The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 39

Lecture at the Skylark Hall.

The next day, You XiaoMo heads to the Skylark Hall. Skylark Hall is where a few high level mages will give lectures. Usually about once a month. This month is Kong Wen’s turn. Yesterday, before leaving, Elder brother told him about this, stressing that he has to go no matter what he has going on.

Yesterday, Kong Wen accepted him as a disciple. But the people who know this are few. So Kong Wen plans to make use of this occasion to introduce You XiaoMo to the whole Earth peak because lectures from high level mages are always a packed affair, gathering many more times the usual number of people.

In order to not be late, You XiaoMo sets out ahead of time. Because this is his first time going to Skylark Hall, and because he is unlike the other disciples, frequently asking around for information, until now he actually has no idea that Earth peak has a Skylark Hall. So by the time he arrives at the Skylark Hall, all the seagrass floor cushions seems to be already occupied. A dense mass of heads. Because it is not yet time, everyone is busy chatting. All the whispers added together makes it seem like a vegetable market.

You XiaoMo stands at the entrance and looks inside, trying to look for Elder brother. Instead he sees someone right at the front stand up, turn around, and wave to him.

“Little brother, over here!”

The person waving at him is Fang ChenLe. He has been waiting for this little brother for a long time. He coincidentally caught sight of this little brother craning his neck looking all over with knitted brows and anxious face. He can’t help but find it amusing. Knowing that it is his first time here, so he probably doesn’t know how to make head or tail out of anything, he decides to call out to him. But the whole Skylark Hall quiets down at Fang ChenLe’s voice.

Rows of heads turn around at once, immediately catching sight of You XiaoMo standing at the door. Quite a few people immediately recognize him, some even to the extent of exclaiming out loud.

Yi, isn’t he the one who ate together with the Warrior division’s Lin Xiao at the canteen? Why is he also so familiar with Elder brother Fang?”

You XiaoMo feels the burning stares from all sides, only able to quicken his pace towards Fang ChenLe. The whispering start up again except that it is louder than before. Because Fang ChenLe had told the few disciples in the know to not reveal that You XiaoMo had been accepted as Kong Wen’s disciple, most people still do not know about this. Otherwise, it would be even more shocking.

Fang ChenLe had already guessed that he would not be able to find a seat, so he reserved one for him beforehand. Walking over, You XiaoMo sees an empty seat next to Fang ChenLe. The other four disciples are seated at his side, in the same row.

After thanking Elder brother, and greeting the other disciples, You XiaoMo puts on a blank face and sits down. He suddenly realizes that although he has always wanted to keep a low profile, the people he knows always make him appear in a high profile way in front of everybody, leaving a high profile image in everyone’s mind. He really doesn’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing!

Kong Wen finally arrives fifteen minutes later. Dressed in the usual simple blue robe with a white jade hairpin on his head. Definitely not particularly eye-catching but he still radiates the imposing manner or a superior man. Most people would feel the urge to lower their head upon seeing him. Following his arrival the whole Skylark Hall quiets down. So silent that the sound of a needle falling on the floor would be heard.

Today he doesn’t launch straight into the lecture as he usually does. Instead he starts by introducing someone to everyone. This person is the one that had just been deeply scrutinized by everyone, You XiaoMo. Once they hear that he has been accepted as the seventh disciple of Kong Wen, all the disciples seated on the seagrass floor cushions erupt loudy *hua*.

“Master Kong actually accepted a disciple, when did this happen?”

“This You XiaoMo is really something. A few days before, he became the talk of the town with the Warrior division Lin Xiao. And in just a few days, he actually succeeded in becoming Master Kong’s disciple. Really too much!”

“Really, what is his background? Why do all the big shots in TianXin sect want to associate with him?”

“I heard that his inborn talent is nothing to shout about. Why would Master Kong accept him as a disciple?”

“Can it be that this is what they call nepotism?”


Many people start questioning one after another. A few days ago, when he got involved with Lin Xiao, some people already started to investigate him. As a result they found out that his inborn talent is nothing much. Not too long ago at the Hall of Mages, he definitely wasn’t selected by Heaven peak or Flying peak. In the end, he was accepted into Earth peak by Master Kong, but Master Kong did not immediately make him his disciple. If his talent is that good, Master Kong would have definitely accepted him on the spot. But he did not. Now when they hear this news, most of them will think of his good relationship with Lin Xiao.

Although the Mage division is essential to TianXin sect, the Warrior division is also something it can’t do without. TianXin sect is able to become the number one sect because of its Warrior division. If you want to describe the role of the Mage division, then one could say that it plays more of a management role.

Lin Xiao, who is the number one among the younger generation in the Warrior division, has a high chance of becoming the next Grand Master. So, if Master Kong were to say some nice things about You XiaoMo, it is possible that he may gain some favors.

“Silence!” Kong Wen says calmly. Everyone immediately seals their mouths. Heavy breathing can be heard throughout Skylark Hall. It’s obvious that everyone is worked up over this, maybe even furious that You XiaoMo succeeded in becoming Kong Wen’s disciple. Anyway, a mixture of admiring, jealous, and hateful glares once again fall on You XiaoMo, and not for the first time.

You XiaoMo can only pull in his head. Seeing his tortoise-like behavior, Fang ChenLe who is sitting next to him can only find it very funny. This little brother is always giving him an uncommon ‘pleasant surprise’.

Everyone had thought that Kong Wen will say something about this matter but he does not. Instead he acts as if he doesn’t hear anything can carries on as if nothing happened.

The main topic he wants to cover today is his insights on refining magic pills. With him being a high level mage, his experience refining magic pills is rich and valuable. If you were to miss it, don’t think of hearing it again because he will not talk about this topic again.

You XiaoMo who was hopelessly uncomfortable soon becomes transfixed. Although Kong Wen is talking about mid-level magic pills, not something that he can engage in for the moment, he still can listen and prepare beforehand. The lecture lasts for two hours. You XiaoMo looks on with a face that shows he doesn’t want it to end. Right up to the point Kong Wen declares the lecture over, You XiaoMo is still transfixed. As a result, Fang ChenLe has to call him back to his senses.

“Little brother, how long do you intend to continue sitting here?”

“Ah?” You XiaoMo suddenly wakes up. He sees Elder brother looking at him with a teasing smile, and soon realizes that both of them are the only ones left in Skylark Hall. He immediately scrambles to stand up awkwardly.

Fang ChenLe doesn’t continue teasing him. Instead he asks kindheartedly if he understands what Master was talking about. And if he doesn’t, then he can always look for him anytime.

You XiaoMo thanks him and parts ways with him upon leaving Skylark Hall. But when he returns to his room, he finds that there is someone he doesn’t recognize standing by the door. That person seems to be waiting for him. His expression is coldly indifferent, it could be just his nature or it could be due to something else. Upon seeing him, he asks immediately without any words of greeting.

“Are you You XiaoMo?”

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