The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 9

Legendary Soul

The next day, You XiaoMo follows his brother disciples to the main hall of the Hall of Enchanted Herbs. The Hall of Enchanted Herbs is the most important place in Earth peak, where all disciples must go to every day. Brother Li was in charge of bringing them over but because he has his own assignments, he doesn’t have to the time to teach them. It just so happens that Elder Brother has some free time so he conveniently takes over.

“Since this is the first time for all of you to encounter these things, I won’t get into the complicated issues. Let’s start with the fundamentals. Displayed in front of you are the enchanted herbs required to refine magic pills. Go ahead and take a look.”

While speaking, Fang ChenLe brings forward the potted herbs from behind him and places them in front of them. You XiaoMo like everyone else looks curiously at the enchanted herbs in the small pots. Enchanted herbs is a general term for enchanted medicinal materials. But not all enchanted medicinal materials come in herb form. For example the second small potted plant on the left hand side, is the level one enchanted herb peaceful spirit flower.

Fang ChenLe then introduces them to the levels of enchanted herbs. Just like with mages, enchanted herbs are also categorized by levels. From level one to level twelve. The higher the level of the enchanted herb, the higher the level of the resulting magic pill. But this also depends on the level of the mage. Low level mages can refine level one to level three magic pills. Intermediate level mages can refine level one to level six magic pills. As for high level mages, they are subject to the most jealousy in Long Xiao continent. It is also the highest money making profession. However, the success rate of refining magic pills decreases with each increase in level. For example, level nine and level ten magic pills. Even for well established celebrated high level mages, they can’t even guarantee a 10% success rate. On top of that, the necessary enchanted herbs for these types of magic pills are very rare.

Beyond these are the level eleven and level twelve magic pills and enchanted herbs. These two types are basically the stuff of legends. It is said that only the legendary seven colored soul mage is able to refine these pills. However there has not been a single seven colored soul mage in Long Xian continent for over ten thousand years. So for over ten thousand years, it remains only a legend. Even if there was, finding level eleven and level twelve enchanted herbs is no easy task.

You XiaoMo has already read all of this information in the books. Although he already knows it by heart, he still listens carefully to the explanation by Elder brother. Further consolidation will only be of benefit to him. Fang ChenLe also seems to notice the earnest little brother, nodding his head in approval. This information is of the most basic level, easily obtained from books. Because of that, when he relays this to new disciples, there rarely are any that pay such close attention. So it is very rare to come by such an earnest and patient little brother. Fang ChenLe inevitably takes notice of him.

“For now, familiarize yourselves with the level one enchanted herbs. Two hours later I will come back to explain the fundamentals of mages.” With that, Fang ChenLe allowed the disciples to go their own way. Seeing his brothers rush over to examine the enchanted herbs, You XiaoMo simply calls out and stops Fang ChenLe. Fang ChenLe hears a pleasant voice coming from behind him. Turning back, he sees the earnest little brother looking expectantly at him with a pair of big black eyes. He can’t help but find it quite funny.

“XiaoMo little brother, what is it?”

You XiaoMo didn’t expect that he would remember his name. Looking down bashfully he says, “Elder brother, I wish to take a look at the medicine garden. May I?”

Fang ChenLe freezes, sizing up You XiaoMo, then finally nods his head saying, “Of course you may, I was originally thinking that giving too much information today will be too much of a burden, but since it’s your request, then it’s fine. But for now, you only can access the level one medicine garden.”

“Thank you Elder brother.” You XiaoMo quickly thanks him in delight.

Fang ChenLe smiles and tells him no thanks is necessary, and then takes him there.

The main medicine garden is the most important place in TianXin sect. Any sect that wishes for long-term expansion cannot separate themselves from it. Therefore the medicine garden is a restricted area. Unless one has a direct order from the Grand Master, only the elders charged with taking care of the gardens are allowed inside. But the main medicine garden only grows enchanted herbs above level five. Level five and below are open to the public.

The three main peaks of the Mage division have five medicine gardens each. One for each level from level one enchanted herbs to level five. You XiaoMo is a newly minted probationary disciple so he only has access to the level one garden.

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