong. At this point, he only had one thought in his mind.

Leave the Shattered Star Ring immediately, go as far as possible, and never come out again till we’re at Beyond Grade A!

At the same time, Ames and Hila were flying in the atmosphere. Hila released her soul senses and scanned the people on the surface over a large area.

While searching, the two of them also frequently looked at the battlefield in space.

“Looks like they’re on par for the time being. We don’t have to worry. Black Star will be fine for now,” Hila said softly and looked very tempted.

Seeing how intense the battle was between Black Star and the Mechanic Emperor, she felt the itch to join in. Ever since she got the Underworld dimension, she had never fought any Beyond Grade As at her fullest except for Black Star.

However, thinking of the thirty spars Han Xiao had promised her, she reluctantly suppressed her desire for battle.

Ames shook her head and said, “Let’s quickly find the targets. The earlier we find them, the earlier we can leave, so he won’t have to keep taking the risk of fighting the Mechanic Emperor.”

Seeing the battle, she had to admit that she indeed could not provide much help in a battle of this level and would be a burden instead.

Back when she fought Black Star, she had already accepted the fact that Black Star exceeded her, so she would not feel discouraged or anything.

However, the next moment, their expressions suddenly changed, and they simultaneously turned to look at the battlefield.

At this instant, the two of them sensed a few new Beyond Grade A energy sources suddenly flying out from the Mechanic Emperor’s secondary dimensional army box!

They were not the energy reactions of Apostle Weapons but actual Beyond Grade As!

“The Mechanic Emperor has more help?”

Hila stopped in midair with a solemn expression.

“We have to go back and help! We can’t watch the army commander get besieged!”

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