The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 35

Uproar in the canteen.

The result is, when the two of them appear, You XiaoMo is again rightfully the center of attention. It’s just that this time, there is also one Ling Xiao.

It just happens to be the peak time for dinner. When the two of them arrive, there are already a lot of people seated inside.

Upon seeing them, especially when they see the one by You XiaoMo’s side, Ling Xiao, there is a disciple that spews out his food right there and then. Spraying on the disciple opposite him, covering his face with food. The latter doesn’t manage to get angry or wipe himself off because he is also dumbstruck by what he sees.

Right at this moment, the thought that flashes through everyone’s mind is that the rumor is indeed not false. The Warrior division Lin Xiao actually running over to their domain to eat. Absolutely no one would have believed it before.

But now, not only has he appeared, he comes together with You XiaoMo who has been embroiled in scandal these past few days. Furthermore, their relationship is so close that they are eating together in front of everyone. If anyone dares to say that there is nothing between them, they would definitely be cursed to death.

The usually noisy and boisterous market-like atmosphere of the canteen becomes unusually quiet. You XiaoMo cries tearless tears. It’s not as if he didn’t resist. It’s just that faced with Ling Xiao, his protests only seems like tickles. Ineffective and in vain.

“Elder brother Lin, how about we eat back in the room?” You XiaoMo asks cautiously.

Ling Xiao shoots a glance at him in return, “Since we’re already here, what’s this nonsense about going back to the room? Go get the food, I’ll find a table and wait for you.”

You XiaoMo feels the impulse to stab him to death. This clearly isn’t what he said on the way here. He purposely wants to see him suffer. Without waiting for him to ask what he likes to eat, Ling Xiao walks away, actually going to look for a table. But most of the tables in the canteen are actually already occupied. So he suddenly hopes and prays that Ling Xiao wouldn’t be able to find a seat.

Because he doesn’t know what he likes to eat, You XiaoMo can only take a little bit of everything. In the end, by the time he carries a big tray of food to look for Ling Xiao, he realizes how wrong he was.

Ling Xiao found a spot. But it’s definitely not an empty spot. That big table can seat ten people but how did Ling Xiao do it? A ten person table and yet there are more than ten people crammed around him. Furthermore, they are mostly female except for a few men.

You XiaoMo sees him right away. He can’t even pretend he can’t find him. So when he goes over, there is simply no place for him. Seeing him come over, Ling Xiao says a few words to the female disciple next to him. That female disciple suddenly covers her face coyly while standing up and giving up her seat.

You XiaoMo is completely speechless. This man is what one calls a beast in human clothing, the black sheep in literary circles. So detestable towards him, always seeking amusement at his expense. But to the other disciples, he smiles so freely, both elegant and graceful.

After he sits down by Ling Xiao’s side, he hears a voice that only he can hear, “It’s just getting food, why are you so slow?”

Slow? He already considers this fast. Interrupting Ling Xiao being hugged from all sides.

Probably due to the rapidly spreading news, more and more people are arriving at the canteen. Among them are those that have already left after eating, now rushing back again.

As a result, You XiaoMo feels extreme pressure during this meal. Because knife-like stares scrape across his body if not a thousand, then at least eight hundred. Admiration, jealousy, and hate, all embodied in those glares.

But Ling Xiao is also probably fed up with the situation. He finishes quickly and pulls You XiaoMo, who still hasn’t finished eating, out of the canteen. This is the only time You XiaoMo doesn’t complain about Ling Xiao’s dictatorial actions because he also really wants to leave the canteen. He’s only there because of Ling Xiao so it doesn’t matter that he hasn’t finished eating.

Upon reaching the room, Ling Xiao doesn’t go in. He just asks You XiaoMo for todays batch of magic pills and leaves. You XiaoMo already has everything prepared. For the whole day, other than refining the one hundred magic pills to be handed over to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, he also refined Ling Xiao’s share. Just enough, not one more, not one less. As for tomorrow, other than those for Ling Xiao, the rest is for himself.

After sending Ling Xiao off, You XiaoMo takes out a few books from his room, and hurries towards the library. Although what Ling Xiao said is right, that [Heavenly Soul Scroll] is written in ancient text, he still wants to go to the library to look around. To check if he can find some information.


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