The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 51

Uncle Pu Chan.

After explaining all the details about the dimension, there is one thing that troubles You XiaoMo. That thing is related to the dimension. Just like what Ling Xiao said, the blue teardrop is a an extremely valuable treasure. Even TianXin sect would be intrigued. Why was there not the slightest reaction from him? Under normal circumstances, shouldn’t he just kill him and snatch it? This type of thinking is a little unfair to himself but You XiaoMo can’t help but think this way.

But right up to the time they both leave the dimension, Ling Xiao doesn’t bring up the matter. This finally lets him feel a little relieved.

Because there are still a lot things happening outside, they can’t stay too long in the dimension. After Ling Xiao sets the tornadoes free and clears up all the weeds in the dimension, they both leave the room. In order to not attract attention, You XiaoMo doesn’t use the magic water to heal his injured leg.

Not long after they both go out, a big group from TianXin sect arrives. They are disciples from the warrior division. The leader is a senior. His beard and hair is interspersed black and white. Seems he is not young but his eyes frequently emit rays of light. This person is Lin Xiao’s senior, Uncle Pu Chan. He is also the Grand Master’s disciple. He is very shrewd but he is also notoriously harsh.

Seems Tang YunQi is quite fast. Immediately notifying her father upon returning.

Tang Fan takes this issue of demons very seriously. Furthermore it appeared in HePing town. When TianXin sect disciples apply for leave, most of the time it is to head down to HePing town. So in order to protect the safety of the disciples, this issue must be treated seriously. So he immediately sends his own trusted subordinate.

Pu Chan is this trusted subordinate of Tang Fan. Putting aside his shrewdness and harsh nature, the reality is, he listens and follows Tang Fan’s words to the letter.

This trip, bringing people down the mountain, Pu Chan operates in his usual style. He simply directs his people to surround HePing town. Although the demon Luo Shan had escaped, it doesn’t necessarily mean that his comrades are not still hiding in HePing town. Only after doing this does Pu Chan head towards the rest house.

At this time, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo have already left the dimension. Just as they are chatting about trivial matters, the room door is forcefully pushed open from outside.

It’s the arrival of Pu Chan. He is always abrupt when dealing with the juniors, with a haughty manner. On top of that, he never holds back when he speaks so a lot of disciples don’t like to deal with him, including the original Lin Xiao. He was also quite fed up with him but he would never reveal it because Pu Chan is Tang Fan’s most trusted disciple.

“Lin Xiao, tell me in full detail how you discovered the demon.”

Pu Chan is very strong, tough and stocky, with a beard that completely covers his face. Upon walking in, he completely blocks up the door leaving no way for the people behind him to enter.

But he is really rude. In You XiaoMo’s memory, when people meet Ling Xiao, they are always respectful and courteous. This is first time seeing someone so arrogantly ordering Ling Xiao. He steals a look at Ling Xiao. He seems to be smiling too brilliantly …….

Upon seeing that, You XiaoMo immediately lowers his head.

Ling Xiao doesn’t immediately reply. He lifts up the cup of tea that You XiaoMo had poured for him, taking a leisurely sip as if enjoying the light breeze and cloudless skies. Somewhat like being unmoved by the impending collapse of Mt. Tai. Only after Pu Chan frowns and is about to explode does he open his mouth.

“Uncle Pu, you should ask this to Brother Chen. He is clearer about this than me.”

You XiaoMo can’t help grinning. Luckily his head is bowed down.

The thick black brows of Pu Chan draw tight. He obviously did not expect that the response he waited for would be these few words. If it wasn’t Lin Xiao in front of him, he would have certainly flipped out. Too bad. Pu Chan snorts derisively before turning around to leave. As for the You XiaoMo seated next to Ling Xiao, from the beginning to end, he was completely ignored. Probably You XiaoMo himself doesn’t realize, but this is the first time his low profile plan succeeds.

“Elder brother Ling, do you think the demons will stay in HePing town?”

After Pu Chan leaves, You XiaoMo opens his mouth and asks. He feels that Pu Chan doesn’t have to take such drastic measures. Since demons and martial artists are natural enemies, after Luo Shan’s identity was exposed, the other demons would definitely not stay behind. Even if they do, it doesn’t mean they would be found out, otherwise, Luo Shan’s identity would have been exposed long ago.

“Hmph, it’s just posturing for others to see.” Ling Xiao says derisively.

You XiaoMo nods his head seeming to understand. In fact, after such a serious event, if TianXin sect doesn’t conduct an investigation, it would probably have a negative affect on HePing town. Upfront, HePing town is not in the territory of TianXin sect. But in reality, the power behind HePing town is TianXin sect. That’s why the appearance of a demon must be investigated, if only as an act to reassure the people.

As Ling Xiao said, Pu Chan is only here to make some rounds. After finding out the details from Chen GaoYang, he sends people to chase after the demon Luo Shan. But they are doomed to return empty handed.

As for Ling Xiao and company, since they have nothing to do with what happens next, and since they have bought what they came for, they simply took the winged bird back to TianXin sect that very day.

Because of his leg injury, You XiaoMo doesn’t head to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs to collect magic herbs in the next few days in order to keep up appearances. During that time, Fang ChenLe comes to visit him, bringing with him Kong Wen’s words of concern.


back of a tiger, waist of a bear – tough and stocky.

Mt. Tai – sacred mountain in China

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