The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 28

Heartfelt wish

Tang Fan, the Grand Master of TianXin sect has held this post for almost a hundred years. Under his leadership, TianXin sect is becoming more and more like a first class sect. Now it is regarded as the one most likely to become the leading sect in Long Xiao continent. Someone with this level of skill is surely not a simple man. In Lin Xiao’s memory, even though Tang Fan is his Master, he is still a mystery. Even though Lin Xiao is his cherished Elder disciple, he still doesn’t know what level of strength Tang Fan has. That’s why most people have the impression that Tang Fan is like a fox, a wily old fox, enigmatic and impossible to predict.

Because he is afraid of Tang Fan, Lin Xiao has never dared to expose the tiniest bit of weakness in front of him. But most importantly, because TianXin sect is a first class sect of Long Xiao continent, its true strength is not something that is easily revealed. It’s a pity that even someone like Lin Xiao is unable to find out the true strength of TianXin sect.

That Tang Fan will summon him now is something Ling Xiao expected. Putting aside the huge change in his temperament, suddenly associating with a nobody from Earth peak, just Tang YunQi running back complaining in tears is probably enough of a reason. In Lin Xiao’s memory, Tang Fan is a doting father. Anything Tang YunQi wishes, as long as it is within acceptable limits, Tang Fan will surely help her achieve it. So, this time, Tang YunQi feeling slighted in front of everyone would definitely run crying to Tang Fan.

“Elder brother, Grand Master is waiting for you inside.”

The Junior brother that brought him here leaves him outside the Assembly Hall. Ling Xiao looks over the grand exterior of the Assembly Hall. The plaque carrying the name is said to have been put up personally by Tang Fan. Appearing gentle on the surface, each stroke is actually incisive, with a cutting edge. It’s just that it is deeply hidden.

Pushing open the door and walking in, the vast Assembly Hall although not particularly sumptuous is extremely imposing. Two exquisitely carved chairs sit facing the entrance. On one of them sits a middle-aged man that appears to be about forty.

The middle-aged man has kind brows and pleasant eyes. Upon seeing Ling Xiao, he reveals an amiable smile, “Lin Xiao, you’re here. Come over to Master.”

Ling Xiao walks over expressionless, his lips slightly curving, “Master.”

This greeting of Master is actually too high a praise for Tang Fan. According to his qualifications, Tang Fan is simply not worthy to be his Master. In fact, if you turn it around, Tang Fan is not even worthy of being his disciple. It’s only that he is now playing the part of Lin Xiao, so he can only give Tang Fan this undeserved respect.

“Xiao son, it has been a long time since we master and disciple have had a heart to heart talk. Now that we have this rare time when we are both unoccupied, come sit. Let’s have a talk.” Tang Fan beams while looking at him.

Ling Xiao is not the tiniest bit reserved, taking the first seat below Tang Fan, “Master is right, we have not really talked for almost two years.”

Tang Fan strokes his beard while nodding in satisfaction, “Xiao son, do you remember, the first time we talked, the time and the place?”

“Not many are able to enter Master’s room. I still remember, the first time you looked for me was in the middle of the night. Such a distinctive move, only the honorable you is capable of that.”

A light smile appears on Ling Xiao’s expressionless face, as if recalling something from memory, showing no chink in his armor.

“People age, the ability to remember is also reduced greatly ah.” Tang Fan sighs.

They continued with some small talk, mostly reminiscing. Finally Tang Fan brings up his darling daughter. Tang YunQi is really a spoilt princess. But everyone can see that Lin Xiao has always treated Tang YunQi coolly. This, even Tang Fan can see clearly. And because he can see it clearly, Tang Fan is not worried. Tang Fan is well aware of how unreasonable his darling daughter can be. That’s why he doesn’t ask Ling Xiao to let her have her way. He only asks that he occasionally gives in to her so that there wouldn’t be too much trouble. After all, she is a young girl, and one that loves to save face, especially in front of the other disciples. After talking for almost two hours, Tang Fan finally lets him leave.

Pretending to be Lin Xiao, Ling Xiao’s performance can be said to be very relaxed, not in the least bit troubled.

Leaving the Assembly Hall, Ling Xiao leisurely strolls down the long passageways. The smile on his lips getting broader and broader. What a wily old fox ah. Nine out of ten sentences stuck to events from the past. If he had not absorbed Lin Xiao’s memory, he would have been made.

Lin Xiao is a cold man, bordering on being heartless. But his popularity in TianXin sect is so good that it’s quite unimaginable. Normal people would not be able to comprehend, but Ling Xiao who has absorbed his memories understands his motives all too clearly. In order to win over the hearts of others, he would frequently ‘unwittingly’ grant favors for the disciples by his side. Because most of the time these unwitting actions, for those that are in a difficult spot, will seem like receiving coal in a snowstorm. More often than not, those people will remember that he is someone that has been good to them. Lin Xiao makes use of this point. That’s why a lot of TianXin sect disciples feel indebted to him and worship him. The cold and expressionless Elder brother, under that indifferent exterior hides a warm heart. It’s as if all the disciples also think this way.

But _______ except for a few trusted subordinates, no one knows that there is a motive behind these actions. Truthfully speaking, Ling Xiao only absorbed his memories because it was convenient. He never expected that Lin Xiao is actually hiding such a huge secret. Ambition ah, that’s a really good thing!

So Ling Xiao resolves that since he is replacing him, he would help him fulfill that teeny tiny heartfelt wish!

“Elder brother, you’ve finally returned.” A young man turns around. Upon seeing him, the young man is delighted, running over without stopping to take a breath, whispering softly, “Did you find that thing?”

Ling Xiao is all smiles, “Zhou Peng ah, since I Elder brother handled it myself, of course it was easy as reaching out my hand.”

He knows what Zhou Peng is referring to. It’s also because of that thing that Lin Xiao came across him, and so lost his life.

Zhou Peng is stunned for a moment. This is the first time he sees Elder brother with such a gentle smile.


You XiaoMo had planned to go back to the dimension when he returned to TianXin sect, to sprinkle the level one and level two seeds on the ground. But after the unexpected event, he does not dare to. Who knows when someone would come over suddenly to look for him.

After spending the whole morning reading in his room, he finally guesses that Ling Xiao won’t be coming over at this time. You XiaoMo looks down at his flattened stomach and decides to go have lunch at the canteen. Even if the heavens are going to collapse it will still have to wait until he has finished his lunch. Of course these bold words are only said when Ling Xiao is not around.

What’s special about today? It seems that there are more people than usual in the canteen. You XiaoMo doesn’t really care. He is only worried that all the dishes would run out so he hurries inside. He’s not sure if it is his imagination but the people coming and going, including those already seated seem to be giving him strange looks. Most of them are scrutinizing him and sizing him up and as if puzzled, they occasionally whisper to each other.

You XiaoMo doesn’t realize that he is already very famous. After receiving food from the cook, he looks all around and sees that there are no empty seats. Just as he is hesitating, a voice suddenly calls out to him from a table near his right side: “Little brother, over here!”

You XiaoMo turns around to look. It’s actually Elder brother Fang ChenLe. There just happens to be an empty spot by his side. So without hesitation, You XiaoMo walks straight over holding his food tray.

Having not seen each other for about two days, Fang ChenLe is just as familiar as before, actually helping him to pull out a chair on his own accord. You XiaoMo thanks him politely and sits down.

Fang ChenLe looks at the food on his tray and says with a smile: “Little brother, do you eat this little for every meal?”

You XiaoMo nods, “This is enough, I’m not used to eating too much.”

Fang ChenLe laughs out loud. This is the first time he hears someone saying they are not used to eating too much. As far as he knows, eating is a human instinct. But he is the only one laughing. The other disciples at the table can’t help but look at each other in dismay. Finally one of them can’t hold back any longer.

“Junior brother, we hear that you have a good relationship with the rising star from the Warrior division, Lin Xiao. This morning, you even came back together with him. Is it true?”

You XiaoMo looks up in surprise and sees that everyone who heard those words are now looking intently at him. He finally understands why people were looking at him in that way when he came in earlier. Looks like the matter from this morning has gotten around. It’s obvious who spread the news. Other than the disciples that were with him this morning, no one else could have spread the story around Earth peak this quickly.

Looking at the burning stares from everyone, You XiaoMo laughs in embarrassment, “Actually, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“How can it be a misunderstanding ne? A lot of people witnessed it.” That disciple frowns thinking that You XiaoMo is trying to hide the truth.

“It’s really a misunderstanding …….”

You XiaoMo pouts uncomfortably, feeling uneasy being the target of their stares. Other than a misunderstanding, what else can he say? He definitely can’t say it’s because he discovered Ling Xiao’s secret so he is now being threatened by him. If he didn’t experience this personally, he wouldn’t believe it either.

“Alright, don’t badger Little brother any more. He said it’s a misunderstanding so it’s a misunderstanding. After all, the canteen is a place for meals, not a place to talk nonsense.”

Fang ChenLe speaks out to rescue You XiaoMo from his difficult position. He is probably the only one in the whole canteen that is not curious about the relationship between You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

After the rest leave, You XiaoMo quietly thanks Fang ChenLe. The latter only replies warmly that he is welcome. Ah, now this is the image of an Elder brother that fits what You XiaoMo has in his heart! With tears flowing, he thinks, what of Ling Xiao? That one is truly not a fitting Elder brother!


name not mentioned in the classics – nobody

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